Paint Bleeding: Common Defect in Paint

Paint is the colour on walls, metal, bricks, timber or outside or inside surfaces of house. Furthermore, from the layman’s point of view, paint is the colour of their car, boat or any other object or elements in routine life.
Paint is basically a liquid material. It is a substance used as the final finish to all surface and as a coating to protect or decorate the surface. Paint is pigmented opaque material that completely covers and hides the surface to which it is applied. After drying it forms a thin film on the painted surface i.e. walls and other components i.e. metal, or wood of the house or any other object.

Once you paint, several defects are observed. The paint defects arise as paint film is subjected to the chemical attack of atmosphere, sunlight, dust, and heat, all deteriorating it. Due to poor workmanship or poor material used, paint defects also occur.

Bleeding on Wooden Surface where there is Knot

Bleeding is one of the several paint defects on a painted surface. The paint film is subjected to the chemical attack of atmosphere, sunlight and heat, all deteriorating it.
Paint bleeding is diffusion of a soluble coloured substance from a substratum, into and through a paint or varnish coating from beneath. Consequently, it produces undesirable staining or discolouration.

Paint bleeding generally occurs on wooden surfaces. If the paint is applied over knots in the wood without properly coating it, the oil in the paint dissolves out substances in the knots that bleed through the paint. The paint bleeding also occurs when the underlying paint is not dried properly.

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