Ornamental Aluminium Fencing – A Type of Fence for House Boundary!

Fencing is an essential extension for the exterior design of your house. It not only defines your house boundary but is also necessary to add safety and beauty to an area. But what kind of fencing is the best option as per your need? If you are looking for exterior beauty in your house, you need to consider investing in an ornamental fence.

Ornamental fences offer the best combination of strength, durability and visibility of any standard fence type. Today some of the most ornamental fencing designs are made with galvanized steel or aluminum. Both are finished with durable powder coatings for climate resistance, and most fence systems are built on modular components designed for easy DIY installation.

Here Gharpedia will be discussing about the ornamental aluminum fencing options for residential houses.

What is Ornamental Aluminum Fencing?

Ornamental Aluminium Fence(Author – Dictionary of Architecture and Building Construction), Aluminum fencing is a proprietary fence made of aluminum.

In other words, a decorative fence usually made of aluminum is also known as an ornamental aluminum fence.

Advantages of Aluminum Fencing

01. Residential Ornamental Aluminum Fences are Versatile

Versatile Aluminium FenceAluminum fencing can accommodate various height specifications and it adheres to the local codes mainly. These fences can be used on flat as well as sloping surfaces. Aluminum fences can be bent with the shape of your landscape by racking.

In addition, residential ornamental aluminum fences are available in different designs, colors, height, hardware, caps, racking and textures to suit your needs and can be personalized to include an array of accessories.

02. Aesthetics of Aluminum Fencing

Residential ornamental aluminum fences can be an aesthetically pleasing in addition to your property as it comes in various styles and colors.Aesthetics of Aluminium Fencing

03. Durability of Ornamental Aluminium Fence

According to ‘Arthur Lyons’[312] (Author of Book Called Materials for Architects & Builders), the durability of aluminum as a building material is in popular use due to natural oxide films’ safety, which often presents on the metal’s surface. Of course, the aluminum oxide film formed immediately after cutting or scraping the body of metal is only 0.01 m thick, but the process of anodizing can thicken it.

04. Less-maintenance Necessary after Aluminium Fence Installation

Aluminum fences are maintenance-free because they are resistant to weather.  The other fences, you need to paint or coat them periodically.  The aluminum fences are prefabricated with a robust and weather proof layer that only needs to be washed occasionally.

Furthermore, it is easy to wash your aluminum fence. In most instances, you just need to rinse off and wipe them down with a dry cloth.

05. Environmentally Friendly

According to European Aluminum Association, Aluminum building products do not pose a hazard to the inhabitants or on the surrounding environment.  The materials and alloys are used for Aluminum surface treatments are neutral (i.e. anodizing or coating). Aluminum building materials have no harmful impacts on indoor air or on soil- surface and groundwater.

06. Corrosion Resistance 

Rainwater usually cleans the aluminum fence and is resistant to typical corrosion of the atmosphere. Severe galvanic corrosion cases may occur in the marine environment and seawater, and manufacturer or experts’ advice in these locations is needed.

07. Quick and Easy Installation of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing installations are generally the most comfortable and straightforward to accomplish due to their lightweight.

If your boundary has a sloppy surface, then an aluminum fence is the best option. Various designs of residential ornamental aluminum fence can be adjusted to give a perfect look to your house.Easy Installation of Aluminium Fencing

08. UV(Ultra-Violet) Light Resistance of Residential Ornamental Aluminium Fence

According to ‘Ken Ward-Harvey’[367] (Author of Book called – Fundamental Building Materials), Natural aluminum – i.e. in its normal silvery-white finish – will develop a thin, hard film of oxide when exposed to air. This film is highly resistant to weathering and the base metal remains protected against corrosion so that the obligation of maintenance gets minimized. Ultra-violet light does not affect this surface.

Anodizing processes for aluminum have been developed to provide color variations and additional protection. Different colours right from black to white are available. Some of these applications have to be weather-proof along with color stability that can withstand U-V fading. White and light colors can reflect heat while dark colors are better heat absorbent due to the relative results of the expansion and insulating effects of the components.

Disadvantages of Aluminum fencing

01. Aluminum Fencing Offers Very Little Privacy

Though the aluminum fencing provides an attractive look and offers the facility of lower maintenance, it can’t hide everything, i.e. it does not offer sufficient privacy. If your primary purpose of aluminum fence installation is privacy, then think twice before you choose to install it on your house boundary.

02. Aluminum Fencing Is Not Perfect If You Are Looking For Security

The most significant disadvantage of aluminum fencing is its light weight. Aluminum can be easily bent or it may get quickly damaged due to its light weight, so it is not appropriate to install aluminum in high-risk or high-traffic areas for maintaining safety and security.

03. Aluminum is a Conductor of Heat and Electricity

Aluminum can efficiently conduct electricity and heat. Therefore, to avoid severe electricity hazards, it is essential to check whether an electric line is passing in the vicinity of the aluminum boundary area.

Summing up

Aluminum is an excellent fencing material because of its various benefits that we have discussed above. Your cost to install an aluminum fence is lower or at par with wood and steel, especially in traditional styles. Aluminum is light in weight and has a high strength-to-weight ratio that makes it more convenient to install than wood or steel. As a result, fewer adjustments are mostly required after installation.

Further, if you are on a tight budget, aluminum fencing may not be the best choice for you. Wooden fencing is the best option in this situation because of durability, and cost efficiency. If you still have any query regarding aluminum fencing, feel free to contact us.

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