How to Find the Perfect Rugs for Home Decor?


Imagine the feeling of landing on a soft cushion-like texture and walking peacefully through the room. No matter what the new day holds for you, these few minutes are only for you and your comfort. Rugs are an easy way to create beauty, charm, and comfort in a single place.

Rugs are beautiful, coloured, smartly textured pieces, that add warmth and gravity to any monotonous living space. No doubt, rugs are essential for creating a perfect-looking house, but it’s always crucial to find the right rugs for any size home.

Most of the rugs are user-friendly and require maintenance from time to time, depending on the footfall and the texture, colour, etc. Buying rugs can sometimes become challenging; whether it’s selecting the right size, perfect texture, or suitable colour, all things contribute to the selection of the perfect rug.

How Rugs Became a Part of Home Decor?

Evolution of Rugs in Home Decor

If we look back, the ancient civilizations used large carpets, rugs, and different textures to create beautiful patterns and luxurious settings. The use of simple rugs was prominent in Asian cultures too, but that was more out of necessity. With time, rugs are transitioning from a necessity to a definite style statement. In India, modern homes embrace rugs in all their glory to make a lasting impression. The Indian interior industry has revolutionized old-style rugs by introducing them as a modern form of home decor. People love the colours, warmth, and convenience rugs have to offer, and hence, the rugs become an integral part of our home decor.

Why Rugs are Crucial While Designing Your Home Interior?

Importance of Rugs in Home Design

Irrespective of the size of your home, rugs can always add a bit of magic to it. While designing your home’s interior with a professional interior designer or all by yourself, you can always try some beautiful. Place a rug in an area that appears too small to instantly create the illusion of space. The important parts of the home, such as the entrance, hallway, dining space, bedroom, fireplace etc can be highlighted by multi-textured and patterned rugs. Homeowners love these little bundles of fabric because of their rich colour, vibe and comfort coming home, all at negligible maintenance requirements. With the right piece of rug, you can bring home richness, spaciousness, and elegance, transforming that small and ordinary-looking space inside your home.

How to Find the Right Rugs for Home?

Choosing the Right Rugs for Your Home

It may appear simple from the outside, but finding the rug of the right size and colour is a significant challenge in and of itself. It’s not surprising that many homeowners feel clueless about this one aspect of interior design. What if you have selected the right size, but are not sure about the texture? When it comes to colours, there are so many to choose from that it appears to be practically impossible.

Assess the Correct Size for Your Rugs

Rug Size Assessment

If you are not sure about which size works well for your entrance, hallway, or any other place, try to observe inside a rug shop. You can also get an idea by observing other homes. Do your research on the internet and work out the size that works for your entrance or hallway. Some people like to keep their full entrance covered with a large rug, while others like to divide it with a small rug. Whatever you choose, try to keep the aesthetics, comfort, and budget aspects in mind. Moreover, you can buy customised rugs for your home.

Do Some Research on the Texture Requirement (Every Room Requires Different Texture of Rugs)

Texture Research for Rugs

Not all textures fit well when it comes to homes. For entrances, tough and sturdy rugs are suitable, as these see maximum footfalls in a day. Use rugs that are easy to maintain in the kitchen. For the bedroom, opt for soft and comforting rugs, while cool colours are a perfect match for your home offices, study rooms, and libraries.

Try to Find Balance Between Utility and Aesthetics

Balancing Utility and Aesthetics

There are always elements to balance when you buy rugs. For example, a soft rug might look great, but it is not suitable for your entrance or kitchen. Its best location is bedroom. Likewise, try to ask yourself: Which quality rug suits a particular place in your home? Whether it is for aesthetic purposes, for comfort, or for regular rough usage? This will help you assess the right quality rug for any room in your home.

Keep in mind the up Keeping and Maintenance Constraints

Rugs Upkeeping and Maintenance

Some rugs are easier to maintain while others require regular care. You have to consider this before you actually place a rug in any corner of your home. While some rugs can be washed and dried in a machine, others have to be dry-cleaned periodically. If you don’t have so much time to commit, try finding rugs that are maintenance-friendly and yet appear elegant at the same time.

Think About Costing too

Rugs Cost Consideration

All your buying decisions finally narrow down to your budget. The cost of rugs depends on their rich quality, texture, and size. Once you have selected the total pieces of rugs, work out the costing, and if it shoots off your budget, try to adjust your pieces. If your finances allow, allocate some more amount.

Do a Dummy Check Before Actually Buying

It’s always best to dummy-check the rugs before buying them. You can try visiting a store nearby that offers decorated home studios. The overall look helps you make better decisions before making a purchase. Once you’ve seen the bigger picture, you are now in a better position to make an informed buying decision.

How to Buy Rugs? – Things to Consider

Although we have done quite a lot of research until now, we have a few more points to share. These important tips are crucial if you are buying rugs for your beautiful home for the first time. Leading rug sellers claim that the below given points help you differentiate between a nice rug and an amazing rug. These aspects are:

01. Rug Pile

Rug Pile Considerations

If you are buying rugs for the first time, pay close attention to the rug pile. The length of the rug pile is of paramount importance because it directly affects the purpose of its use and its aesthetic characteristics at the same time. A dense or thick rug pile can accommodate many footfalls as compared to sophisticated ones. Basically, rug piles are of two types, which are:

  • Low Pile Rugs –These rugs come with shorter fiber or loops and are best suited for areas with maximum footfall. Experts believe that your kitchen is the best place for keeping a beautiful low-pile or short-pile rug.
  • High Pile Rugs – High pile rugs are the ones with looser and taller fibers. These rugs are ideal for comfortable settings, like a luxurious living room or a comfortable bedroom. These rugs create a feeling of comfort that flows through the interior of the specific room.

