Pongal Celebration: Usher in New Beginnings with Pongal Decoration Ideas!

Pongal is the main harvest festival celebrated in India. This four-day Pongal festival is celebrated in January when crops like rice, sugarcane, turmeric, etc. are harvested. On this auspicious day, families get together and festively adorn their houses using the new crops, pots, flowers, etc. In this article, we will explore some amazing Pongal decoration ideas.

Pongal Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Let’s dive deep into the Pongal decoration ideas for your home:

01. Pongal Pot Painting

Pongal Pot Painting

Pot painting is an important part of Pongal decoration, as Pongal (a typical dish cooked during this festival) is usually cooked in earthen pots. Brighten up your Pongal decoration by adding pots embellished in different colours, and topped with different patterns. This will make your home décor more appealing.

02. The Pongal Feast

Pongal Feast

The feast of Pongal is spread out on banana leaves. See how you can do the traditional art of serving food.

03. Sugar Cane (Long) Sticks for Pongal Decoration at Home

Use of Sugarcane in Pongal Decoration

You can use sugarcane for Pongal decoration at home, as it signifies well-being and prosperity. Choose the ones with the leaves on top for some frills!

04. Innovative Pongal Kolam Rangoli Designs

Pongal Kolam Rangoli

Pongal decoration is incomplete without rangoli designs, popularly known as kolam. You can create rangoli that resembles cows, as are auspicious and worshipped during the Pongal celebration. You can even make flower rangoli!

05. Use String Lights to Brighten up your Home

String Light for Pongal Decoration

Apart from these traditional Pongal decorations, you can brighten up or decorate your house with string lights. You can hang them up on windows, walls and doors. Diyas, or lamps are also a great way to add a unique touch to your home.

06. Add Colourful Kites Decoration

Add Colourful Kites

During Pongal, kids also fly kites. Hang the colourful kites on the walls of your home. It will add a festive touch to your home. To know why people, fly kites on Makarsankranti, read:

07. Pongal Wall Stickers

Pongal Wall Stickers

You can create a festive look in your home by just adding stickers representing Pongal on your wall.

08. Hang Metal Bells for Pongal Decoration

Hang Metal Bells

The bell is an important part of the Indian prayer rooms. Using bells in your Pongal home décor portrays the traditional flavour.

09. Add Antique Silverware as a Part of Pongal Decor

Add Silverware in Pongal Decor

You can add some silver accessories to your home decor. Elegant silverware gives the decoration a touch of royalty!

Here’s a video to sum up all the points mentioned above:


We hope, the above-mentioned Pongal decoration ideas for home will help you to organise the in Pongal celebration and plan various Pongal activities in a traditionally! Let the Pongal décor illuminate your home and heart!

Happy Pongal!

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