Why Should I Choose A Precast Concrete Fence For My House Boundary?

Are you encountering problems like daunting wild animals or annoying/undesired neighbour’s pets frequently entering your property? Or that your house is along the roadside and your kids are unable to play safely in the courtyard or garden of your home?Or that your house or bungalow is along the countryside and there is a risk of wandering cattle or domesticated animals unexpectedly entering your premises, or your pets are not safe from the stray animals and many more such problems…..?

Well, though these concerns are crucial, the solution comes in a simple form and all-in-one package! So, what can be better than building a fence along the boundary of your house!

Fencing is a structure, wall or partition erected as a divider, marker, barrier or enclosure. It sets a periphery along the boundary of any house, within the specified or definite area, or it is raised along the property as a means of protection, confinement, or visual obstruction.

Now we all know fencing is a boundary wall that marks an area of a stipulated state. But isn’t it amazing to know that such structures aren’t uninteresting and they can enhance the beauty and elegance of your property while simultaneously ensuring protection!

Thus, before you decide to raise a fence, you need to know different types of fence. The different fencing options available are wood fencing, bamboo fencing, chain-link fencing, barbed wire fencing, precast concrete fencing, aluminium fencing, brick wall fencing etc.

If you want to know in detail regarding various types of fencing, then click on the link- 11 Different Types of Fences that are Widely Used Around Your Home. Here in this article, we are particularly going to discuss about the precast concrete fence and why should you prefer it for your house.

What is Precast Concrete Fence?

Precast Concrete FencingPrecast concrete fences are made from precast concrete components. The peculiarity of precast concrete construction is that, most of its structural components are prepare data place away from the building in a plant or factory and later transported to the construction site.

There are plenteous reasons why you should opt for a precast concrete fence for fencing your home. Let us see a few advantages and disadvantages of precast concrete fence that should help you in making a perfect decision regarding installation of this fence. A precast concrete fence consists of walls or wall planes inserted between grooves of colours or even free stand alone walls. Depending upon its type, you will need a foundation system to support it.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Fence

01. Installation of Precast Concrete Fence is Easy and Fast

The best part about Precast concrete fences is its easy installation process. This fence can be easily installed as its components are already made in a factory.

Installation of precast concrete fencing ascertain time and material savings thereby substantially reducing construction cost and time. It also reduces onsite work, use of plant and machinery and workers on site. The process of completion can be accomplished in less time as it consists of installation only. Such installation further helps in avoiding all nuisances occurring due to construction activity on site.

Precast Concrete Fence Installation

02. Precast Concrete Fence Requires Less Maintenance

The precast concrete fence needs minimal maintenance. With occasional or periodic cleaning and re-caulking, your precast concrete fence will get a fresh look. Since precast concrete fences are made of concrete and steel, they do not get affected by insects or bugs.

03. Precast Concrete Fence Can Withstand Against Anything (i.e. Chemical Attack, Corrosive Agents Etc.)

According to National Precast Concrete Association, where no material is entirely resistant to chemical attack or corrosive agents, the precast concrete compositions can be modified to avoid the damage occurring due to anticipated corrosive atmosphere.

In the presence of corrosive agents or water, steel products and other materials deteriorate quickly, whereas the precast concrete fence can be designed to protect the reinforcement against corrosion.

04. Precast Concrete Fences Are Durable

Precast concrete fences are typically constructed with very durable wet-cast, air-entrained concrete. Besides, it has the ability to withstand frequent freeze-thaw cycles and the adverse effects of road salt.

05. Aesthetics of Precast Concrete Fence

Most of the precast concrete fencing is nowadays made with an architectural finish that replicates natural stone. Furthermore, its appearance can be enriched and customized with a range of commercially available stain products.

Aesthetics of Precast Concrete Fence

06. Precast Concrete Fences Are Versatile

A precast concrete fence can be molded in any shape and size. In addition, it comes in different finishes and can be crafted in varieties of colour.

07. Precast Concrete Fences Can Reduce The Site Impact

Precast concrete fences components are built off-site and delivered on-demand. Therefore, it significantly reduces truck traffic, dust, noise debris and formwork associated with pour in place concrete.

Precast concrete fences are modular and standardized and can be installed quickly. As a result, construction times, energy use, noise and emissions from on-site equipment can be reduced.

08. Wind Resistance Capability

These fences have remarkable wind resisting capability. Thus, if constructed properly, precast concrete fences can withstand strong winds.

Precast Concrete Fence for Home Boundary

09. Precast Concrete Fence Can Resist Fire

Precast concrete fencing can withstand against fire and if damaged, it can be refurbished easily.

10. Precast Concrete Fences are Reusable

If they are maintained regularly and properly, these fences can be reused at another site in future.

Disadvantages of Precast Concrete Fence

01. High Initial Cost of Precast Concrete Fencing

The initial cost of precast concrete fence is comparatively higher than other fences like wood fences, bamboo fences etc.

02. Transportation and Handling Difficulties of Precast Concrete Fencing

Lot of components of precast concrete fences are manufactured in the factory. If the factory is located far off from the building site, then special care must be taken during handling and transportation.

03. Precast Concrete Fence Installation Requirements

A crane is required to install a large component of a precast concrete fence. Hence, when meticulous planning of such project is carried out, it is essential to take into consideration such expenses and calculate crane rentals as well.


Now a days in rural India, this type of fencing has become very popular due to its cost effectiveness. Thin wall panels are used in such fences which are either just placed or affixed inside grooves of column or poles placed at regular intervals. As the panels used are thin, it brings down the cost. They are mostly small size planes, thus the handling also becomes easy. In case you are using small size planes, you need a foundation for columns only.

Summing up, When you consider building a fence for your home, be sure you know precise reasons behind building it. Assess which features are important and mandatory for you. What ultimately do you intend to accomplish with fence? A precast concrete fence is a good choice if you are looking for safety, protection, versatility, long life, affordability and beautification of your house.

Hope, this article has helped you in making a perfect decision about selecting precast concrete fencing. If you would like to read more about other fencing options, please refer the following links –

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