Paint Sagging: Common Defect Observed on the Painted Surface

Painting your home’s exterior and interior always adds value to your house. New paint can change the mood of a space and gives the feeling of newness and freshness to your house. However, after some time several defects might appear, during or after the paint application, i.e. chalking, brush marks, sagging, cracking, etc. Among them, sagging is the most common paint defects observed on the painted surface on the walls of your house.

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When paint runs downward after application on the surface is called sagging. Paint sagging is defined as downward movement of the paint film between the time of application and drying resulting in an uneven coating. This paint defect is more prominent if a thick layer of paint is applied on a vertical or inclined surface. The excess paint runs down and gives an uneven surface and thick lower edge.

Paint sagging occurs if pigment gets separated from the paint and gets settled down at the bottom of the container. Pigment gets separated if those containers are stored for very long time or under too much heat or faulty thinning, or if stirring or shaking has been not done properly before taking in use.

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There are various reasons why paint sagging occurred i.e.

  • Too much of paint applied on the surface (Excessive thick coat)
  • Poor workmanship painted by unskilled labour during painting
  • Poor surface preparation before painting (at a certain location)
  • Viscosity of the paint is less (paint too thin), or by using a wrong thinner
  • Spraying of paint carried out too close or at a high pressure
  • Applying paint in cold or humid weather

Always apply paint according to recommended spread rate and avoid thick paint layer. Therefore you need to take care during paint application so that this type of paint defects cannot occur on the painted surface.

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