Popular Kitchen Island Shapes!

Kitchen island is center counter in a kitchen. It can be made of different variety of kitchen island shapes with respect to shape of kitchen. From the various shapes the best shape recommended is rectangular Kitchen Island, which required less space as compare to other shapes. But usually according to location, its shape is determined by surrounding area. Basic four sided island is most popular in closed floor plans.
Choosing the best kitchen island shapes for your kitchen layouts will also depend on the following factors:

For open kitchen layouts (without 2/ 3 sided wall enclosure), different other kitchen island shapes are used as per choice while this design cost more to build than the regular one. Following are the few different Kitchen Island shapes, which can be customized to your kitchen with various shapes rather than the conventional ones:

01. Square Kitchen Island:

This is a common island used in smaller kitchens and also often is equipped with wheels. Square Kitchen Island can also be use as a storage & breakfast top with seating. This island is more preferable where the kitchen layouts are square in shape. You can also add kitchen island chairs or stools, so that you can have breakfast & preparation over it!

Kitchen island-Square

02. Rectangular Kitchen Island:

A rectangular kitchen island is the most popular shape for kitchens today.  This type of island is mostly used when kitchen layouts are rectangular or square, and also used in a narrower space and provides more function. Rectangular kitchen island provides more storage, landing area for food preparation and staging, and direct traffic away from the main cooking area. Kitchen island chairs are more preferable for rectangular kitchen island, as you can get enough tabletop space for breakfast & other preparations.


03. Round Kitchen Island:

A round kitchen island is a well-accepted choice by homeowners nowadays. The greatest advantage of a round kitchen island is that it provides the ease of being reachable from any side and it is also suited for smaller kitchens. Round Kitchen Island can be half round or semi-circular, circular (full round) and other curved shapes with combinations of rectangle -circle, square-circle, triangle, etc.

Kitchen island-Circular-Semi circular-Triangle

04. L/C/U – Shaped Kitchen Island:

Functionally, an L/C/U-Shaped island, especially when set into an L-shaped kitchen, can provide excellent work areas, and keep the cooking and entertaining areas separate, but open. The shape of this island clearly defines the two areas, but allows interaction between both.

Kitchen island-U-C-L Shape

Practically, you will find any shape that will fit into the centre of the kitchen. Out of all the kitchen island shapes, however, the square, rectangle and L-shapes are very popular.

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