Ready Mix Mortar for Brickwork, Plaster and Repair Maintenance!


When one talks about ready mix mortar, first of all, one needs to know and understand the mortar. Mortar is a workable paste used to bind stone, cement block, bricks and concrete masonry unit together by filling and sealing the gap between them. Sometimes decorative colours are added for the architectural purpose. When the mortar in proper proportions of two or more ingredients is available in premix mortar form, it is called ready mix mortar.

There are different types of ready mix mortar available in the market depending on their workability and mixture of binding material (like cement, lime), fine aggregates (like sand, surkhi), water, admixture and colour.  The function of ready mix mortar is to bind building materials, to carry out pointing work and to carry out plaster work, to form an even and soft bedding layers, to form joints of pipe, to hide the open joints of brickwork and stone, to carry out structure maintenance work etc.

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The following are the types of ready mix mortar depending upon the materials used to prepare the premix.
01. Ready mix cement mortar
02. Ready mix lime mortar
03. Ready mix surkhi mortar
04. Ready mix cement lime mortar
Ready mix Cement mortar is premix of cement and sand, where cement act as a binding material. The proportion of cement to sand varies from 1:2 to 1:6 depending upon strength desired for a particular work.
Ready mix Lime Mortar is premix of lime and sand, where lime acts as a binding material. Lime to sand ratio is kept 1:2(1 part of dry lime is mix with 2 part of dry sand).
Ready mix Surkhi Mortar is premix of lime and surkhi (fine particles of burnt clay). Lime to surkhi ratio is kept 1:2 (1 part of dry lime is mix with 2 part of dry surkhi).
Ready mix Cement Lime Mortar is premix of Cement, lime and sand, where cement and lime act as binding materials. It is famous as combination or gauge ready mix mortar.
Ready mix mortar is available in 5 kg (For Repairing), 25 kg and 50kg bags. Water shall be added on site as per particular work requirement. Adding water in premix on the site will be as per IS Code or as directed by an engineer in charge. Nowadays special mortar is used for the repair and maintenance purpose which have properties like the free flow and high strength compared to the normal mortar.
Depending on their function, longer shelf life and strength, many brands are available in the market with a price tag of Rs150to Rs700 per 50 kg bag of ready mix Mortar.

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