15 Reasons to Hire an Architect to Build your Dream Home

You  finally decide that you want to build your new house then what’s next? Should I go to an Architect or I directly talk to a local contractor? Many questions arise in your mind… Is it worth hiring an architect for my new house?

If you’ve been asking yourself these same questions then you are going to make a right decision by reading the following reasons given below

01. The architect will help you in defining your needs.

02. He basically acts as project leader and lead the team of other consultants as well as contractor and sub contractors.

03. He will also help you in defining your programme i.e. (amenities to be provided in your house) and overall area of the house.

04. He will be able to put on paper your concept / your dream house, which you have in your mind.

05. He will be able to guide you about the construction and will be able to design according to your budget and needs.

06. He will help you in identifying the right sub consultants like structural engineer, MEP engineer etc.

07. He will also help you in identifying the right agency either a material contractor or a labour contractor for construction of the house.

08. He will visit the site periodically to check whether the construction work is being carried out as per the plans and specifications being prepared by him.

09. During periodical supervision, he will also check whether the quality of materials and workmanship are of acceptable standards or not?

10. He will also check the bills of the contractor periodically and certify payment to the contractor.

11. Based on the agreement with him either he will obtain construction permission from the local authority or help you get such permission through a liaison architect.

12. He will also help you to get completion certificate.

13. The designing of house involves special skills. The designing is not simply preparing a layout of rooms, here and there. It involves choice of materials, choice of technology with respect to the environmental, weather and also designing a house which looks beautiful, attractive and at the same time it is economical in cost and has long life.

14. He helps in selection of right material of construction as well as furniture. He will guide you in choosing a material which will not only good in aesthetics but will be economical and also have a good life.

15. He will design an internal layout which is best functionally and at the same time  it has good air, light-ventilation all throughout the year.

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