11 Different Types of Fences that are Widely Used Around Your Home

A house gets its complete frame with the fencing around it. In fact, the fence around the premise adds a total effect, which highlights the framework of the house as well as it sets a subtle line of control for the people inside the house or the people outside the fence. Therefore, fencing of a home is of a pivotal significance, and the best part of it is that different types of fencing can be used around your property.

There are many applied advantages of fencing.

Many times, you are fortunate to have a small backyard or front yard or some land all around. In such circumstances, fencing not only becomes protection from trespassing, thieves, animals, privacy, and so on but it will add a unique picturesque beauty to your landscape.

Importance of Fencing

There are many practical benefits of placing a fence around your home. Security is one of the main reasons why people install fences. A fence comes especially handy if you reside in an area that has proximity to a wildlife reserve, as it will prevent wild or stray animals from entering your property and causing harm to you and your family. Fencing is also important from the privacy point of view if you are worried about neighbours to intrude or spying on you. Further, if you are negligent, encroachment may also happen. If you have fencing around, it will help you to define your property lines perfectly and legally.

Factors Governing Installation of Fencing

Different types of fencing options are there, however, all options are not meant for you. Besides aesthetics, the following factors should govern your choice of fencing:

01. Purpose

The first step is to decide for the purpose for which you want to install a fence around your home, i.e. privacy, security, etc. Regardless you are staying in a commercial area or in residential area security, and privacy is your main concern before adding fencing around the boundary of your area.

Suppose, you are staying within a gated community, then also you need fences to beautify your surroundings as well as to have a bit of extra privacy in your life. You don’t require much security in gated communities because protection is already available in such places.

02. Aesthetics

Regardless of your primary motives for having fencing installed around your home is secure, you must not compromise with the home’s aesthetic appeal. You can choose from wide varieties of fencing design and materials such as wood, chain link, stone, etc. if beautification is one of your leading motives behind creating the fencing.

03. Budget

There are multiple options available in the market for fencing; however, your budget can be a deciding factor.  Rather, you need to first decide, how much you can spend easily without being burdened for creating a fence of your choice. Remember, there are many instances where homeowners have first started building a compound wall without thinking of budget and at the end, they keep on struggling for money for completing the house, forget interior.

04. Life

Choose the fence material in such a way that it will survive long. It should stand firm against weather conditions. Stone fencing offers better endurance than a wood fencing.

05. Maintenance Cost

Some fencing requires periodic maintenance, i.e. remove staining, painting, cleaning, etc. So, you need to consider the maintenance cost. Low maintenance fence is obviously a better choice.

06. Local Availability

Before you decide which type of fencing you are going to install, first find out if the fence material is available in your locality. Easy transport will come cost-efficient for you ultimately.

Now, let’s discuss about various types of fences, which are made of different materials and all of them can add perfect grace to your home if matched properly.

All the installations, additions, replacements and modifications of the fencing around your house can be managed smoothly if you plan to stay within your budget. Further, you may require to verify the viability, durability, your needs, and the need of maintenance for the fences of your choice. There is an old saying quoted by Robert Frost (American Poet) “Good Fences makes good neighbours.” Therefore, it is an important part of staying amicable in your society.

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Taking the above points in consideration, you need to prioritize your fence requirement and opt for the one which fits your bill in an all-rounder way. If you have a tight budget, you should go for the simpler options. Afterwards, when you will be in convenient position, you can work on the expensive fences and build it accordingly. But first you need to secure and mark your property properly.

Remember, there is no end to wants; you have to pick the one that is your need and necessity.

Different Types of Fences

Now, let’s move on to the 11 different types of fences available in the market such as,

01. Brick Wall Fence

02. Stone Wall with Iron Fence

03. Precast Concrete Fence

04. Wood Fence

05. Chain Linked Fence

06. Barbed Wire Fence

07. Uncut Boulders Fence

08. Aluminium Fence

09. Vinyl Fence or PVC Fence

10. Bamboo Fence

11. Living Fence

You should pick any that suits your requirements, fits easily into your budget, secures your home, and adorns your exterior surroundings.

01. Brick Wall Fence

Brick Wall Fence
  • The most common, traditional and largely used yard fencing is a brick wall. It is one of the preferred methods in residential colonies, particularly in India, rather in Asian and African countries.
  • Brick and mortar are used for the same, and you can raise the wall’s height according to your choice. Both low as well as high boundary walls are possible to build. It is all on your preference and choice. Many prefer to go for creepers to cover the part of brick wall fencing or make it colourful by getting painted with good quality exterior paint. You can also have a combination of brick wall with other options like iron fencing, barbed wire, etc.
  • There are endless design opportunities in the brick wall. It is fire and weather resistant.
  • The disadvantage of brick wall fencing is, it is difficult to relocate. It is an expensive affair, need a lot of money. Besides construction of your home, you have to spend hefty for building a brick boundary wall.
  • This will occupy a width of 9” to 12” and hence it will reduce your area of land use for other purposes. This is very critical especially in urban areas.
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02. Stone Wall with Iron Fence

