12 Tips to Make Your Dining Room Design More Appealing!

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The dining area is an important place where you can have the large get-together, family dinner & lunch, and other celebrations. When you are thinking about dining room design ideas always keep in mind the kind of dining furniture & design that make space into a live entertaining & enjoyable place!

Here are tips that will help you to design your Dining area:

01. A Place With Food, Friends & Family:

The dining room is all about crowding of a group of friends and family around the table with some delicious food, good wine and plenty of conversation. With some clever dining space designs, the designer can create the live atmosphere. Whether you are looking for the big inspiration ideas for dining furniture or you are in search of ideas for small dining room decorating elements like, lights, wallpaper etc. Design of dining room is always important, as we want our family and friends to be happy, the dining room provides such opportunity for most of the time!

02. Size of Dining Space:

The size of the table may dictate the size of the dining area; even in a cramped setting. It is important to allow guests enough space to leave the dining area without knocking into the dining furniture or without disturbing the other guests and their movements.

The size of dining area mainly depends on the capacity of dining table i.e. 4-6-8-12 seaters, etc depending upon the family members living in the house. At the same time the shape is also an important criteria while designing. It can be square-rectangular-oval-hexagonal-circular and many more.

For example if you are designing the dining area for 6 seater capacity the minimum table size should be 5′-0″ x 3′-0″ (1500mm x 900mm) and chair size should be 1′-6″ x 1′-6″ (450mm x 450mm). There should a minimum clearance of about 3 feet (900mm) around the dining table from table edge to the wall for comfortable movement. It is desirable to provide space for guests to enter and exit their chairs. In those areas where people need to walk behind seated space to other rooms, the 4′-6″ to 5′-0″ (1300 to 1500mm) width is required!

For very special days and occasion such as holidays, meal with large family & friends may be served in buffet style. This will need a slightly different dining furniture arrangement in the dining area. Keep 5′-0″ (1500mm) between the food serving area and the edge of the dining table.  This will provide space to walk around the dining table and serve when the chairs are pushed away from the table!

03. Storage For Your Dining:

The Dining room design should also include the appropriate storage space for crockery & other display items.  Therefore while selecting storage for dining room, focus on the functionality of your storage. Ask yourself a few questions!

Do you want a place for a food?

Do you want to showcase any item for your dining area?

Do you need any crockery storage?

Incorporate all these aspects while deciding dimensions of your dining area.

04. Make Your Dining More Attractive:

Aesthetics in dining space is like adding the cherry on top of the cake. The decoration of space with different elements and personal interest, will give the extra charm to the space. You can decorate the space by giving outside view from your dining, hanging lights, placing artworks or sculpture and a nice frame of painting on the wall.

05. Life of Your Design:

First decide that for how much time period you are going to design your dining area, whether it is for 5 years, 10 years or more i.e. precisely when will you change it or is it for life time. If you are going to design your space for 5 years, choose materials accordingly. The materials used for dining room design will decide the life of it.

06. How Much You Need To Spend & how much you can afford?

Budget is an important factor for any designing work. Your budget will be totally dependent on your requirements and the material used for fulfilling those requirements. Somehow you can reduce your cost by using the alternate materials for your dining furniture, furnishings & decor. For example, if you want rustic look of natural wood for your table. But if your budget is increasing due to the prize of natural wood, you can use artificial wood or can use finishes which give look like natural wood texture.

07. Incorporate Your Culture:

Beautiful curtains are part of home. Your lifestyle and culture will define your curtains. Lifestyle and culture will affect the dining room design. For example, some families in India usually have lunch or dinner by sitting on the floor. They don’t need a big dining table in their dining area; traditionally they sit on the floor and put their dish on the small low height table.

08. The Role of Material:

The material used for constructing a dining area should be stain free. For example, if you use marble for the serving platform or for flooring in the dining area then it will easily get stained if marble quality is not standard. Because of the porosity of the marble (most of marbles are porous), it will absorb the oil and stains of spices which are not easily cleaned!

09. Safety of Users:

Safety should be also kept in mind while designing your dining space. The edges of your dining table and chair should not be so sharp and should not injure the members of your family particularly children & senior citizen. Ideally, all the edges of your dining furniture should be smooth and well chamfered.

10. It Should Not Be Harmful:

Material and chemicals used for constructing your dining area should not be harmful to your health. Material where food is going to be stored should be of good materials and area well ventilated.
It should also be user-friendly to physically challenged people and children. If there is a physically challenged member in one’s family, one should have their dining room design according to their comfort. Height of the dining table should be as per their wheelchair dimensions. The circulation around dining space should be in such a way that wheelchair can easily move around.

11. Use of Dining As Entertainment Place:

Dining space is the second most important space after the living room for household entertainment. These are the space which welcomes the guest to enjoy the hospitality of the owners. This space should be always ready for the guest, so they feel welcomed and comfortable while entering in your home. This is the strong reason behind regular maintenance & repair of the dining area.

12. Happiness:

A nice place for good food will always increase the happiness of the family members and guests both!
The dining area is where we usually spend quality time with our friends & family. So by following our above tips, you will be able to convert your dining area into very lively & enjoyable corner of your house!

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