Pros and Cons of Bay Window


Bay window is beautiful additions to a home. It brings a spacious, airy quality to a room that you can’t get with a regular window. There are many pros and cons of having a bay window in the house.

Enhanced View of Bay Window

Following are the pros and cons of the bay window:


01. Enhanced View:

  • Normal windows allow a very small field of view only. Often installed in the front of a home, the bay window allows an enhanced viewing experience so you can see more out of your home. From an enhanced view, you can see flowers and bushes and can also keep a close eye on the kids. It brooders your horizontal horizon.

02. Decorative Space:

  • Bay Window often extends out from the wall. This additional space is perfect for decorating and will add a romantic feel to a home and better aesthetic look.
  • Homeowners often use this space for sitting.
  • Placing dinner or breakfast tables in front of these windows is also a popular choice. Some homeowners will even make the window ledge a place of comfort with pillows for anyone who wants to relax and take in the sun.

03. Sunlight

  • Darker homes can always transform their interior by adding a little sunlight. They allow natural light to enter the home. The sweeping nature of bay windows means that more natural sunlight will enter your home from several directions at the same time.

04. Make the Room Appear Larger:

  • Smaller spaces are always great for a window. Bay window installation provides small room look bigger. If there is room for sitting on the windows ledge, space becomes a functional part of the home. Open floor plans work great with bay windows because they combine perfectly.


01. Costly Installation:

  • If the bay window installation is improper, it will create structural problems. When the foundation of the home settles, structural problems can cause the window to crack and leak. If the window isn’t properly supported, it can sag. If this happens, you will have to buy a replacement window, which can cost more, depending on the size of the window.
  • Bay window needs to be installed properly. The varying angles and the size of the windows require the help of professional who knows how to properly install these types of windows.
  • Bay window is not simple from workmanship point of view.

02. Structural Issues:

  • When the bay window is installed, it’s essential that the structure above them is well supported throughout the entire process. This is usually achieved with the use of two or more steel supports.
  • It’s also important that the right bay window is installed for the structure since some bay window is load bearing and you will need to make sure the bays installed have load bearing strength. Failure to ensure that the above two things can lead to serious building damage or in worse cases, it may collapse. Hence it need better structural design and details.

03. Repair Cost:

  • When a window needs to be repaired, the entire unit often needs to be replaced. This is a very costly process, but one that can be avoided if properly installed and maintained.
  • Bay window cost is more as compared to other types of windows.
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