5 Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the most effective ways to improve the look of your outdoor space. Strategically placed outdoor lights can greatly accentuate the unique architectural features of your home while also increasing safety and transforming your outdoor living areas into comfortable and welcoming places. You can choose from many different styles of outdoor lighting, ranging from low voltage options that you can install yourself to brighter, high-powered options that require professional installation by an experienced electrician. Here’s a brief overview of why outdoor lighting is so important for the home.

There are many benefits to outdoor lighting that homeowners should look into. The first obvious benefit is home improvement. Lighting creates dramatic changes to your home and adds appeal to your home. This creates a very inviting environment for entertaining visitors and can even be used to set the mood for nighttime conversation. Knowing the advantages of outdoor lighting can help you make a lighting plan that works well for you. Here are the other advantages of using outdoor lighting for your home:

  • Outdoor Lighting Boosts Safety:

One of the important benefits of outdoor lighting for homes is safety. With the right lighting, you can eliminate dark areas and unsafe spots in your yard or garden and increase your security by creating a well-lit exterior space.

  • Outdoor Light Increases Functionality:

Outdoor lighting is important for your home because it increases the functionality of your exterior spaces. If you have a driveway, a walkway, or another area that is often forgotten about, exterior lighting ideas can help you utilize this space and make it functional again.

  • Outdoor Lighting Enhances Better Enjoyment:

Other benefits of exterior lighting include the ability to create varying levels of mood and ambiance, as well as the ability to provide natural sources of comfort and enjoyment on a chilly night.

  • Outdoor Lights Provides Extra Security:

Even if you live in a climate where it never snows, outdoor lighting is still an important way to protect your home. Many homeowners find that adding motion detectors, solar lamps, or other interesting and useful elements can be very helpful in boosting the security of outdoor spaces.

Things to Consider While Buying Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can help enhance the beauty of a yard or garden. It’s a cost-effective way to brighten up space and make it more enjoyable. Depending on your style and taste, there are a variety of styles and types of outdoor lighting available. Below are some questions which will answer in outdoor lighting buying guide helping you when you buy and install outdoor lighting:

01. What Type Of Lighting Do You Need?

First of all, you need to think carefully about the kind of lighting that you’re interested in. This can be done without disregarding the structure and safety of your home. You’ll need to choose outdoor lighting that is both functional and aesthetic. For example, if you have a very large patio or deck, you can consider lighting strips or rope lighting.

Rope lighting for Patio

Remember that your goal is to enhance the beauty of your garden, but you don’t want to sacrifice safety or security. Because the exteriors of your home will need more than one type of outdoor lighting, it’s crucial to keep the following in mind:

  • When deciding how to light up your exterior space, start by knowing what types of lights are available. The main types of lights that you’ll find are: recessed, hard-wired fixtures, motion sensors, ground lights, and garden lights. The type of lighting fixtures depends on where you want the light to shine.
  • A motion sensor light is recommended if you want a lighting fixture that’s hidden when not in use.
Motion sensor light

These types of lights turn on when movement is detected and then illuminate the area for a few seconds, so you don’t have to worry about stumbling around or tripping over them. Motion sensor fixtures are generally installed where you want to increase the security of your property. Most motion sensor lights have an on/off switch, so you can turn them on and off as you please. They’re also aesthetically-pleasing, easy to install and provide high-quality security lighting.

  • If you want outdoor lighting that adds a lot of colors, then consider using lanterns or floating lanterns.
Floating lanterns

These products are great for adding a nice touch of color to the outside of your home. There are a few things to keep in mind, though; they take up a lot of room, they are very hot, and the lighting mechanisms can be somewhat tricky.

