Outdoor Living Space Ideas – 5 Ways To Elevate Outdoor Spaces

Do you know who deserves all your attention in a home design? The answer is outdoor spaces. Pandemic and lockdown have brought us closer to all the outdoor spaces and nature. Locked inside our homes and switching between the living room and bedroom has ignited an urge to make full use of outdoor spaces and form a connection with nature. So, let’s explore various outdoor living space ideas.

These spaces are perfect for a break from the interiors and let’s admit – Patios acting as a spot for an outing is the new normal. Typically in a home design, open areas are given minimal attention while the design but that shouldn’t be the case anymore. In the current scenario, the safest option to experience nature and take a stroll in fresh air is via open private spaces. Outdoor areas like gardens, balconies, patio, porches, etc., offer the best outdoor experience with utmost comfort.

These outdoor spaces apart from being functional also amp up the aesthetics of the whole house. These open spaces hold a lot of potentials to be glammed up. Owning an aesthetic and functional outdoor space makes you spend more time in nature which is highly beneficial for your mental and physical health. Feeling sad? Sit outside. Need a break from stressful work from home? Take a break on the balcony. Want to increase the curb appeal? Adorn your lawn with thoughtful landscaping.

Knowing the multiple benefits it offers, let’s understand the types of outdoor areas and tips on elevating the aesthetics.

Types of Outdoor Spaces

There are different types of outdoor areas and types of open spaces with each one having its own set of pros and cons. A well-designed space with striking features can fulfill all your aesthetic desires along with practical uses.

Here are the general types of open spaces that can be at your service for the break you deserve from interiors.

01. Patio


A patio is a simple open area that offers a hardscape to the lawns. With material options ranging from simple paving blocks to deluxe concrete, these are the perfect spot to sit outdoors or even dine. It is typically an extension of your living room that can be designed in uniformity with the indoor decor. Use this spot to relax, host a small gathering, or feast on the grilled cuisine.

02. Sundeck


The sundeck is an outdoor space that can either be constructed on the ground level or can even be elevated. This space is composed of deck boards and offers you a space to soak in the sun. A sundeck is the spot to get desired levels of tan or to conduct fun social activities or picnics. A themed lounging chair with a coffee table is all it takes to offer a comfortable sundeck to keep you warm and cozy.

03. Elevated Deck

Elevated Deck

An elevated deck offers an exterior living space that is a blend of an open deck and patio. It is a smart design that develops space for the shaded seating area below. An elevated deck gives you outdoor space by consuming little area. The best part is that you get to choose between a shaded seating space and a fully exposed one.

As per the weather and your requirements, you can take full advantage of either space. Adorn it with a comfortable sofa and potted plants for maximum aesthetics and comfort.

04. Deck with Partial or Full Porch Roof

Deck with Partial or Full Porch Roof

Don’t want to stay indoors but don’t wish to be exposed to the outdoors also? Don’t worry! A deck with a partial or full porch roof is all you need. This outdoor space is the perfect transitional zone between the interiors and exterior.

The partially open space welcomes optimum sunlight and makes it a perfect spot for a fun evening offering the same comfort as indoors. These can be used for open dining, evening coffee, or casual chit-chat with your guests.

05. Deck and Screened Porch

Deck and Screened Porch

Don’t we all love spending time on our decks and desire the comfort of a screened porch. Well, how about a space that is a mixture of both? This is the ultimate outdoor space goal. It offers you two zones altogether offering maximum usage, high aesthetic value, and comfort. When designed in sync, there’s a seamless connection between the two.

06. Balconies


Balconies can be considered as your outdoor sanctuaries. It’s a space that offers you serenity, freshness, and peace. There are endless ways of decorating balconies. Whether you make them your private gardening zone with plants or a spot to sit and read your favorite book, these are your go-to happy places. A beautiful seat, small planters, and a tiny coffee table is the bare minimum it takes to form a comfy balcony. It is one of the covered outdoor living space ideas.

07. Garden or a Backyard

Garden or a Backyard

A garden is an extension of what is held within the walls. Vibrant, lively, fun, casual, these all describe the vibe a garden or backyard imparts. This space has a lot of potential to be transformed into a zone you desire. Whether you wish to keep it formal or entertaining, the right landscaping choice and design can grant you the wish. Grass, lovely flowers, and table and chair sets are all it takes to compose a nice garden for your home.

Now that we’re familiar with what all constitutes outdoor spaces of your home, let’s look at some amazing ways to elevate the outdoor spaces of your home.

5 Ways to Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces

Are you ready to bring in fashion flair in your outdoor spaces? Hold tight because this is going to be fun and exciting. Here we present you outdoor space design ideas, outdoor space ideas and outdoor space design to elevate outdoor living.

Here are the 5 easy tips to elevate your outdoor spaces and make them more enjoyable with added levels of comfort and style.

