8 Remarkable Parametric Designs in Sustainable Architecture


Workspace design expresses the corporate brand identities; they hold a mirror for the core values of the company and especially define the work culture of the office. Millennial today, are extremely critical of workspace designs. The traditional cubicles have now become out-dated, and are replaced by transparent open coworking spaces.

Open plans, collaborative meeting areas, and break-out spaces that boost productivity are just a few characteristics of workspaces that today’s generation seems to appreciate. Good workspaces also feature well-lit spaces, ergonomic furniture, biophilic designs, and fancy installations. Parametric installations particularly are becoming a topic of interest because of their dynamic and sculptural appeal. This blog will give you an interesting info about what the parametric design is, how it is changing an architecture and the amazing examples of parametric designs, etc.

What is Parametric Design?

Parametric Design Definition

Parametric design is interplay of several elements that form complex geometries. Parameters are fed into an algorithmic program to generate and in most cases, manufacture the design. With the help of this algorithmic program, complex creative forms can be made with utmost precision.

Parametric installations can be integrated into several different ways in workspace designs starting from a simple piece of furniture, to a parametric wall or ceiling installation or the whole space being one unified parametric form, everything is possible.

How is Parametric Design Changing Architecture?

Changing Architecture

The parametric design offers an excellent opportunity for creative and mesmerising forms and structures, especially for free-form structures. The parametric design will serve both functional and aesthetic perspectives. Due to its digital aspect, it provides multiple options and solutions for design problems instead of just one. Furthermore, parametric design is a financially well-defined process as it integrates numerous information and parameters into one platform and reduces the involved risk. 

8 Significant Parametric Designs around the World

01. PKO Bank, Warsaw, Poland

Interior by Robert Majkut Design

Type – Wall Installation

PKO Bank

The theme for the interior design of PKO Bank was set by its modernized logo. With a surprising color scheme – black, white, and gold, the tone of the space had to be bold. The private bank’s identity was also inspired by a graphical motif consisting of sinusoidal lines.

These lines are used throughout the interior of the space, making a parametric wall installation for the space. The curved wall as a backdrop for the reception desk is particularly striking, as these sinusoidal lines become three-dimensional taking shape of convex rhombuses.  The lines run as two-dimensional negatives on the wall and the varied convex rhombuses as positive extrusions on the surface of the wall. Mathematical order and balance of aesthetics help create this interior. The lines continue on the ceiling and glass walls and appear to converge on an abstract point. The whole space is holistically designed, following the same theme everywhere.

02. Office for Soch Group, Mumbai, India

Interior by SKD group

Type – Ceiling Installation

Soch Group

The office of Soch Group in Mumbai has warm comforting interiors perfectly resonating with its brand identity. The color scheme was a given as it had to represent the company’s leadership. Shades of blue and wine had to be incorporated into the interiors; the rest was left to the designer.

A parametric ceiling installation ebbs and flows across the space, binding all the spaces together. A four-layered hexagonal mesh makes this parametric ceiling that flows into all the zones – entrance lobby, meeting space, and open work area. This textured installation was created in collaboration with the Mutation lab. The ceiling, at places transitions into a see-through wall partition adding another dimension to it. The contour-like installation brings about a soothing organic flare within the space. The rest of the interior is versatile, complimenting this parametric installation. This light-bathed office is defined by vibrant colors, simple lines, feature walls, and textured furnishings that add depth to this youthful office space.

03. Internos Global Investors Office

Interior by EXarchitects

Type – Parametric Furniture

Internos Global Investors

With an aim of enhancing the spatial quality of the Internos Global Investors office space, EXarchitects in collaboration with Laura Gärna Studio designed a series of parametric furniture. This included a reception table, screen lattice, and a meeting table.

The installations were made using a series of pieces arranged along a curved axis to make fluid and dynamic pieces that generate a sense of movement within the space. The reception table is designed as a huge continuous element that wraps around a piece of existing prefabricated furniture and a column in the space, creating a sense of directionality within the space. This is the highlight of the office space. Screens and partitions within the space also follow the same theme of a series of wooden pieces repeating in an organic curving manner. This creates light-allowing, dynamic partitions that allow visual connectivity and maintains an openness in the space. The meeting table is also designed along the same lines; the support is made of a slightly more ordered series of wooden pieces that support a glass table top.