02. Do You Want To Save On Costs?

LED bulbs

Outdoor lights require electricity, so you’ll want to make sure that you choose as many options that use low-voltage bulbs as possible. Low-voltage outdoor lighting can save you money on your monthly utility bills, which is a significant consideration when trying to save money. Here’s what you should know about energy-efficient outdoor lights:

  • When selecting outdoor lighting at Oregon outdoor lighting, it’s important to choose products that use LED bulbs. These bulbs are very energy efficient, lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, and are extremely bright.
  • You can find LED outdoor lighting that is fluorescent or daylight fluorescent. The choice is really up to you, but make sure that it’s the right outdoor lighting for your purposes.
LED outdoor lighting
  • Energy-efficient outdoor lighting products are becoming more popular because they help the environment aside from helping lower your monthly energy bill. The good news is that there are many options available, so you should be able to find some good quality bulbs at affordable prices.

03. What Are The Strategic Locations For Exterior Lighting?

Now that you’ve learned how to choose your lighting, it’s time to think about where you’ll place it. Once you determine how often you plan on using your outdoor lighting, then you can buy outdoor lighting at reasonable costs and in a wide range of sizes and colors. These tips will help you place your outdoor lights in strategic locations:

  • Outdoor lighting should be placed at least 30 feet from any doors or windows, as well as any other fixtures that are in your gardens, such as water fountains, decks, statues, trees, and other landscaping features.
  • You’ll also want to choose outdoor lighting that won’t be a potential fire hazard, as is often the case with fluorescent lighting. You should also consider placing floodlights outdoors if you live in an area where flooding is common. To learn more about outdoor lighting design, here we have brought some various outdoor lighting designs.
  • Before you purchase your outdoor lighting, you should also consider the frequency of use of your fixtures. If you are only lighting a small area such as a patio or a corner fountain, then you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a bright light. You may decide to just use a few accent lights for accentuating certain plants or features, or you may want to purchase floodlights to add to the overall brightness of your yard.
  • In addition to choosing the best location for your lights, it’s also important to choose the right outdoor lighting system size. For example, a lighting system that is too small to illuminate a given area will make the area look dark. A lighting system that is too large will overwhelm the area and distract from its intended purpose. As such, it’s essential to determine how much power each fixture needs and to ensure that you use a suitable wattage.

04. Are You Buying High-Quality Outdoor Lights?

High-Quality Outdoor Lights

Whether you’re planning on installing new outdoor lighting around your pool, patio, deck, garden area, or other outdoor areas, it’s important to know how to choose outdoor lighting that is durable, long-lasting, attractive, and functional. How do you know if you’re buying excellent quality exterior lights?

  • Modern outdoor lights are made of a variety of materials, including wrought iron, aluminum, brass, copper, pewter, and a wide variety of handcrafted and antique-looking glass. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages depending on where you plan to use them.
  • For example, brass and copper are very durable but also look beautiful. Aluminum and copper look nice but can be easily chipped, while aluminum and pewter are not only stylish but can be etched to create some amazing decorative effects.
  • Your yard and garden are a place where you should be able to enjoy it without having to worry about being injured. Make sure that the fixtures you choose are designed with safety in mind.

05. Who Will Install The Outdoor Lights?

Professional Installing Outdoor Lighting

Once you’ve considered all of these different factors, you’ll probably be ready to know how to install your outdoor lighting. If your house has already been built, then you’ll want to consult with a professional contractor. If your house is still under construction, make sure to let your contractor know your outdoor lighting preferences. There are several reasons why you need a professional to handle the installation of exterior lighting:

  • There are many considerations to make before installing any type of outdoor fixture. It’s crucial to consider the weather conditions and local codes when choosing the location of the fixtures. A professional installer knows local regulations and can help determine where it’s safe and not safe to light your property.
  • You should also be aware of the potential hazards in the area that you may wish to light. A professional can also help make the installation safer and reduce any potential fire hazards.


When it comes to home improvement, there are plenty of ways to make your home look safer and more attractive. One great way to accomplish this task is by using the right outdoor lighting. You’ll find that there are many different options for exterior lighting for any type of home. With all of the choices, you can easily find something that will look great in your yard, garden, patio, or other outside areas of your property. If you have trouble finding the perfect outdoor lighting combination, you should reach out to a home fixture designer who can help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor lighting system for your home.

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