Paint Cracking: Common Defect in Paint

Painting is a quick and cheap way to give an old room a breath of fresh air or to make your house more attractive. But after some time several paint defects are observed on the painted surface like bleeding, cracking, blooming, chalking, etc. Among them paint cracking is most common paint defects observed on the interior and exterior surface of your house.

Paint cracking is the chipping of paint film which is due to the cracks developing throughout the entire paint system and extending right down to the original surface. Paint cracking is often visible on both exterior & interior surfaces. On the exterior surface, it occurs after long exposure to the atmosphere. Paint cracking on walls mainly occurs due to faulty application of paint and insufficient drying time between coats. It also occurs on wooden surfaces.

Paint cracking occurs due to following reasons:
01. It mainly occurs due to lower quality paint as it contains an inadequate adhesion and flexibility. When there are cracks in either plaster or masonry it will not let the paint to remain intact on the surface.
02. It also occurs due to the excessive use of putty or very thick coat of paint is applied to the surface.
03. This paint defects also occurred if the paint is applied to the glossy surface.
04. The major reason for paint cracking is the premature application of final coat before the previous coat has completely dried.
05. Cracks in paint are also developed when the paint is applied to bare wood or on the porous surface without applying a primer. Since primer provides good adhesion, seal the surface and allow the next paint coat to perform correctly. So before applying paint, adequate surface preparation is required.

Generally, paint defects are arising because of taking shortcuts or missing issues that need to resolve before painting. Therefore you need to take certain precautions and repairs to stop these paint defects. We have already discussed precautions and repair of paint cracking in our recent article.

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