The large length of a rug is visible in its aesthetics and performance in the long run. Rugs are always meant to act as sound buffers. However, the thickness of the rug helps with better insulation. A large carpet or rug is sure to perform better in the long run if it has a longer pile and a thicker structure.

02. Rug Pad

Importance of Rug Pads

Now that you have secured the finest piece of rug for your interiors, it’s time to make it safe by using a rug pad. If you are placing a rug under the living room table or the dining table, a rug pad can help place it firmly, avoiding unnecessary creases. The sturdy look of the rug is another benefit of installing a rug pad beneath your area rug, large rug, or carpet rug. A rug pad prevents dents from harming the furniture by providing cushioning. Experts suggest buying a sturdy rug pad with a solid grip for high-traffic areas. A plush rug pad will, however, add an extra layer of design and comfort if you have chosen it for your living area, lounge, or bedroom.

03. Indoor Outdoor Options

Indoor and Outdoor Rug Selection

The quality, nature, and cost of your rug will largely depend on its placement. However, there would be different considerations when selecting a rug for indoors and outdoors. For indoor locations, the rugs must have moderate loop size, strength, and texture. Outdoor rugs must withstand heat and dust. The short loops are better for an outdoor setting like a patio or a garden at the entrance. The placement of a neutral-coloured rug can make a large difference when placed outdoors.

Avoid fabrics like jute for outdoors as these tend to absorb water and start rotting. Most of the rugs are stain-resistant and rot proof when it comes to outdoor use. There are a lot of natural fiber options for outdoor rugs. Many outdoor rug manufacturers claim their rugs are mold or mildew resistant. However, most of the time, only the outer layer is mildew-proof, but the inner layer can still catch mild infections.

Care and Storage Tips to Keep Your Rugs Fresh

Selecting and buying the right rugs for the home is just half the job. Another half starts with the right care and storage of the rugs. No matter whether your rugs are tough and sturdy, or luxurious and intricate, they require minimal to average upkeep and maintenance from time to time. Such is the importance of maintaining rugs that people base their buying decisions on the maintenance requirements of rugs too.

Some tried-and-tested rug care and storage tips for you to consider are:

Don’t Forget to Extend the Rugs Under Your Furniture

Rug Placement under Furniture

An ideal setting requires that important furniture to be under covered by large area rugs. The large furniture can also have their outer legs on the furniture and inner legs free on the floor. But the golden rule suggests that the dining table and the chairs should completely fall on the floor covered by the large area rug or carpet.

Don’t Cut Short on the Size

Importance of Proper Rug Sizing

It is always advisable to buy a proper sized carpet and not cut short on the size because of budget issues. Buying a large rug can save you from buying a rug that will be replaced soon. However, the cost of a rug is always lower when compared to the price attached to a similar-sized carpet.

Always Cover High Traffic Areas

It’s best to cover high-traffic areas with sturdy rugs. Leaving some areas uncovered can create confusion for people. The unique surface and single pattern created by the large area rug will give a feeling of comfort.

Allow Yourself the Luxury of a Huge Bedroom Rug

Comfort in the bedroom is equally proportional to the large carpet rug, which is a little smaller than the room’s floor size. The feeling of walking on a warm, soft rug is heavenly. So, never hold yourself back from buying the best carpet rug from the market of your choice.

Allow Even Look with the Right Spacing

Placing your furniture and other assets in a cleaner way helps to create a uniform look. When you leave equal spaces outside the borders of the rug, it creates a beautiful appearance. You may leave 9 to 24 inches depending on the size of the room you have. With the rug placed in the exact center of your room, it is sure to create a balanced environment and elegance in your room.

Don’t be Afraid of Colour and Pattern

Including a little playfulness in your room is easier when you place little rugs around your home. Doing this helps you mark separate areas within a single large area and also creates a dynamic and vibrant look with the least effort.

Do know the Cleaning Regimen for Your Rugs

Rugs Cleaning and Maintenance

Make it a point to read the cleaning instructions carefully before you actually lay your hands on any beautiful piece of rug. For example, rugs made from natural fibers such as jute are easy on the pocket but they can’t be cleaned after a big spill. So, always weigh your budget, purpose of buying, and cleaning regimen in mind before buying a rug for your home.


Buying rugs can totally be worthwhile if you go the right way, do your research, and make informed choices. Rugs, when thoughtfully selected, turn out to be the biggest asset in your home interiors. Create partitions, instill a spacious look, add warmth, offer comfort to your kid’s rooms and so on, rugs can be your ultimate friend when you decide to refresh your home’s décor. All you need to do is keep the size, colour, texture, purpose, and budget in mind.


01. Where to Place Rugs Inside the House?

You can place rugs in areas like the entrance, living space, study, library, bedroom, kids room, dining area and balcony spaces.

02. How to Maintain Rugs Properly?

Most of the rugs require only basic maintenance, like periodic cleaning with a brush and deep cleaning once in a while. The sturdy and hard rug is easier to clean. The softer varieties need better care and cleaning to remain beautiful. Also, the maintenance requirements of rugs might vary depending on the number of footfalls per day.

03. How often do Rugs Need to be Replaced?

Generally, rugs last longer, and even an ordinary rug will not need replacement before a year has passed. However, depending on the upkeep and handling, rugs can stay for a long time, like a loyal friend.

04. Can We Recycle Ordinary Rugs?

Yes. Doormats can be made out of hard and sturdy varieties of rugs. The softer ones make great carpets for winters. Small-sized rugs, when joined together, create a large piece of room carpet. Likewise, you can transform large-sized area rugs into smaller runners and doormats as and when needed.

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