Stone Wall with Iron Fence
  • Stonewall with iron fencing is a classy fencing type, and it gives a look of the fort to the home.
  • You can get a stone wall raised up to the knee length and fence it with iron grills in your preferred design.
  • Get the pillars built of stones, it balances the boundary wall, and it is sturdy enough. It is low maintenance and it is highly durable, and it stands firm in weather turbulence even.
  • The iron fences require painting at periodic interval to stay saved from rusting. But the stones last for a lifetime almost.
  • Due to the higher width needed, this too will reduce available land portion.
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03. Precast Concrete Fence

Precast Concrete Fence
  • They are very popular nowadays.
  • Precast concrete panels are shaped in the metal mould in factories.
  • It’s fast and easy to install, long-lasting (durable), and easy to maintain.
  • Precast concrete fences are less expensive than wood fences in the long run.
  • Various design options can be explored if there is a huge wall or else you will have to choose from the manufacturer’s provided options, which may be limited.
  • These panels are heavy in weight and need erection machinery with a skilled worker for installation.
  • They are fireproof, termite proof, climate resistant, and also difficult to break.
  • Low maintenance cost is an added bonus.
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04. Wood Fence

Wood Fence
  • Wooden fences are popular in the USA, Canada, etc. and particularly in semi-urban or rural areas.
  • A durable wood fence adds a warm feeling to your home. It is available in pickets, panels, logs, lattice, and posts. If you have soft nose for privacy, go for panels.
  • Always go for the best kind of wood that can withstand the weather variations. Get it season-proof and termite resistant, so that the issues of termites do not come, which otherwise may affect the life of the wood fence.
  • Natural colour-treated wood is a good choice as it improves and enhances the appeal of the property.
  • The cost of a wood fence depends upon the quality of wood and the thickness of the used planks, apart from the length and height of the same.
  • You can grow vines to cover the pickets and lattice designs; colourful blossoms will add life to your fence.
  • Pine, Fir or Spruce, Cedar, and Cypress are better options for making wood fences. There is a wide range of wood fence to choose from, and you can select the one that fits your needs and budget limitations.
  • It can be painted in different colours if you want to add vibrant life to your surroundings. The drawback is that wood is not fire-resistant and may not stay stable during temperature changes as it can expand or contract at random. You also require professional assistance to get it screwed properly and pacify the expansion and contraction related issues to enhance its endurance.
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05. Chain Linked Fence

Chain Link Fence
  • As the name suggests, chain linked fence is made up of links of galvanized steel that have been twisted together and fixed to upright Mild Steel / Galvanized Iron/ Concrete poles.
  • It is an ultimate utility fence which is durable, affordable, and demands low maintenance. This type of fencing comes in ready-to-assemble parts and is easily worked in custom lengths and configurations.
  • Chain linked fencing is easy to install than other types of fencing, and installation can be done fast.
  • A chain link fencing does not provide much privacy as compared to wooden, vinyl or brick fencing but it performs other functions quite well. However, you can grow natural shrubs and vein to create privacy. You can also tie green nets for privacy.
  • However, chain link fencing is not ideal from the security point of view. Most residential chain-link fences are 4-5 feet tall, and the chains themselves make the fence fairly easy to climb on. Thus, it only secures your property line, animals, etc.
  • It is a cheap option when compared to other types of fencing.
  • However, unlike barbed wire fencing, it can prevent the entry of street dogs, etc. and does not become loose after its use.
  • Its life is less than that of brick or stone wall but more than barbed wire fencing.

06. Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed Wire Fence
  • Barbed wire fencing usually consists of two longitudinal wires twisted together to form cable and having wire barbs wound around either or both of the cable wires at regular intervals.
  • It is not very attractive by look.
  • It is perhaps the cheapest and easy to install fencing option.
  • It is fixed on either precast cement poles or M.S. angles or channels.
  • Thieves or animal trying to pass through or over barbed wire will suffer discomfort and possibly injury, however, there is no absolute bar.
  • It cannot be installed in tall heights. You can also install it over the compound wall for advanced safety.
  • It requires periodical maintenance.
  • The barbed wire fencing is formed by twisting wire under tension. So, if you pull it more, the twisted wire may get open. Due to this, the wires become loose and hence trespassing can easily be managed through the gaps. Due to this vulnerability this fencing is not 100% secure. Even street dogs may enter from these gaps.
  • It can be replaced and reinstalled.
  • It can withstand all weather condition.
  • Its life is lesser than the wooden fencing.
  • It is a privacy compromised fencing.

