Bringing the Charm of Provence Home: Tips for Incorporating Provencal Style of Décor


Through this blog, we bring you a dekko of the important decor elements for getting a Provencal style in interior design for your house. Renowned for using landscape colours, the final impact on the residents is going to be marvellous as they will surely feel that “life is good!”

Before getting to know what Provence style interior design is, it is essential to know where it came from.

What Is Provence?

Provence in the south of France has a wonderful climate, perfect light, and absolutely stunning scenery. The Mediterranean Sea and sky provide a vibrant blue background for the old buildings with their tall windows, balconies, shutters, and awnings. Palm trees line the coast and the countryside is rocky and rugged, peppered with bushes of wild lavender, thyme, and rosemary. There are olive groves and citrus orchards on the hillsides, and purple fields of lavender down in the valleys. Yellow mimosa trees with their feathery leaves are grown all around this beautiful region.

Bushes of wild lavender in Provence

“Taking a cue from the land, the sun and the glistening Mediterranean Sea, not from established trend forecasters, interiors echo the splendor of France the way Mother Nature intended, proponents say,” mentioned Betty Lou Phillips (2008) in his book, The French Room. 

Provence style features a mixture of extreme wealth and high fashion in the popular French Mediterranean coastal resorts of Nice and Cannes, co-existing alongside a traditional rustic lifestyle in the hills. Marseilles, France’s main port, has a large population of North Africans, who have brought their own culture and decorative traditions with them. The regional style in Provence can be compared to a busy marketplace where many delicious influences converge and where the overwhelming feeling is that life is good.

Colour Play For Bringing Provencal Style Home

According to Betty Lou Phillips (1998), author of the book ‘Provencal Interiors – French Country Style In America, French interiors are a Kaleidoscope celebrating the land, sun and sea. The dominant colours used to decorate Provence’s interiors are inspired by the landscape: earthy yellows and red browns combined with bright blues and viridian greens for home decor and decor objects. Terracotta, inspired by the rippling patterns of sun-bleached tiled rooftops, can be incorporated in the form of clay pots. Paint walls with two colours, a deep shade below with a lighter one above. On a hot day, the colours of Provencal-style home decor give a feeling of coolness.

Wall painted in two colours for Provencal style

Typical Provencal Elements

Green is popular for its cooling effect, and ferns are the favourite houseplant. The texture of the wall paint ranges from rustic, rough and distressed to elaborate decorative wrought iron, stained glass, carved or painted furniture, lace curtains, and richly patterned and colourful fabrics. The distinctively complex Provencal floral and paisley fabric style is based on old Indian patterns that were brought back to Marseilles by sailors returning from Eastern countries in the eighteenth century.

Provencal elements for Provencal style home

Provencal-style Living Room

To bring France into your living room, consider making these changes. Firstly, for the walls, opt for a stucco finish to give the walls a rough texture. If the wall already has a smooth finish, then you can choose a rough-textured or floral-printed wallpaper. Secondly, the furniture should be made of natural materials like solid wood or a cast-iron frame with leather or natural fabric upholstery. It emits richness and elegance. Thirdly, add some terracotta planters. Lastly, hang a chandelier and let it be the focus of your room.

Provencal style living room

Provencal Kitchen

In a typical Provencal kitchen, there will always be some colourful fabric, perhaps as a tablecloth or placemats. Displays of colourfully decorated plates and enamelware line the walls and shelves. Large cupboards or armoires, with wire mesh and gathered fabric door panels, are preferred over the modern-fitted kitchen. Herbs hang from racks, vases are filled with flowers and the intoxicating aroma of coffee hangs in the air.

Provence style kitchen

Bonus Tip

As the Provencal style appreciates old furniture, save on getting a new kitchen table and chair. Instead, paint your old kitchen table and chair in Provencal style. Check out

C’est magnifique (That’s splendid)… is the best way to sum up the Provencal style of decor!

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