DIY Project For Painting Borders On Walls To Get An Indian Touch

If the Indian look inspires you, then Gharpedia, through this blog brings to you an easy-to-do DIY Project of painting borders on walls that are so niche to India. Read on to get a hang of the same…

Brilliant pink is very typically Indian, especially when matched with crimson red and blue-violet. Indian ethnic wear, the saris have bands of decoration at each end, and this is the source of inspiration for this DIY project.

Sari having band of decoration at the end

The wall painting border edges are painted free-hand – don’t worry if it waves and wanders a bit, as it will look softer that way. To carry on the Indian theme, drape a real sari at the window as a curtain with a beaded necklace or belt for a tie back.

Real sari as window drapes

Indian trinket boxes, ornaments, brightly coloured woven baskets and rugs can all be bought from stores specialising in ethnic goods.

There are infinite striped wall painting ideas. But out of all, let me share some simple yet effective processes of painting a wall to experience the Indian touch at your home.

Indian touch

However, you can check out the steps before running into the painting process. The complementing article has been given below.

Things Required for DIY Wall Painting

Materials Required
  • Blue-violet emulsion paint
  • Brilliant pink emulsion paint
  • Chalk for marking up the wall
  • Paint roller and tray
  • Red emulsion paint
  • Straight edge and spirit level
  • 5 cm paintbrush

How to Paint a Border on a Wall?

Take time to measure and mark the wall before applying each colour. The small foam roller is just the right width for the border and creates a nice soft edge to the stripe.

Step 1: Measure and Mark the Wall

Wall Marking and Measuring

Measure and mark the wall at 75 cm and 1 m in height from the floor. Mark all the way around the walls, then draw lines in chalk – use a dark colour for light walls.

Step 2: Paint the Top Section

Painting the Top Section

Paint the top section of the wall first, using the roller to apply the bright pink colour. If you overlap the guiding line, then wait for the paint to dry and re-draw the chalk line.

Step 3: Paint the Remaining Section

Paint the Remaining Section

Move to the lowest section, which can also include the skirting board. If the wood has been painted with gloss, it should be rubbed down or primed with an all-surface primer prior to painting. Paint this section red and leave it to dry.

Step 4: Add Blue Colour

Add Blue Colour

Use the small foam roller with the blue-violet paint and carefully paint a band of colour between the red and the pink.

Step 5: Finish with Freehand Designs

Finish with Freehand Designs

The middle band of colour should be painted carefully, but the free-hand effect wall paint effect is right for this Indian look, so don’t be concerned if it isn’t perfectly straight.

So, this is all about wall painting at home. Your DIY Project – Painting borders on walls is all set to leave eyebrows raised!


See….. the process of painting a wall is this easy. All you need is some free time and the desire to go for vibrant DIY wall painting ideas from a book, articles or any video. This weekend, how about painting the borders of the walls of your living room with Indian hues … trust us, they’ll become the centre of attraction! Well, this isn’t only a way. No need to paint a whole wall. You can simply start painting borders on walls which are already coloured.

Moreover, you can try some hacks and tips to know how to paint a wall with a distemper too.

4 Simple Steps for the Application of Distemper Paint

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