Roof & Its Classification


Roof serves the basic object of a house i.e. providing shelter and safety. The roof provides safety against weather. i.e. Heat, rain, cold and snow etc. It is therefore very important element of the house.

A roof basically consists of structural elements provided at the top of building for the support of roof coverings. A well designed roof with different shapes & geometry and covered with variety of materials adds beauty to the house.
Basically the need for the house arise out of need for roof i.e. shelter. It is the protection from heat, snow or rain for which a person seeks roof. Even the houses of the poorest of poor have only the roof as a shelter and they may not be having wall or floor or other amenities.
A good roof is just as essential as a safe foundation. A well designed and constructed foundation protects the buildings against destruction starting from the bottom, while good roof affords protection to the building and its contents against deterioration starting from the top. The roof must be designed and constructed to meet the requirements of different climates and the covering materials available. However, in selecting a roof for a structure, in addition to weather effects, due consideration should be paid to many other factors, such as strength and stability of structure under anticipated loads ,heat insulation ,lighting ,ventilation ,sound insulation, life of structure and aesthetics ofcourse   etc.
Roof is classified as per functional requirements. The roofs are mainly classified into three different types of roofs.

  • Pitched roof or Sloping Roof
  • Flat Roof or Terrace Roof
  • Shell Roofs or curved Roof

These Three roofs are classified below.

01. Pitched or Sloping Roof

a) Single Roofs

b) Double or Purlin roofs

c) Triple-Membered or Framed or Trussed Roof

02. Flat Roofs or Terrace Roofs

  • Mud Terrace Roof
  • Brick concrete Terrace Roofs
  • Jack Arch Flat Roofs
  • C.C or Reinforced Brick Slab roofs
  • Bengal Terrace Roofs

03. Shell Roofs or Curved Roofs

  • A Dome
  • Barrel Arch
  • Cone
  • Hyperbolic Paraboloid

The roof structure should be strong and stable enough to take up the loads safety. The selection of the type of roof depends upon the shape or plan of the building, climates condition of the area and type of constructional materials available. Hence Roof is very important as far as both your health and safety are concerned.

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