7 Surprising Items that will Clog Your Bathroom

Nothing sucks like staring down the feet and realizing that your drain is locked and the bubbly water is no longer running away. Has this ever happened to you? If not, never wish for it. It is the worst experience ever.

Yes, clogging is among the household plumbing emergencies in many homes and is inarguably the most disgusting. What make them even worse are the health risks it poses to your family due to bacteria growth in the standing water and clogged drain. It starts with minor issues, and when left untreated, can create havoc in your bathroom.

To sidestep this plumbing problem in your home, check out the seven surprising things that clog drains and you should never enter in your drain;

Things that Clog Drains

01. Soap can Cause Blockage in Bathroom

Soap can Cause Blockage in Bathroom

Can soap cause blockages in the bathroom? Absolutely yes. The soap contains fat, which combines with minerals in the water to form a soap residue known as soap scam. The scum builds up over time in the pipes hence creating clogs.

Also, if you fail to clean the drains for a long time, other few shower products such as bath bombs, shampoos, and even bath salt can cause blockages. To avoid it, you need to add drain clean in your routine.

02. The Roots of Plants Also Cause Clogging in Drain of the Bathroom

The Roots of Plants Also Cause Clogging in Drain of the Bathroom

Are you wondering how plant roots could have entered your drain to result in clogging? Okay, check here; cracks and leaks in underground pipes might attract the growth of tree roots.

Tree roots grow fast while inside. The roots obstruct water flow in the pipes. To prevent the clogging of the pipes by the roots, you need to apply a pressure jet technique.

03. Foreign Items can also Lead to Bathroom Clogging

Foreign Items can also Lead to Bathroom Clogging

Common items that can lead to bathroom clogging are throwing things like cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products, and wiping down the toilet’s drains. The worst thing about the clogs caused by these items is that they’re very stubborn and require a professional plumber skill.

To avoid this issue, you should not allow anything other than human waste, water, and toilet paper to enter the toilet drain.

04. Hairs – The Most Common Causes of Drain Blockage

Hair the Most Common Causes of Drain Blockage

Hair is among the common causes of drain blockages in shower areas as they don’t degrade easily.  As they keep on accumulating in the pipes, they form clumps that obstruct the flow of water. Removing hair clogs in drains is not a walk in the park. Hence avoid them from entering your bathroom drains.

You can prevent hair clogging in your bathroom by installing a drain strainer in your shower area.

05. Toilet Papers are Also Responsible for Clogging

Toilet Papers are Also Responsible for Clogging in the Toilet

Do you know that even toilet paper can cause clogging in your toilet when flushed in a large amount? Yes, they do. Toilet papers can sometimes cause clogging of drains. When flushed in large amounts, they can be tough to break in your toilet bowl as well as the drain.

When the large wads of toilet paper combine with the sewage going down the drain, they cause an overflowing toilet.

The good thing about these toilet papers is that most brands are very absorbent, and just a little can go along way as it keeps you dry. So try to use a little toilet paper to avoid the headache of unclogging your toilet now and then.

You can use plumber’s snake to unclog the toilet. If you want to know how to use plumber’s snake, read this article written by Gharpedia.

06. Sometimes Toys May Also Cause Clogging in the Bathroom

Sometimes Toys May Also Cause Clogging in the Bathroom

Nothing can be more chaotic in your home, like cleaning, preparing dinner, cooking, and ensuring that the kids have kept their toys in their places. If you’ve kids, nephews, grandchildren, and nieces, beware that toys have the damn way of scattering everywhere in your home. To avoid this train wreck of a massive clog, make sure toys are kept far away from the bathroom.

07. Cat Litter can Easily Clog Your Bathroom

Cat Litter can Easily Clog Your Bathroom

This one is a good warning for cat lovers: Never dispose of cat litters down the toilet. They can easily clog your bathroom or the systems of your municipal sewages up.

Always ensure that you put the cat litters in a bag and take them to the trash. The bad news about the cat litter is that they’re heavy and clump, making it horrible as it creates stubborn clogs.

How to Prevent Your Bathroom from Clogging?

The bathroom is unarguably one of the most often used rooms in your home. However, when your shower, toilet, or sink are backed up, they create not only inconveniences in your home but also a total mess.

Therefore, whenever you see water flashing or draining slowly, you should immediately remove the clogs.

Below are the best five practical ways of preventing your bathroom from clogs;

Use of Baking Soda to Clean Clogged Bathroom Drain

Use of Baking Soda to Clean Clogged Bathroom Drain

If you’re the kind of person who can’t stand the vinegar’s smell or even the thought of it close to your bathroom enclosure, then baking soda is for you- It is an excellent cleaning product. You’re wondering how? Okay, lob a handful of baking soda down your drains and pour hot water to follow it.

The baking soda would absorb any stale or nasty in the drains hence keeping them clear.

Apart from cleaning the clogged drain, baking soda is also used for other household cleanings. To know more in detail, check this blog.

To Prevent Clogged Drains Avoid Use of Oil & Grease

To Prevent Clogged Drains Avoid Use of Oil & Grease

Grease and oil are the worst culprits for clogged drains. Over time, they build up and block the pipes leading to costly plumbing repairs. If you soak up body oil and rinse it off in the shower, ensure that you towel dry it by letting it soaks before you wipe the residue off with paper towels.

You can Use a Drain Cover to Keep Your Bathroom Drain Clean

You can Use a Drain Cover to Keep Your Bathroom Drain Clean

One of the worst enemies of the drain is air. However, to prevent it, it is effortless and inexpensive. The shower drain cover would do the trick for you. They come in different styles, including silicone and stainless steel. They work by catching the air and letting the water drain away. What you ought to do is to ensure that all scum is scraped away regularly or almost daily.

Use Vinegar to Clean Clogged Bathroom

Use Vinegar to Clean Clogged Bathroom

Keep a vinegar bottle in your bathroom at all times. Despite being cheap, vinegar has many uses around the house, including keeping your drains clear. Always ensure that you pour half a bottle of white vinegar down your drains after every three months. After about 10 minutes, flush the drains with hot water- this would do the trick as the acid would remove any clog which had been formed.

Use One-Shot Liquid Drain Cleaner

Use One-Shot Liquid Drain Cleaner

What if all the above methods are not fair enough to work for me? Don’t worry; I’ve got a sure bet solution for you- the One Shot Drain Cleaner. The good thing about this method is that it works instantly and doesn’t require any mechanical tools.If you have keenly read the whole article, you’ve it all-the typical things that clog drains and how to prevent it for good. Always ensure that the drains are regularly cleaned to prevent plumbing emergencies in your home.

And this blog to clean clogged drain is a must-read for you. Have a look before you leave.

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