07. Uncut Boulders Fence

Uncut Boulders Stone Fence
  • Uncut Boulders’ Fence gives your yard and your landscape altogether a different look.
  • It is strong and durable and it adds a rustic look on the fencing as well as on the landscape.
  • It is easy to maintain. Boulders of various sizes are available out of which you can utilize odd and even sizes.
  • It is safer because intruders hardly can peep in.
  • This fence is more common an option in mountain and plateau region where boulders are easily available at affordable cost, and being the native material skilled workers are also easily available to get the fencing done.
  • It withstands the extremes of nature, and even in fire breakout, there won’t be any destruction.
  • The weaker aspect of uncut boulders fence is that it takes time to build, it is time-consuming, and you require skilled artesian to arrange and add aesthetic value to your property.
  • It is difficult to replace in the long run. Go for it if you really wish to be surrounded by natural elements.
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08. Aluminium Fence

Aluminium Fence
  • If you are looking for an ornamental fence that can add beauty to your home as well as a low maintenance product, no doubt the aluminium fence is the answer.
  • During the time of installation, you are required to paint and decorate it. Once done, you are free from further botheration of rust. Powder coating aluminium fence is a better option to withstand weather changes.
  • It is easy to install, environment-friendly, and lasts longer.
  • The disadvantage of aluminium fence is that it is not the right material from the security point of view because it is not as strong as you may think, although nowadays they have switched to rivet system which provides better strength to the fences.
  • You can adorn the walls by growing climbing creepers on them. It will look beautiful and will add privacy from pesky people and trespassers.
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09. Vinyl Fence or PVC Fence

Vinyl Fence
  • Vinyl fencing has all the attributes that you are searching for in a fence. It is also popular as a PVC fence.
  • The PVC stakes and pickets are used for the purpose. They are either connected with adhesives or screws are used to fix them. You cannot vouch for sturdiness really.
  • It is a low maintenance fencing option, durable, privacy protected, and offers a pleasing appearance without the hassles of traditional fencing although these have a bit higher cost.
  • It is available in different colours, and you can choose the colour that appeals to you most.
  • More and more people are opting for the vinyl because of durability, and there is no wear and tear due to changes in climatic conditions.
  • These fences are available in panels also. If you want to enjoy total privacy and keep the stray animals away from intruding in your garden space, it is a viable option.
  • Various designs are available, from simple ones to intricate. You can choose one that suits your lifestyle, budget, and personal choices.
  • Cleaning is easy; you will require a household cleaner and water, and all stains will get vanished in an easy go.
  • It is one time investment and you can maintain with negligible recurring cost.
  • It is affordable and it lasts for years if kept away from fire. Please note it is not fire resistant.
  • According to ‘Philip Schmidt’ (the author of The Complete Guide to Garden Walls & Fences), Vinyl fencing is generally considered as an alternative to painted wood fencing.
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10. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence
  • Bamboo fencing is frequently used for partitions and fencing the yard.
  • They come in individual freestanding fence panels or sheets, rolls and panels. You can use one that appeals you most and take care of your fancy requirements or fencing needs.
  • Bamboo colour is not the same all around. Therefore, it gives a natural look. It has a shaded pattern and mostly look beautiful.
  • If you want to cover for more privacy, go for bamboo sheets with negligible see-through effect.
  • To increase the life span of bamboo, paint it with black tar. It will not rot, but its natural beauty may get compromised. However, you can try transparent protective colours.
  • You can also get the bamboo rolls adjusted in a wooden frame in the top and bottom frame. It gives a clean look and increases the longevity of the fences. It is best for the places where you have to counter less rainfall because rain damage bamboos.
  • It is not expensive, and you can enjoy being with nature.
  • It is eco-friendly and durable for dry place and it can be painted in different colours or left as it is in its natural look.
  • It can be pruned at regular intervals. However, it is susceptible to rot and can wear and tear against extreme rainfall.
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11. Living Fence

Living Fence
  • If you are a nature lover and wish to decorate your yard with trees, it will act as natural fencing, adding a beautiful view to your home.
  • You can use trees which grow up to a height of 8-9 feet, and it will be ideal for the support of the fencing.
  • You will get free oxygen, and it will also add natural green beauty to your space, along with the natural non-toxic barrier.
  • You can grow bushes and shrubs in between the areas of trees. It will look great.
  • It is the best for your health and greenness of your home, but you have to maintain it by watering, manuring, and pruning at periodic intervals.
  • Tree fencing is ideal for gated villas and gated colonies.
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Here, we have focused on eleven different types of fences for your home; you can choose any to install in your new home or get it replaced in revamping the home makeover. You can use a combination of one or more option to add the creative layer in the fencing. Pick and select wisely according to the altitude and weather condition of your surroundings.

Each type of fencing offers an exclusive aesthetic sense and appeal. Consult the best professional service near you to cater to your need. You can also choose different types of fencing along with four different sides of your plot or land, i.e. you may use strong brick and stone wall or decorative vinyl wall in front and look for other simple and less costly options on other three sides. If you are lucky, you can also share the cost with a neighbour. In dense urban areas where land is very costly, and you have limited land as margin, brick or stone wall will occupy 9” to 12” space thereby reducing your land availability for use. You have to really think smart in the matter of fencing.

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