Comfort on the Road: RV Decor Tips

You are sick and tired of lockdowns and curfews. Your life has since the pandemic has turned into some form of house arrest. Well, did you know that RV owners and van lifers are having the best of their life-road trips, nature rides, magical sunsets?

This post doesn’t seek to sell you on the idea of living in a truck. Assuming you’ve already made the decision, it exposes ways you can design an RV just like a real home.

RV Decor Tips

01. Choose a Lighter Coat of Paint for RV

RV Decor Tips

When you tell your family and friends that you are moving out to live in a vehicle, you may get pilloried as a yahoo. How do you trade comfortable living space for a tiny crammed-up space? They ask.

Perception is the difference. Though the RV life generally entails making do with a small space, choosing the right decor can make it feel larger and more open. Spruce up the inside of your RV with a lighter grey pallet or cream. You want to have lots of light in the vehicle you call home.

02. A Jab of Colour and Texture in RV Decor

RV Wallpaper

In the old days, RVs came in an uninspiring dirty shade. But now that you have decided to uproot all your life and put in a motorhome, no one will castigate you for introducing a bit of pomp and color. Personalize your space as you would your brick-and-mortar living room.

Feel free to introduce Photowall art, including unframed prints or a few bright-coloured digital prints. Did you know that you can also wallpaper your RV walls? Just because you are living on the go doesn’t mean you should suppress your artistic soul. Let it free.

03. Display Souvenirs

What artistic things do you buy when you traverse the country? You are likely having lots of fun in your travels, so let that show in your mementos. Just remember not to clutter your space –focus on souvenirs that can serve as RV decor for a long time into the future.

  • Display small souvenirs on open shelves
Display Small Souvenirs on Open Shelves
  • Create a picture gallery
Create a Picture Gallery in RV
  • Hang a vintage map by your bed
RV Vintage Map by Your Bed
  • Showcase exotic fabric as wall art
Showcase Fabric as Wall Art

Both magnets and stickers work for this, but consider using magnets—they allow for easier removal and reinstallation of art pieces on a whim. Decorating with souvenirs uplifts a dull space and reminds you of fun memories—the reason you are living on the road.

04. How Does the RV Bathroom Look Like?

RV Bathroom

When updating your RV living room, don’t forget the bathroom. Thankfully, this may not be as complicated as when making over an actual home.

Simple things such as replacing your shower curtain and introducing a colourful rug can turn an old RV bathroom into a new space. Add a pretty soap dispenser while you are at it.

Add a backsplash. It’s easy and inexpensive, especially now that the hardware store carries many attractive peels and stick tiles. You can even use some for your kitchen sink.

05. Use One Pattern – RV Theme

Choose One Theme in RV

Unlike big spaces where visual vibrancy is critical for your décor, RVers often prefer to use a single theme for their tiny homes on wheels. It’s easy to achieve a uniform look and create a sense of harmony through matching rugs, pillowcases, and window treatments. You can focus on themes such as camping or travel destinations.

Aim to maintain consistency. If your choose floral for your rugs, stick to the same pattern with your curtains, pillowcases, and table upholstery. You may also find that introducing tiles is an excellent way to bring patterns into your motorhome.

06. Bring in Comfier RV Furniture

RV Furniture

If old RVs don’t feel like home, try replacing the furniture. RVers will benefit greatly from this investment, which makes a difference in their quality of life.

In many cases, RV furniture is designed for easy replaceability. You only need to arm yourself with a few basic tools. Once you ship out the old one, you can bring in anything you like to create the ideal space for you. IKEA and Flexsteel are some of the noteworthy sellers of RV furniture.

Not having sufficient comfy furniture will trigger a brouhaha when the in-laws visit. These are likely the people who talk about your lifestyle with a town and gown kind of snobbery, but you cannot afford not to make them comfortable when they visit.

You’ll never hear the end of it. Consider investing in several outdoor pieces of foldable furniture. Ditch synthetic upholstery for leather chairs-this is an investment of a lifetime.

In the end, life in an RVer can be intoxicatingly fun, but it has its fair share of challenges. Follow these RV decorating ideas to improve your trailer’s beauty, comfort, and function so it can feel like home.

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