Upgrade Your Property with Stylish Side Entry Metal Carports

Do you have attached or detached side entry metal carports on your property? If yes, find out new ways to upgrade them with the stylish features we have listed below. Have a look at them.

What are Side Entry Metal Carports?

These are metal carports with covered side panels that offer extra sun and rain protection. In contrast to a steel carport that is open from all sides, side entry carports have an entry from two sides, either along the width or the length. In this blog, learn about basic information on side entry metal carports.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Steel Side Entry Carport  

01. Easy Access

You can easily drive in and out of a carport without any extra maneuver. Go for space a little larger than your car size for proper storage and to avoid sunrays and windy rain.

02. Extra Space

This type of carport can be used as additional space for keeping season gear or decor items that are not temperature-sensitive. If you have an attached carport, you can buy a base cabinet to keep it alongside the main building wall.

03. Aesthetics

Theside entry carport can have at most two side wall panels. You can partially or fully cover it. You can experiment with panels to increase the carport’s appeal. Some panel designs are:

  • Corrugated steel panels (these are fully covered)
  • Metal panel with laser cut design
  • Horizontal metal slate panels
  • Wooden slate panels (with classic black metal carport frame)
  • Vertical climber plant screen

Everyday Uses of Side Entry Metal Carport

01. Metal Parking Covers

You can park your car, SUV, RV, or even boat inside a metal carport with sides to keep it safe from the elements.

02. Open Workspace

Whether you have an upcoming workshop project or hobby that you want to pursue, you can carry out any project in the side entry carport.

03. Carport with Storage Shed

An attached side entry carport will act as an extension to your main home. You can buy some outdoor seating with built-in storage to keep items. You can even install side base cabinets to hold off footwear and other items.

Allocate some space for a stylish multi-purpose cupboard with a lock. It will hold onto some stuff to reduce home clutter.

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04. Carport Patio

The entire carport can be revamped into a shaded patio. Install outdoor furniture and some rugs with some lighting to make it cozy.

05. Outdoor Living Area

A metal carport with sides is a great option for entertainment space or covered outdoor space for friends and family gatherings. Instead of chaos in your living room, you can use a side entry carport as a get-together space.

Additional Features of a Side Entry Carport That You Can Consider

01. Size of Metal Carport

You can choose the width and length of your choice. Just make sure that you comply with all local rules and leave the required setback space on your lot before construction. Generally, metal carports with sides have an open width. The length part is fully or partially covered.

As for height, measure the vertical length of your vehicle. Add one foot or more so the car’s roof does not touch the eave. If you are installing a carport solely for car parking, go for a taller one, as you can install an overhead shelf to store extra seasonal gear.

02. Metal Carport Foundation

There are various types of bases you can choose from. Here are some commonly used for metal carports:

  • Concrete slab or slab on grade
  • Asphalt base
  • Gravel

If you are on a tight budget, go for a gravel base. You can DIY it. The only downside is you may have to level the foundation after regular intervals. Another option is the asphalt type of foundation. You can create a carport’s base, driveway, and pavement with it.

Finally, the best option for metal carport foundation would be to opt for a concrete base 4 to 6 inches thick. It is the most durable and long-lasting and can bear more load than others.

03. Metal Carport Roof Design  

Metal carport with sides must have a sturdy roof to prevent leakage, long-lasting protection, and durability. Some of the common roofs used with steel carports are as follows:

  • Flat roof with a tilt to aid the waterfall
  • Regular metal roof as an affordable option
  • A-frame horizontal/ box eave roof for traditional and aesthetic appeal
  • A-frame vertical roof for durability and to sustain high-speed wind

04. Side Panel Design  

You can cover your steel carport from two sides with side panels. But what design options are available for it to choose from? Let’s see.

  • Metal privacy decorative screen
  • Hang lattice panels
  • Plant vine climber as living wall
  • Tin accent wall
  • Metal pergola style
  • Metal horizontal slat fence
  • Add awning
  • Tall hedge (vertical planters)
  • Coloured glass panels in aluminium frame
  • Stencil wood planks
  • Beach mats (bamboo material) as screen
  • Bi-fold dividers
  • Shutter panels
  • Curtains for privacy

05. Colours of Metal Carport

Colours are not just for aesthetics. They also have functional value. For instance, light colours on the roof redirect sunlight and keep the interior cool, whereas dark colours absorb heat and keep the interior warm.

You can add colour that matches with your main home. For a classic look, opt for a full black or white carport and paint side panels with a wooden tone colour. This will boost the overall appeal.

06. Lean-To

Want sturdy, covered space without any extra effort? Try installing a metal lean-to along with a carport. It will provide an extended area that serves multiple purposes.

07. The Utility Carport

Utility carports are the best side entry carport designs, offering a fully enclosed shed along with a regular carport. You can use the shed as a storage unit and carport or as a shaded patio or parking space. Installing a metal walk-in door locks the shed.

For the Most Part

Side entry metal carports are a suitable option for people looking for a multi-purpose parking space on a budget. They provide protection from sun, wind debris, and rain. At any time, you can convert these carports into a shaded patio space. So, go check it out!

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