Patio Cover Buying Guide: What Essential Do You Need to Know!

Patio Cover Buying Guide

Once you’ve built your dream home, you will always feel that the journey is over for chasing your dream, and now it is the time to sit back and start enjoying the good things in life. But sometimes it isn’t that simple. when you want to spend your leisure time outside in your backyard or garden with your family or want to host a small outdoor parties like neighborhood barbeques as part of your dream life in your new home, then it’s time to think about how can you make your backyard more appealing and especially your patio!!!

Patio can be a perfect outdoor space for cooking or just sitting and talking with neighbours, friends & family but sometimes the weather may ruin your plans. That’s where patio covers come in picture. Selecting and buying a patio cover is a time consuming and research oriented.

Many homeowners invest a lot of time planning the perfect sunroom, carport or porch but give less thought to what goes on top. Choosing the perfect patio covering should be an essential part of every addition project, as it will offer protection from the outside forces, including heavy snowfalls and strong winds while beautifying the look of the outdoor space.

Your outdoor living space should be treated as an extension of your main home and must also have the same quality. It can be a huge investment where you would likely be spending as much time and money. That said, you must select the best structure that would work seamlessly with your home.

Let us move towards the patio cover buying guide.

There are different types of patio cover structures from which you can choose.

Different Types of Patio Cover Structures

Simple Umbrellas as a Patio Cover

Umbrellas as a Patio Cover

One of the most straightforward options you can have for your patio is an umbrella. They are ideal as a temporary and movable shade that is also cost-effective. They are the best choice of patio cover if you foresee constant movement in your outdoor space. Choose an umbrella that can cover as much space as possible.

Awning to Cover Whole Patio

Awning Patio Cover

Awning Patio covers has evolved in the past years to include designs that can be automatically retracted or raised depending on the current weather conditions. They can be used to provide shading for windows and lessen the passive heating within the home. Awning materials can be fabric or aluminum. Fabric awnings need regular maintenance but offer a variety of designs.

Pergolas a Style Icon for Patio Covering

Pergolas are commonly used in landscaping projects as they can be used as a freestanding shading option for patios and decks. Apart from that, pergolas can also be used for afternoon teas and reading a book. The great thing about pergolas is that homeowners can choose from a variety of designs, such as rafters and columns. You also benefit by having additional support for vining plants and other climbers so you can upgrade the look of your garden and provide privacy.

Take note, however, that pergolas are considered a structure that needs a permit for construction. You can offset the costs by making use of high quality and low maintenance materials like fiberglass or wood, so you don’t spend even more time and money by doing frequent cleanup and repainting.

An Iconic Lattice as a Patio Covering

Lattice Patio Cover

The lattice patio cover is ideal for homes that follow a contemporary scheme. Since they have a rectangular shape and can be easily adjusted to match home designs, a lattice-type patio cover is best to soften the look of modern homes.

Solid Patio Covers

Solid Patio Cover

If you want to have complete shading for your outdoor space, then solid patio covers are the best choice. They are also great for weather protection for your home.

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Before Buying also Consider the Following Factors


When choosing the patio cover type, you have to consider the price range, including the material and the installation process.

Professional Supplier and Installer

Patio Cover Installation

Always go for a supplier that can provide you with the best installation and corresponding warranties. Make sure that you can also choose from a wide range of products for your needs.

Patio Cover Materials

Like the structure, you can also choose from a wide variety of patio cover materials for your home. Some of the available materials include vinyl, wood, and aluminium. In addition, there is one material called ‘Alumawood’, which is a specially manufactured material that takes aspects of all three materials and combines them. For example, City Seamless patio covers have an extensive collection from awnings to lattice that you can choose from.

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Preference and Style

When buying a patio cover, make sure that your choice will beautifully blend with your home. While it is understandable that you may have a different take on your outdoor space, it should also be aligned with your overall home design. You also have to check which material would work best with your lifestyle. If you can’t afford to have regular upkeep, then go for an option that is durable and low maintenance.

Consider Its Purpose

Also, you should consider the purpose of a patio cover. It’s there to give shade when the sun is intense. Furthermore, it keeps the rain from crashing your barbecue parties.

Do you know that in some weather conditions, colour has an impact on the cover’s function? In hot climates, lighter colour reflects heat away and keeps your outdoor living space cooler. While darker colours will keep heat in your space, if you get a good breeze that might not matter as much, but you should take this into consideration.

To sum up, you should not forget that your outdoor space affects the interior of the home. Ideally, your choice of patio cover should help protect the home from harsh weather, and make a beautiful addition to your backyard. After all, you are going to spend your most pleasant time there. Hope this patio cover buying guide will help you to choose perfect patio cover.

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