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When the colour “white” comes to one’s mind, “pure”, “clean”, “austere”, “clarity”, “simple”, and many such words pop up in our minds. However, these words get translated as expansive, wider, bigger, and reflective when associated with interior design. Even white wall stencils are slowly making their way into the design trend.

White is one of the most popular home décor colours. Whether you are an interior designer, a home owner, or a layperson, it provides a blank canvas for your colourful imagination to run wild. Through this blog, Gharpedia brings pointers on adding the white hue to a couple of your rooms, along with a DIY project of stencil design on white walls. Colour tends to impact mood; colour psychology gives a brief account of the same.

Many Tones of Monotone White

Shades of White

According to the book-A Practical Manual of House Painting, Graining, Marbling, and Sign Writing by Art Educator ‘Ellis, A. D’[398], white comes in many subtle variations of colour and tone.

A selection of whites seen together reveals that tones of white can be warm, cool, dull, bright, old, faded, blue, brown and many more possibilities to create exciting stencils for white wall painting! Brilliant white is the most reflective of all whites and can be hard and dazzling when compared with a colour such as bone white, which is warm, soft and natural, or blue-white, which is fresh and cool. They make a perfect combination for stencil designs on a white wall.

Creating Harmony with White

Natural Shades and additional décor items

The tones of white, we can now buy as paint colours have been created to meet the popular demand for colour-free decorating schemes based on the idea of a ‘pure’ and simple style. In this world of white, synthetics have no place. Only natural fabrics and materials are used together to create a harmonious textured stencil on a white wall.  Scattered sheepskins or white woven wool rugs are the perfect way to create islands of warmth on wooden floors.

“The only acceptable colour here is the natural wood used for furniture and flooring or the living green leaves of an indoor plant. It may sound like an impractical dream, but if the style is used in just one room, it is simplicity itself.”-quotes Editor ‘Fiona, B’[386] in The House Book. Stencil design on the white wall and such natural elements give a very sombre look.

Pro tip: A bedroom or bathroom will be easiest for a white makeover, but good storage is essential because if you have colourful clutter around the room, it will ruin the effect.

01. Bedroom Space Makeover

Bedrooms in White and White Stencils

Use chalky distemper paint for the white bedroom walls. Floors can be sanded and polished if the wood is pale; otherwise, floorboards can be painted white, and wall stencil design for bedroom can be used for enhanced charm. Sheer and floaty white curtain panels, white wooden shutters or natural linen blinds are suitable for windows, depending upon the aspect and the shape of your windows. A well-planned wall stencil design for the bedroom would complement this perfectly.

Almost any style of furniture, old or new, can be used, so long as all fabrics are natural. An ordinary bed can be transformed into a four-poster by building a simple wooden frame, draping it with white muslin tab-topped curtains and having a white wall stencil design on the wall. Tables can also add some spark to a room. Check out dressing table ideas for small bedrooms to get more ideas.

02. White Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom in White

If your bathroom suite is white, then you are already halfway there, and white-painted wood panelling or white tiles and towels are all that you need for white bathroom makeover. Textural contrasts will make the room look more attractive–matte for woodwork, gleaming tiles, polished chrome, folded soft fluffy towels and white stencils for walls.

The flooring could be an excellent white marble-effect vinyl or pale grey and white checks with white cotton-twist rugs. Frosted windows with a slight green tint add extra freshness to a bathroom. You could hang a pretty translucent curtain panel to add a softening touch to your white wall bathroom ideas. To add to the beauty of curtains, suitable rods should be chosen. Check out our complete guide to choosing curtain rods. If any colour is used, stick to the palest shades of grey, fawn or aqua. Faded stencil painting on white wall can be added.

DIY White Stencil Design On White Wall

The idea is to create stencil designs for walls with a pattern of contrasting textures, which can either be rough/smooth, chalky/glossy or matt/glitter. The DIY stencil wall design pattern is based on a geometric shape that is easy to enlarge and cut out. It can be a white wall stencil design in a regular grid pattern used randomly for a more casual effect.

Decide on the distance between the motifs, and stagger the rows so that in each alternate row, the first motif falls halfway between those in the previous row. By tweaking the design here and there more stencil painting ideas can be explored.

Things Required to Create DIY Stencil Design On White Wall

Things Required to Create DIY Stencil

The list of objects required to do stencil designs for walls is as follows:

  • A photocopy of the pattern
  • Background colour to apply to all wall surfaces
  • Broad stencil brush and paint brushes.
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Craft knife
  • Spray adhesive
  • Stencil material; cardboard, thick paper, thick plastic, etc.
  • Two shades of white paint with contrasting finishes (such as satin and chalky finish)
  • Plumb line (optional)
  • Spirit level (optional)

Template to Create Stencil for Painting Ideas

You can make a pattern for stencil painting on the white wall either by using a pair of compasses and a ruler or, still more straightforward, by creating a photocopy of your favourite design, enlarged to the size of your choice.

DIY Stencil Design On White Wall: The Step-by-Step Process

Stencilling a grid of bold shapes of stencils for the white wall is simple and will give any room a contemporary look. To divide a wall into a grid, use a plumb line to mark the verticals and a ruler with a spirit level for the horizontals. The DIY stencil wall design can be done in the following way.

Painting the Stencil on Wall
  1. Enlarge the white wall stencil pattern and apply spray adhesive to the back. Stick it onto a sheet of stencil card or the transparent plastic stencil material.
  2. Cut out the pattern with a craft knife, always cutting away from the corners towards the middle.
  3. Paint the wall with matte white paint and leave it till bone dry for a white wall stencil design.
  4. The spray adhesive is sprayed on the back of the stencil and set aside. It should dry to a tacky finish that will stick to the wall when you are doing stencils for white wall painting but be easily removed without leaving any sticky residue.
  5. Place the stencil on the wall and use the chalky paint undiluted, applying a generous coating through the stencil with a broad stencil brush.
  6. Lift the stencil and wipe the edges before repositioning it. DIY stencil wall design is accomplished now.

Important Pointers for White Stencils for Walls

Painting the Stencil on Wall
  • Using different shades of white gives a clean, fresh look to a room. Try using a contrasting chocolate brown blanket stitching on a cushion and a neat stencil design on a white wallto create a remarkable effect.
  • A white wall stencil design effect can add a delicate feature to a wall surface and give a room a contemporary feel.

If the pointers in this blog are helpful, you can create an excellent stencil design for the white wall effect in your abode!

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