17 Secrets For Your Functional Kitchen!

Do you ever find yourself wondering, How do I make a functional kitchen for my home?

The kitchen is not just a heart of the home where we meet for family meals on a regular basis, but it is a room where you prepare meals. Also children do homework & adults do paperwork at the dining room table. Kitchen remodel is one of the biggest undertakings that homeowners deal with when they are updating the kitchen space! While it is always an opportunity to update the style of your home, it is also an opportunity to make your kitchen more functional i.e. more efficient!

If your kitchen is small, it may also serve as your primary centre for social gatherings. Size limitation should not restrict its functionality! With the right kitchen remodels, you can turn your kitchen space into an efficient & engaging environment that you & your guests will enjoy!

Small kitchens can be made more spacious & functional with the space maximising renovations!

Here are some room expanding ideas which will show you how to use each & every square inch & make it more functional kitchen!

Use Wall Kitchen Space Wisely!

If you have blank wall space above your sink, consider installing storage solutions to make the best use of that space! A budget-friendly stainless steel shelves should be hanged on walls so that you can make the most of your kitchen’s unused vertical space!

Stainless Steel Shelve on Kitchen Wall for Functional Kitchen

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All of the pieces shown in figure not only frees-up space but also makes navigating your kitchen easier by keeping dishes, cookware & utensils within an easy reach!

Add Storage Space to Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors!

Kitchen cabinet door shelves can help you to find a place for all kinds of things – like household cleaners & sponges under the sink, herbs & spices, & long, thin items like cutting boards, pizza pans, etc.

Add Shelves to Cabinet doors!

Courtesy – diamondcabinets

With more items stored inside the cabinet door itself, helps to store more light weight items of your kitchen!

Add Kitchen Island!

An island contributes a lot to the kitchen space, it anchors the space, serves as an extra work surface & eating area, & can be filled with storage! It is the best option to make the functional kitchen!

Kitchen Island for Storage

Courtesy – wayfair

You can put it on wheels such that the mobility allows you to be flexible with your kitchen space in a way that traditional countertops don’t!

Use Space Around Your Fridge!

If you have some space between the fridge & wall in your small kitchen, consider making the hidden pull-outs for storing canned goods & other nonperishable kitchen essentials as per your needs!

Courtesy – instructables

Taking Advantage of Kitchen Backsplash!

Pegboard backsplash is a great feature that adds an extra wall to hang tools that are often in use! If it is of stainless steel, it protects kitchen walls from spills & splatters too & easily gets washed!

Taking Advantage of Kitchen Backsplash!

Courtesy – euamofazerartesanato

Wall FoldingTable: Doubles the Counter Space!

A folding table, can provide a spot where you can prepare & eat food without taking up valuable floor space as shown in figure!

Wall FoldingTable that Doubles the Counter Space!

Courtesy – Expatworld.club

Work Untapped Space in Small Kitchen:

The kitchen’s base cabinets are the space that traditionally goes to waste behind baseboards. Try to make a good use of it! You can retrofit most standard base cabinets for toe-kick drawers! This adds efficient space for a functional kitchen!

Work Untapped Space in Small Kitchen

Courtesy – edgewoodcabinetry

Create Kitchen Storage in a Nearby Room:

If there is not enough space in your small kitchen to create the storage you crave, consider using a nook or closet in a nearby room. A recessed niche can be used to store kitchen tools that you occasionally use or nonperishable pantry items!

Courtesy – thetalkingsloth

Make the Most Use of Kitchen Corners!

Corner space is usually underutilised in many homes. But when you are trying to use each & every square inch of your small kitchen, corner shelving can give this awkward spots a good purpose!

Courtesy – Bikepool.co

Keep the Clutter Away!

Clean off all the surfaces in the kitchen, even if you have to put the clutter in a box or trash bag! You need it! And never put things on your counter that don’t belong to use! Try to make this hard & fast rule for you & your family! Clearing off all kitchen surfaces will make the biggest difference as to how your counters look and how you feel & play a major role for a functional kitchen!

Courtesy – thesimplyorganizedhome

Stow Away Appliances You Don’t Use Everyday!

Appliance clutter can make a kitchen look crowded & take up precious counter space! Put your appliances out of sight!

Stow Away Appliances You Don’t Use Everyday!

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Ask yourself – Do you really need all those appliances?

Store Your Containers Efficiently!

If you have enough room, store each container with its proper lid in one single drawer or cupboard (same-brand containers will tend to be easier to fit inside one another, just remember when you are buying new ones!).

Courtesy – amazinginteriordesign

If this isn’t feasible you can simply create a pile of containers & store all lids together in a big, empty container!

Make Your Pantry Staples Easily Accessible!

Are your potatoes & onions getting lost in the back of your pantry? Make sure that they are always visible by putting them in clear plastic drawers or cubbies at the bottom of the pantry. It is an easy & cheap way to reach all your pantry staples by adding sliding baskets to each shelf!

Add Chalkboard into Your Kitchen!

There is always something you need to write down somewhere in the kitchen, whether it’s a recipe, a do-list, a grocery list or a message for someone else in the house! Instead of using sticky notes or some other method, let’s be creative!

Courtesy – britcdn

Add Herb Garden!

Have your own herb garden in your kitchen. For more functional kitchen you can also mount planters on the wall to save space! As the fresh herbs make anything taste better, use them!

Courtesy – muanyagablakok

Strategically Placed Windows!

You are probably wondering…How windows can improve your kitchen’s functionality? Well, for functional kitchen, you should have a great view to look at while you are cooking or washing dishes & lots of sunlight, everything becomes a pleasant & more enjoyable activity!

Courtesy – bhg

Having a Second Sink!

Having a second sink, usually built into the kitchen island, is really practical one! Use one for washing dishes & other for cooking! Perhaps for big families, if two persons use the kitchen at the same time, they won’t have to share the same sink & waste time which leads to more functional kitchen!

Courtesy – hgtv

One of the best ways to make the functional kitchen is to put items near to where they are used & store them where they are easy to access! Hope these ideas will help you in making your kitchen more functional!

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