Work On Your Garden, It Will Raise Your Home Value!

You might get surprised hearing – Does any type of landscaping or garden adds value to a home? Yes, they do!

Research paper of Professor Mark S. Henry claimed that even a small increase in quality of home landscape can increase the resale value of your property by around 6 to 7% and that is without much financial expenditure. The more you invest, the greater is return!

Therefore, if you approach the task properly, planting a garden can increase your home value. Having artfully arranged plants not only increases the curb appeal to potential buyers but also shows that you were a caring, considerate homeowner that protected the value of your home.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want your garden to be a bounty rather than a burden. Here are some helpful tips for gardening to improve your home’s value.

01. Keep Low Maintenance Plants

Lush, thriving gardens all over the yard are stunning to see. While potential buyers will definitely see that beauty, they’ll also see what’s behind it: lots of work.

Keep Low Maintenance Plants

When planting a garden, consider how long you’ll be in your home. If this is your forever home, and the resale value isn’t a concern in the near future, plant your dream garden. However, if you plan on moving in a few years, keep it simple and low maintenance. Head to a lavender sales page and stock up on variants of this iconic, evergreen plant. Plant hardy geraniums, sunflowers, pansies, and snapdragons – plants that practically grow themselves

Use hardy plants in small, well-organized garden set-ups. Save the tangled, thriving English garden for your forever home.

Hardy plants in small, well-organized garden set-ups - Good Resale Value of Home

Do read our tips on choosing the right flowering plants for your garden. Including this, you may also like to read on pot/container gardening ideas for your home.

02. Focus on the Finer Details

When gardening to improve your property value, keep the smaller details in mind. A thriving garden won’t detract attention from a poorly maintained lawn.

Focus on the Finer Details - like edging, pavers, stones, boxes, etc.

Make edging a significant part of your gardening process. Consider your hardscaping as well – the man-made elements that add to the overall aesthetic. Things like pavers and wooden garden boxes create cohesion and add a sense of organization to your property.

03. Incorporate Eco-Friendly Gardening Features

Consumers are becoming more aware of how their actions impact the earth. It might seem counterintuitive, but some gardens are not eco-friendly. Planting fussy imported plants that require a lot of treatment to thrive tax the land rather than add to it. Additionally, plants that require a lot of water tap into valuable resources.

Add features that support nature rather than work against it. Use native plants that are born to thrive in your hardiness zone. Add a rainwater collection system to avoid using the hose to keep your plants healthy. Plant wildflowers that attract pollinators and consider adding a compost bin to help your gardens flourish, naturally.

Incorporate Eco-Friendly Gardening Features - Plant wildflowers that attract pollinators

Another consideration is eco-efficient landscaping. There are features that you can add and advertise that make your home more energy-efficient. Consider how you can maximize shade and deflect winter winds using well-planned gardens.

04. Create Consistency

Potential buyers like to see consistency and planning. When planting your gardens, try to incorporate an overarching theme throughout your yard. Show potential buyers that you have thought out where things will be and why. Think of how your garden matches your home.

Think of how your garden matches your home

Keep in mind that many buyers tend to go for more traditional, conventional styles when buying a home. If you ever find yourself in doubt, keep it simple and subtle.

05. Add Privacy

Add Privacy

Think about how you can use your gardens to add privacy and hide any potential eyesores. Well-placed shrubs and bushes can limit the view of your house from the road or add natural barriers between your property and the neighbours. Creating gardening features around a back patio can enhance that level of privacy.

Add climbing plants along your fences to keep them looking fresh & lively

Consider adding climbing plants along your fences to keep them looking fresh and lively. You can even make privacy screens with hanging vines or lattice. Finally, don’t forget that trees can be an incredible centerpiece in any garden while adding privacy.


It’s far from me to discourage any kind of gardening. Plant a garden that will last for years, regardless of who is caring for it. When adding a garden to increase your home’s value, planning and simplicity are key.

However, if you won’t be in your house forever, your best bet is to take care of all the basics, before you grow or plant high maintenance. Moreover, you can not go wrong with happy coloured annual ones in pots and window plants around your house when you are searching for the biggest bang!

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