A Peek into Salone 2022: The Biggest Interior Design Fest

2100 exhibitors, 20 halls of Rho Fiera Milano, and numerous events and installations – all gathered in Milan to admire and celebrate design. This is how Salone Del Mobile 2022 can be briefly hinted at.

While the entire world was taking a break with the pause brought by the wave of pandemics, creative heads from around the world perceived it as an opportunity to bring in the confluence of styles with nature and technology taking the front seat. The 60th anniversary of the Milan design week 2022 held for six days was curated with a program rich in innovation and artistic twists.

This year’s Salone del Mobile 2022 welcomed around 262,608 visitors from across the globe with its enticing aura. Are you excited to tour through the best events and highlights? Let’s go!

The History of Salone del Mobile

History of Salone del Mobile

Since the year 1961 which witnessed the first edition of Salone del Mobile, Milan has become a creative hub bustling with innovations. The event has gained global recognition as one of the main design events which welcome designers to showcase their talent.

The event was first conducted with the hinged motive of promoting Italian accessories and furnishings. With passing time and increasing publicity, the event which was initially sponsored by Federelegno-Arredo Trade Association linked up with around 2500 firms and more than 700 design heads.

The foundation of this chief event got laid when a group of Italian furniture manufacturers took a call to spread their business beyond the borders after saturation caused in the post-war nation. They fixed a meeting junction for people to showcase their works temporarily. This idea led to something big that an event was conducted not only for the national craftsman but it welcomed international delegates as well.

The platform doesn’t restrict the exhibition to furniture alone. Eclectic lighting designs along with home accessories are also featured in the fest to give insights into which decor language is going to set the trend. Currently, the design fair is organized by collaboration of the Industrial Design Association along with Cosmit SpA in the metropolitan city of Milan, Rho.

Salone Del Mobile Milano 2022

Talking about the salone del mobile 2022 location and the salone del mobile 2022 dates, it took place from 7 – 12th June 2022 at Fiera Milano in Italy. It is a leading trade show or what they say Milan interior design show for home furnishing and interior design. The international furniture design show is a global platform for promoting Italy furniture design, new-look furniture Milan, international design furniture, New furniture Milan and furnishing exports, with over 2000 exhibitors participating and showcasing excellent goods and solutions for contemporary living that integrate design, technology, flexibility, and sustainability.
The Salone del mobile 2022 exhibitor list is comprised of companies from all over the world showcasing the latest design trends. The opening hours were from 9:30 a.m. It had a unique logo with a tilted red square. The Salone 2022 map helps you to guide through the entire Milan interior design show to explore various designers, brands, and companies. Salone del Mobile is spread over an area of 210,000 sq. m in the fairgrounds of Rho Fiera Milano.

Theme: Sustainability at Heart

Salone del Mobile 2022 - Sustainability

The focus of this year’s Salone del Mobile Milano 2022 was on the core concept of Sustainability. The entire theme celebrated the finest works, aesthetics, and innovations while keeping sustainability in the limelight. The evolution in architecture and design has foreseen the notion of sustainability as a necessity and the case isn’t any different in the furniture design industry.

Apart from the exhibits, even the guidelines to attend events were formed based on sustainable concepts which included:

  • Minimizing the waste,
  • Opting for upcycled, reusable, and materials with minimal environmental impact,
  • Tracking the logistics’ footprint.

The pandemic served as a wake-up call for the entire world to look after the natural environment which is why Salone’s birthday revolved around the same. One of the best installations was added by Mario Cunicella named ‘Design with Nature’ which was a 1400 sq.m ecosystem created to envision human settlement in a much greener way.

As mentioned by Maria Porro, the president of Salone, “As well as celebrating a major anniversary, the event will focus on the theme of sustainability, acting as a showcase for the progress made in this regard by creatives, designers, and companies.”

11 Note-worthy Highlights from the Event

Here are some note worthy events from the Milan fair 2022:

01. Tech-based Solutions by Extremis

Tech-based Solutions by Extremis

The new normal has been redefined by technology and that’s what was taken up by Extremis– tech-based solutions that not only enhance but make the process simpler. The installation features shower technology that keeps you connected with the outdoors while you stay within the enclosure of walls. Apart from this, these solutions welcome nature inside homes with versatile furniture design.

The theme was well-aligned with the focus on sustainability and blended local techniques to propose modern solutions. The entire design showcased an eco-utopian essence with the latest technology supporting the designs.

02. Hansgrohe’s Digital Shower

Hansgrohe’s Digital Shower

Another brand taking the lead to set the trend with innovation is Hansgrohe. The showcased digital shower was an example of simple addition of modern solutions that can enhance the retreat properties of the home and make daily tasks a breeze.

The Rain Tunes shower range is more than just a shower. It offers you desired sceneries to enhance your tranquil experience. The installation was composed of natural materials that not only look naturally aesthetic but also throw light on the importance of well-being in design.

03. The Kohler Splash with Divided Layers

Kohler Splash

Kohler made its debut experience the most fascinating and memorable one. Along with the collaboration with Daniel Arsham, the brand showcased the concept of ‘Divided Layers’. The scaled model served as a transitional zone that takes you inside the sink.

Vertical panels served as white layers taking the form of a tunnel that enabled visitors to enter and click their next social media upload. The experience was made even more whimsical with a reflecting pool stretching along the catwalk. The Kohler installation was the major show-stealer with a unique thought that was brought to lie with 3D printing technology.

