Ready Mix Concrete (RMC): High Speed Concrete Construction without Sacrificing Quality

The discovery of concrete has changed of all facets of the construction industry. But the maintaining uniform quality of concrete is a challenging task in the concrete construction industry. Good quality of concrete with high speed of construction is not achieved by manually mixing of concrete. Manually mixing of concrete needs labour management, so it takes more time, effort and money. Now, the energy technologies and automation have helped in meeting the challenges of mixing and transportation of concrete, when the quality of concrete is huge as the project is large. Ready Mixed Concrete is one such innovation which has made the giant project feasible. Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) is a great solution to overcome the limitation of ordinary mixtures as it reduces the work on the site and avoids the site confusion. So, let us understand its different aspects in brief.

The word Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) itself implies that it is ready to use materials, with a predetermined mixture of cement, aggregates, water and admixtures. Readymix concrete is manufactured in a factory or concrete batching plant, according to a set mix design or as per standard specifications under controlled conditions using superior quality of raw materials. It is then delivered to a construction site without affecting its fresh properties.

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is an advanced technology having a high degree of mechanisation and automation. The raw materials are tested in the concrete batching plant before they are used to ensure compliance with relevant standards. These eliminate the possibility of quality problems in the product. The proportions of various constituents in the concrete mix are designed scientifically considering the required strength and other properties of concrete and economy. This is called concrete mix design.
With use of Ready mix concrete, we can avoid common problems of fresh concrete such as workability of the concrete, segregation of concrete and bleeding in concrete.

The ready mix concrete is transported in specially designed truck mounted mixer called transit mixer whereas the concrete is kept under continuous agitation until it is taken out for use.
In all the developed and most of the developing countries, use of RMC plant for concrete construction has enabled the achievement of speed and quality in construction. Nowadays we can easily find so many ready mix concrete suppliers/ready mix concrete dealers near us. Concrete suppliers deliver ready mix concrete on site within predefine time. In recent years, it has become the favored choice of architects and civil engineers.

Concrete as much as a major structural material and therefore plays an important role as far as safety is concerned. With the use of fly-ash, it is becoming a green material.

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