04. Origami Wall, Seattle Office Building, Washington, USA

Interior by BAMO

Type – Wall and Ceiling Installation

Seattle office Building

The grand entrance lobby of the Seattle office building in Washington DC is awe-striking. The design of this parametric wall canopy started with a few sketches and experiments with folded paper that were later refined by 3D modelling. This origami wall designed by BAMO is like an abstract tree canopy, wherein the wall merges into the ceiling. Geometric undulations clad with reclaimed white oak wood create a sculptural appearance of the wall. The resulting parametric installation is inviting and spectacular, making a great selling point for the office building. The interiors of the lobby space also feature a tranquil pool topped with hefty rocks, stone flooring, wall glazing, and an imposing glass entryway. The wall sculptural piece was commissioned to attract companies to move into the building, Amazon has already signed up for it.

05. Isengard Office BKC, Mumbai, India

The design brief demanded atypical office interiors and gave full freedom for experimentation. Designers of studio Emergence took the parametric route, combined with a subtle muted palette and open plan interiors. They started the design with curving walls made of wood and glass, allowing light to reach every corner of the space. The wooden partitions for the conference area flow to form a secluded meeting zone with seating emerging from it. The seamless transition of the sculptural wall to creating another space is a clear way of using parametric installation within a space. 

Lighting fixtures are also designed on similar lines with either random intertwined curves or a series of rhythmic lights to elevate the theme created by the curved walls. The soft interior along with the shapely yet minimal walls curates open zen office interiors.

06. One Main Office, Cambridge, USA

Interior by dECOi architects

Type – Wall, ceiling, and furniture installation

One Main Office

A highly crafted interior space, the One Main Office by dECOi architects sets a new standard for radical materiality and detail finesse.  The interior of this office has a unified dimensionality, with walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture merging into one another. All the elements are integrated into one whole, there is no distinction, yet there is no compromise on their functionality. The undulating wavy ceiling blends into the sculptural column, the floor being flat at certain places, and rising at some others to make partitions and furniture. Even the minutest details of ventilation grills and door knobs are designed to fit the same overall scheme. Designed and executed by the use of algorithmic CAD/CAM software, 1200 plywood sheets were used to make this space. The machinery process worked wonderfully with minimal errors.

The resulting office interior space is highly sculptural and comprehensive with a unique character. It challenges the concept of standard minimal office interiors by exhibiting delightful spatial dynamics within the space.

07. Contours, Tableau Software’s Seattle HQ, Washington, USA

Interior by Acrylicize

Type – Lighting installation

Tableau Software’s Seattle HQ

The atrium of Tableau Software’s Seattle HQ is graced by a large parametric light fixture. Inspired by the landscape of the region, the designers at Acrylicize wanted to reflect the core values of the company through interior design. Contours represent the reversed topography of the most important landmark of the area, Mount Rainier. This installation is a series of soft waves embodying drama and curiosity, feelings that one has when climbing a mountain. When viewed from different angles the installation appears different, truly bringing about dynamism in the space. The simple topographical line work with an impressive scale is a physical manifestation of the brand values of discovery, curiosity, and innovation. The installation looks exceptionally dramatic at night, with it being the primary source of light in the dark interior and its reflection in the pool below makes the space mesmerizing. 

08. Elephant Parade’s HQ, Beijing, China

Interior by Cun design

Type – Staircase

Elephant Parade’s HQ

A standout sculptural staircase in the media company Elephant Parade’s Beijing HQ is a unique parametric installation. Quite a literal elephant in the room, this staircase connects the top two floors of the four-storeyed office.

The irregular shape of the staircase is contrasting compared to the relatively sleek orthogonal office interiors. The shape of the staircase serves not only an aesthetic purpose but also helps in hiding the beams and members within the space. The sweeping dynamic form is clad in bamboo, making the appearance soft. Along the interior of the staircase, the rails are vertically clad in bamboo, and along the exterior as artistic strokes.  Whether the office space is small or large, parametricism can be very efficiently incorporated into the space. A parametric installation adds an added layer of dimension to the space. It not only gives the space a sculptural touch but also makes it dynamic.

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