“This (3D printing) technology is in its infancy. It’s still rudimentary at this point, so it’s a good time for me to come in. Even so, there’s no way I could cast these shapes and this form without Kohler’s technology. It just couldn’t be done,” mentioned Daniel Arsham.

04. The Project of Living by James Irvine

Juno chair

How do we want to live? This was the question being asked by Arper in the event the answer to which was in the installation by James Irvine– The Project of Living. A decade-old Juno chair was reimagined and designed as its next version which had earthiness embedded within the colour palette and took advantage of sustainable materials.

The entire setup was admirably simple with white cloth draping around and generating a sense of curiosity amongst visitors to check what’s inside. Upon entering, one could witness the true definition of timelessness in design styles.

05. The Biggest Collab: Artimede and BIG

Artimede and Bjarke Ingles Group

One of the most talked about collaborations in Salone del Mobile 2022 was of Artimede and Bjarke Ingles Group. The installation presented by the team was mall-mounted letters that could be illuminated. Each of the alphabets was invisibly linked with electromagnetic joints that offered flexibility in moulding the shape.

06. The Playful Ciami

Playful Ciami

Ciami had the most joyous and colorful installation with the theme– IDEAS, THING Snow sound art which was a sound-absorbing panel breaking their conventional look. They don’t always have to look boring. Rather, these designs by Alessandro Mendini were the most enticing ones with their playful look.

 “A way of interpreting art not just as a unique creation that can’t be repeated, but as a form of beauty that can be reproduced on serial objects. Art isn’t just to be contemplated. It is to be enjoyed as well,” said Ciami.

07. Objets Nomades by Louis Vuitton

Objets Nomades

Along with Salone del Mobile’s 60-year anniversary, Louis Vuitton also celebrated 10 years of Objets Nomades. The creative vision encouraged and welcomed several designers to operate with this collaboration. Louis Vuitton’s presentation for Salone 2022 was all about the old collaborators and new-age designers that help in achieving the dream decor with home and lifestyle products.

One of the main showcased objects was the Bulbo Chair designed by the Campano Brothers, the design of which is inspired by food and nature. Nature has always driven a sense of passion and served as inspiration for various designers and the promising outcome can be witnessed in this design. The exhibit also showcased past pieces to bring a nostalgic touch and mark their 10-year anniversary.

08. Soft Corners by Cassina and Linda Freya

Soft Corners by Cassina and Linda Freya

Cassina is known for her Italian furniture design that exudes a sense of luxury. The showcased work Soft Corners was synonymous with the basic concept while it also hinted at the craftsmanship and design sensibilities from the historical Renaissance period. The blend of old and new is what’s needed to take a design in the forward direction and set new trends.

Collaboration with Linda Freya Tangelder proved fruitful as one can notice a modular poof sitting within the envelope of an interlocking natural stone wall. This symbolized the relationship between each design element which is needed for a cohesive form. The softness of the poof is balanced with an industrial steel table and a hideaway storage box.

09. Dsquared2 Wallpaper

Dsquared2 Wallpaper

One can expect something grand when fashion and architectural designing are joining a hand; which is exactly what was showcased by Dsquared2. The designs by Dan and Dean Caten were released in partnership with LONDONART. The fashionable wallpapers have a loud and bold ethos with their enticing patterns.

From minimalism with a cement look to maximal patterns, the duo managed to design a vogue wallpaper collection.

10. Divine Inspiration by Lee Broom

Divine Inspiration by Lee Broom

An all-rounder– lighting, interior, and furniture designer Lee Broom took the opportunity to expose his first collection of lighting after participating in the Salone del Mobile for almost four years. Titled ‘Divine Inspiration’, the design is a mix of factory-made and hand-made fixtures. The inspirational source was the designer’s childhood and objects that surrounded him with the Brutalist architectural language.

One of the designs, Vesper Light is composed of aluminium and reflects the subdued language of Brutalism. The design conjures up various styles to produce a design that is inclined towards divinity and stands out with its timeless appeal.

11. TWENTY by Tom Dixon

TWENTY by Tom Dixon

One of England’s best interior designers, Tom Dixon celebrates 20 years anniversary of his works with the presented campaign titled ‘TWENTY’. It featured the most celebrated projects along with the MELT chandelier and novel designs that focused on the concept of sustainable development. The light feature attains a chromatic effect as the light is passed through a dichroic filter.

Tom Dixon is also crafting designs comprised of mycelium to take eco-friendliness as a must-have concept in the current times that’s not only healthy but fully induced with matchless aesthetics as well.

On a Successful Note

Salone Del Mobile 2022

Salone Del Mobile 2022 was a success with several unique minds showcasing their thoughts and ideas. The best part? Most of the ideas served the underlying cause of sustainability demands while keeping up with the innovation and aesthetic factors in their designs.

Ideas drew inspiration from the pandemic situation and challenged the conventional to accept this ‘new normal. Years of restrictions and lockdown finally lifted to reveal the most creative minds from around the world.


01. How can one take part in Salone del Mobile?

Participation in Salone del Mobile is only limited to the craftsmen companies and industrial manufacturers. Eligible products can be put on display after filling out the application forms and going through the requirements.

02. What are the charges to visit Milan Design Week?

While the presale phase can get you salone del mobile 2022 tickets at discounted prices, a one-day salone del mobile 2022 ticket price generally costs € 35 and the prices vary for the package taken.

03. What’s the area of Salone del Mobile?

Salone del Mobile is spread over an area of 210,000 sq. m in the fairgrounds of Rho Fiera Milano.

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