01. Dress Up Your Decks


A deck is the most ideal outdoor space in any home. And there are endless ways to spruce up the design of a deck. Conventionally left plain, don’t be hesitant to give your deck a makeover. In this fashion-derived era where we’re always conscious of our look, why leave the decks behind? Dress up your deck to leave a statement.

Explore the range of sculptural furnishing options to ornament the space. With lounge chairs, coffee tables, and extra accessories, keep the choice clean-lined to adorn the deck. One pro-tip is to add artistic lighting to keep it well-lit in the evenings. This will offer you a warm evening spot to sip your coffee and enjoy nature.

02. Add Relaxing Lounging Spot

Relaxing Lounging Spot

How do you feel about owning a chilling spot in your yard? Well, why not make it happen! Choose your favorite backyard corner and accessorize it with the appropriate lounging furniture. A comfortable sofa, cocktail table, or perhaps a bar cart with side tables will suffice to develop the spot.

You can fill this relaxing space with plush throw pillows and can even place a warming blanket to fight the cold evenings. Relaxing is incomplete without a touch of nature added to it. Add your desired plants to the spot and dive into the chilling zone.

03. Go for Statement Furniture

Statement Furniture

Furniture items can either make or break a space. They can guide the whole design language of space so make sure you add statement furniture in the outdoor spaces. An open area is a room without boundaries so make sure that each furnishing item is extremely functional. One key consideration apart from the design is to opt for weather-resistant furniture items.

Based on the weather conditions, choose the material for the furniture wisely. Outdoor spaces can perform multiple functions. You can accommodate a tiny outdoor kitchen or an open bar in your decks. Whichever the concept and function are, make sure that the furniture jazz up the aesthetics of the space and at the same time offers you convenience.

04. Add Planters


Outdoors is all about nature. Don’t forget to add planters to keep you refreshed and happy. Add potted plants and hanging plants to accentuate the aesthetics of the chosen outdoor spot. You can choose among shade-loving plants or common plants based on the design of your outdoor space.

Don’t limit yourself to a few plants only. Go wild and build your tiny garden to offer you air-purifying qualities along with a soothing ambiance. You can even experiment with the concept of vertical farming to make the whole space look even more welcoming and natural. A well-placed and composed planter is sure to have all eyes set on them. This is the easiest way to elevate the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces.

05. Add Sparkling Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

The magic of lights cannot be defined in words. Ensure that your outdoor spaces are well-illuminated. You can choose stylish lighting to make a statement. Add warm lights to offer a mesmerizing and cozy atmosphere. You can add fairy lights as an extra accessory to offer a sparkling look to the outdoor spaces.

Keep the illumination levels low with wall washers, classic lantern designs, and cove lighting. The lighting levels shouldn’t be too much for the eyes. Beautiful lighting is the secret to a dreamy relaxing spot.

5 Tips for a Great Outdoor Space

Outdoor Space

No matter how much you enjoy going out and having fun, there’s no such place as home. And none of the open spaces can offer you the comfort that your lawn will give.

Here are the 5 tips for nurturing a great outdoor space to spend time with your friends and family.

● Maintenance

The key concern in any design is maintenance. And since outdoor spaces are totally exposed to harsh weather, make sure you maintain and take proper care of them. Keep your lawn trimmed and clean for a fresh look all around the year.

● Design

Do you want a fancy open space in your house? The pro-tip is to focus on the design. Form a perfect blend of landscaping and hardscaping for crafted exteriors. Ensure that each design element goes well with the other. If you’re looking at bold mismatched styles, make sure they’re complimenting and the composition results in an appealing product.

● Ambiance

The key to a soothing ambiance is lighting. Opt for smart lighting solutions and control the illumination levels in the outdoor spaces based on the needs. Additionally, you can add music systems and natural elements to create a relaxing atmosphere. From working setup to chilling, each function can be catered to by thoughtfully designed open spaces.

● Furnishings

Furniture is one of the main elements of outdoor space. Make sure you opt for resilient furnishing items that can stand any weather conditions. The style can be chosen based on the design language that appeals to you the most. You can throw in extra furnishings like a hammock or an outdoor swing for added fun and comfort.

● Entertainment Zones

Once you’ve catered to all the basics and essentials, think about extras for added fun. From hosting BBQ parties to projecting your favorite movie while lounging in your chair, the options of activities that can be conducted in outdoor spaces are endless. Add a mini bar, place lounging chairs, and sit back to sip your favorite drink in the well-curated environment.

Sit Outside! Take a Break!

Elegant outdoor space

Turning your outdoor spaces into more stylish ones with practical usage is enough to motivate you to take a break. Break the monotonous living room-bedroom movement and add an extra spot on the list to relax. These outdoor spaces can refresh your thoughts and help you stay happy.

One small break can further boost your creativity. With all the tips and hacks, we’re sure you’re about to achieve the most functional and elegant outdoor space perfect to accommodate your guests and family.

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