Kitchen Sink: Everything you Need to Know!

“The kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part. It evokes memories of your family history.” – Debi Mazar

Kitchen has always been the most important aspect of any home. People all around the world spend a lot of time in the kitchen for cooking to spending precious moments with their loved ones. And as the kitchen is the heart of every family and sink is a vital part of it. Well, cooking is not the only thing you do in the kitchen. But just think about it, was there any day when you don’t use your kitchen sink? For washing hands, rinsing vegetables, and cleaning utensils afterwards – sink area is one of the most utilized space of your Kitchen. You might not have given it much thought but the kitchen sink is an essential element for every Household. It’s something that will be used almost every single day. Now replacing your kitchen sink every year can be both expensive as well as quite troublesome, for sure it is something which need to last for the years to come.

So when planning to design your kitchen there are the few things that you need to know about the kitchen sink. Let’s begin!

The Kitchen Sink Materials

No one particularly wants the Sink area to look like an eye sour in your artistically designed kitchen. While durability is critical, it is also important that the sink material that you select fits well aesthetically into the theme of the room. Let’s understand them one-by-one.

01. Stainless Steel – Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

This is the most popular material for kitchen sink used in almost every home. It is easy to install, lightweight and stain resistance. It does many advantages like it is affordable, crack-free, rust free, low maintenance and it fits well with all countertop surface.

02. Granite – Kitchen Sink

Granite is next most demanded materials after the stainless kitchen sink. This type of sink comes in two different types: Natural Granite sink and Granite Composite sink.

i. Natural Granite is a naturally formed blend of minerals. The varying blends come with natural beauty and flaws, each one with distinct veins, thickness and shades. Pure natural granite sinks are some of the most expensive available.

Natural Granite Kitchen Sink

For more detailed information on natural granite kitchen sink, read Granite Kitchen Sink: The Quintessential Component of Every Kitchen Remodel!

ii. Granite Composite Sink is made from 95% natural stone and 5% resin. Composite granite is harder and heavier though exponentially less expensive than the natural granite. It is formed under high pressure, making them nonporous, hygienic and resistant to heat, stains, scratches and chips.

Granite Composite Kitchen Sink

For knowing more about granite composite sink, read here, Why do People Still Care About Composite Granite Kitchen Sinks?

03. Cast Iron – Kitchen Sink

Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

Cast iron sink comes with a thick enamel top porcelain coating which gives them a glossy sheen. This layer is mostly white but can be done in any color matching your kitchen tiles. It is heavier than other sink types which mean it can survive a lifetime of use. The glistening finish of cast iron sink helps hide water spots and streaks.

04. Fireclay – Kitchen Sink

Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Fireclay kitchen sink is made from clay and glazed fusing together at high temperature. It goes well with rustic kitchen designs. There are very few colours available in fireclay, mostly white and off whites. Fireclay sinks is almost identical to cast iron sink but slightly more durable and easy to maintain. It comes with little more cost than cast iron due to the more extensive fabrication process but it is more brittle.

05. Copper – Kitchen Sink

Copper Kitchen Sink

Copper sink is made with 99.9% pure copper. It is naturally antimicrobial to kill harmful bacteria, a reason why many health conscious people prefer this sink. Though some extra maintenance is recommended to keep it looking new such as monthly waxing, and washing with a cleaner, as it will fade fast due to oxidation. Copper sink adds a rustic charm to any style of kitchen.

06. Concrete – Kitchen Sink

Concrete Kitchen Sink

Concrete kitchen sink is available in custom made and precast form. The concrete sink takes a low cost material, which was considered for construction and foundations, and turns it into something artistic. Because of the customization available, you can design it as per your choice and style of your kitchen. It is heavy and requires sufficient base cabinet support.

To know more about various types of kitchen sink, read Various Types of Kitchen Sinks for Your House
Material of the sink is not the only thing to be considered now let’s look at different styles of Sinks.

Different Styles of Kitchen Sink

Gone are the days when sink was the least important part of kitchen. Now there are Kitchen sinks are available in the different styles. Select according to your need, style, ambience and space available. Following are different styles of kitchen sink available:

01. Farmhouse or Apron Type Kitchen Sink

Apron Front or Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

A farmhouse style sink, also referred as apron sink it extend over the edge of the counter. It has an old-world charm which makes it widely used in traditional or rustic farmhouse style kitchen and can be available in a single or double bowl. The common material used for this type of sink is fireclay or cast iron and are durable and easy to clean.

02. Undermount Kitchen Sink

Under Mount Kitchen Sink

Undermount style of sink, those are been mounted underneath counter and thus creating a seamless look from countertop to sink. It has no rim or lip. This type of sink is versatile and works with most kitchen of the kitchen style.

03. Top Mount or Drop-in Kitchen Sink

Top Mount Kitchen Sink

Top mount kitchen sink has a rim or lip that holds the sink in place and creates a flawless look. A drop-in sink is one that is installed on top of a countertop. It is definitely a great choice as it is simple to install and can work well with any type of material, no matter how heavy.

