Tips to Decorate Pooja Room in Your House!

Prayers in pooja room bring us peace. It connects our inner with the universal consciousness. Worshipping is an act of expressing a reverence to the Devine, the Super natural power. The form of prayer and worshipping may vary with different faiths, creeds and their respective rituals. But ultimately it is the extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem, The Devine, The God, which bestows peace and happiness and inspires our inner to fulfill the higher purpose of life.

Pooja Room Design Tips

Pooja room is therefore designed to create the sacred space in our home, where we send our prayer vibrations to the God we adore. It is also a place where we conduct rituals to show honour and reverence for our creators. We light up lamps and incense sticks,  offer fragrant flowers, gold shrines, glitter and a raised platform for an idol; in front of that we join our hands in prayer to the divine beings in which our faith lies.

Pooja room designs and decorations are therefore an important part of the lives of all and particularly Hindus. They love to design and decorate their pooja space. Pooja space is where we pray and meditate. Hence pooja room designs should be filled with divinity, serenity and purity.
Here are some nice and beautiful pooja space decoration ideas that will help you to decorate pooja room so that you receive the vibrations from the Devine.

01. Typical Pooja Space:

Pooja Room

Place your deity on a high platform and decorate the background with a beautiful drape. This is a nice way to create beautiful pooja space. Make a frame and decorate it with laces and kundan. Add some flowers and plant to increase its aesthetic appeal.

02. Traditional Pooja Space:

Cover the raised platform with the finest piece of cloth, preferably in saffron, orange or red colour where the idol will be placed. Place photos of the gods and goddesses on wall. Decorate them with garlands made of marigold, Parijat or other flowers those are loved by the God or the Goddess.

03. Modern Pooja Space:

Choose a right place for your pooja room and install a modern pooja room cabinet there. Cabinet can be of glass or any other partitions. Once you finish your pooja, you can close the your pooja room cabinet to keep the kids away from it.

04. South Indian Pooja Space:

There is a typical South Indian pooja space. The frames of deity are systemically hung on the wall. Place diyas and lamps and allow the flow of spirituality in every direction of your home.

05. Temple Module:

If you do not have the special space for your pooja room, get a small open mandir and place it in your living room, bedroom or hall. Decorate it with lights and fresh flowers every day. Ready made temple of Marble, other natural stones or even of Wood particularly Sandalwood or  Chandan are available in all sizes and budget affordable to all.

06. Direction and Vaastu:

Do not forget to think about the direction for it as per your faith in Vaastu. Place them as per the belief or custom of your family or the creed or religion that you follow. But also don’t forget that Vaastu is a science, every guideline based on the logic and reasoning.
The pooja room should be in east, north or north-east. The scientific reason behind that is, early at dawn, the sun is in the north-east part of the house. This time is ideal for yoga, meditation, study and prayer as it is very quiet and peaceful. Also, the early morning sun rays have a very beneficial effect on our health. Therefore the north-east corner is the best position for the pooja room.

07. Singhasan:

You can use marble throne, which is known as the singhasan to add grace and beauty to your pooja room designs. They are made by skill craftsmen, painted and decorated with beautiful carving.

08. Idols:

Idols in Pooja Space

Place idols preferably made up of brass in pooja room. These idols are a symbol of rich cultural heritage of India. They are available in many designs and sizes.

09. Accessories For Pooja Room:

Diya For Pooja Space

We light diyas, lamps and incense sticks in front of idol of our deities. Decorate the space with a variety of diyas. There are other accessories too in pooja space, those are:

  • Pooja Thali:

This can be a piece of art and the centre of attraction of your pooja space and other spiritual rituals. You can decorate it especially for the aarti during pooja.

  • Flowers and Garlands:

There are many fresh flowers for decoration of your pooja room designs. For example, put some water in vessel and add flowers and floating candles in it.  Flank your pooja entrance with this. You can also use paper garlands and hangings available in the market. Use these to adorn your pooja space.

Floor Of Pooja Space:

Floor Decoration of Pooja Space

Decorate the floor of your pooja space with nice rangoli. Add some flowers and some diyas in the center of the rangoli. This will create tranquil atmosphere in your pooja space. Select appropriate flooring possibly marble for the room.

10. Colour Scheme of the Room:

Choose the colours that inspire you and send vibrations and help you to receive vibrations.  Saffron or pure white would be ideal. However you can follow your customs or faith. Decorate the walls with art pieces, sculptures, paintings etc. People also used wall tile murals of Swastik, Ganesh , Kalash ,etc.

11. Illumination:

Lighting is the most important feature of the pooja room. Fire and traditional lamps are an integral part of Hindu rituals. Taking the time to choose proper lighting for the pooja room will create the ambience of what you want for prayer. It could be that adding a few decorative candle holders may be just what you need for fiery devotion in the pooja space.

12. Noise Free:

The location of pooja space should be in such a way that it do not disturb a person while praying. You can place the pooja space near the study room or library of your house, so that zone of your house will be like a quiet area. If it is near the living room or kitchen, then there is a chance that person will get disturbed by TV or the noise from the kitchen of utensils and cooking activities.
Avoid other household items and particularly stores etc. in the Pooja room designs to experience the sanctity of the place.

13. How to do it in the Small Flat:

In small flats, people have limited space & and it is hard to dedicate an entire room exclusively for prayer and meditation. That has led to growth in demand for the small readymade temple which can be hung on walls or fitted into corners & niche. These temples are available in a wide variety of different materials like wood, marble, brass and natural stone.
Other than this pedestal or wall hung readymade temple. Other spaces are also used for pooja area like,

  • Prayer area in living room
  • Pooja room in kitchen cabinet
  • Pooja room in niche
  • Pooja room in shelf
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