04. Corner Kitchen Sink

Corner Kitchen Sink

Of course, it is no brainer to guess, this style of kitchen sink installed at the corner of your kitchen with a double bowl sink. Can be a great option for smaller kitchen spaces as it well utilizes the space in corner. It can turn around an unused corner into important and active part of your kitchen. Isn’t it all about being practical? A pretty good use for kitchens with dead corner spaces. The two basins are set apart from each other, in a catty-corner manner. Stainless steel is the most common and preferred material for this but well other materials can be tried too.

05. Bar or Prep Kitchen Sink

Bar or Prep Kitchen Sink

Prep sink, also popular as bar sink, is a small single-bowl sink that is added on along with the main kitchen sink. It can also be used as the primary sink for very small kitchen spaces. It is generally reserved for small tasks such as washing hands or rinsing fruits and vegetables. Commonly made of stainless steel or copper.

Number of Bowls of Kitchen Sink

That’s not it before deciding about the Kitchen sink, it is important to consider choosing between one, two, or three bowls. For sure, style of your kitchen sink is a personal choice, depending on use of sink, the amount of cooking done, the size of your family. Still muse over the over that how you wash your dishes also should factor into determining number of bowls that you need.

01. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Single bowl sink comes with one large sink. It is ideal for small kitchen. Single bowl is big to accommodate big pots and pan. It is more preferred and common type of sink used in almost every kitchen.  Maintains and cleaning is a no sweet job in this.

02. Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

If you are doing lot of cooking that involves larger dishes, you will need to make sure that the basins of your sink are big enough for comfortably washing them. The main attraction is that the separate sections allow easy use of different bowls for separate purpose simultaneously like keeping dirty pots and pans separate from fruits and veggies while washing. You have a choice of different configurations – two equal size bowls and unequal size bowls.

03. Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink

Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink

Triple bowl kitchen sink comes with two large bowls on the sides and one small bowl in the centre. Using a triple bowl sink makes the preparation process easy. The separate bowls can be used to dry dishes, soak pots and rinse vegetables at the same time. No doubt it is perfect for a large kitchen with a long counter space.

04. Kitchen Sink with Drainboard

Sink with drainboard is the trendiest sink style nowadays. It allows space to dry utensils as well as to drain vegetables and keep the counter clean and dry. This looks compatible with any kitchen style.

Sink with Drainboard

If you think the all this is enough to choose the right Sink, well there are some more important details you ought to figure out:

Sizes of Kitchen Sink

Mostly you have figured out what kind of sink you are looking for, as undeniably your sink is the most-used accessory of the kitchen. You need to choose the right one for your needs. Thus, size of the Sink plays an important role. Now if you are not remodelling your kitchen and just simply replacing an existing sink and not the counter, your sink size is predetermined (unless you want to replace a single-bowl with a double or vice-versa). But if you have resolved that you are designing a new kitchen or replacing the entire sink area, you would need to choose the size that meets all your needs and as well as favourable to your budget.

The size of the kitchen sink may vary according to your kitchen size counter, number of bowl, etc. The standard size of kitchen sink is 550mm x 750mm (22″x 30″). Single bowl kitchen sink is available up to width of 900mm (36”). Double bowl sinks are generally available in sizes up to 1200mm (48″) wide. Triple-bowl sinks may measure up to 1500mm (60″). The depth of the sink is generally between 150mm to 300mm (6” to 12”) deep.

Price of Kitchen Sink

The budget of the sink can be a deciding factor, as price of the kitchen sink may depend on the type and style of kitchen sink you want to invest in. The price of the kitchen sink can ranges from Rs. 2000 to 40,000 based upon the number of bowls and materials. Overall budget of the remodelling can be fixed considering the price of the type of the kitchen sink you want.

Kitchen Sink Faucets Configurations

Mixer Tap
Pull Out Tap

The Choice of kitchen sink faucet largely depends upon the type of Sink, style of kitchen, etc. But they are independently selected. When you are choosing sink faucets, the first thing you need to do is find how well it matches your sink along with convenience and practicality. Depending on what you want there are various styles of faucets available, like pull down and pull out taps, and mixer taps.

Cleaning Kitchen Sink

Cleaning of Kitchen Sink

Most people wash their utensils, mop the floor, wipe the counter every day whereas cleaning the sink is not on the to-do-list of every night. Sink of the kitchen is most prone to be bacteria ridden, so disinfecting it regularly is a must. Cleaning your kitchen sink frequently with a clean, soft, damp cloth will keep water spots away. A mild soap and nylon sponge or soft cloth can be also used to wipe your sink. Avoid chemical cleaners if your sink has a protective coating or a custom finish.

Avoid Blockage of Drain

And last but not the least, take care to see that drain pipe of your sink works smoothly. An absolute best way to prevent clogging is avoiding putting cooking grease and coffee ground in it. Clean it frequently so that the blockage does happen. A blocked drain will make the kitchen dirty, unhygienic and unsuitable for use.


I am sure all this information made your choice easy, with so many kitchen sink options available. Your choice of style not only enhances your home’s decor, but satisfies all your needs depending upon your cooking habits and needs. Whether you fancy a trendy kitchen or classic rustic look, there are sink materials and styles to dress up your kitchen. Choosing the countertop and sink together can bring finesse. They will not only complement each other perfectly, it will also save you a lot of time and anxiety. So, if you are planning to remodel always visualize them together and opt to buy them together.

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