Tips for Getting Your Property Ready to Rent

If you’re wondering how to rent your house out, you have probably got dollar signs on the brain. Becoming a Landlord by renting your home can be lucrative. But how do you prepare your home a rental? Before you post a, “For Rent” sign and advertise that you plan to rent your house out, take time to prepare your place.

Property or House for Rent

Are you thinking about renting your property out to tenants? This can be a great way of making some extra money when you have a second property, but it is not something which is always easy. You need to make sure that it meets some kind of regulations and that it is in a good enough condition for someone who want to live there.

To help you with this, we have put together some tips to help you, to get your property ready to rent. Keep reading to find out more about this.

In a landlord and tenants relationship, landlord is required to make sure a rental property is in habitable condition, when the tenant first move in…… a habitable property is one that has adequate heating, water, electricity, cleanliness, and is structurally sound.

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How to Present your Property:

It is important that you present your property in the best way possible is presenting best photo of your property.

Present best photo of your property or House

Following Points are to be Kept in Mind Before Renting your Property

  • Inspect your home: when it is empty, thoroughly inspect it and repair major problems
  • Think Safety: Tenants will feel more at ease if they have a safe place to live
  • Clean up: Nothing will turn of a potential renter more than a dirty place
  • Evaluate your Furnishings and Appliances
  • Determine how to manage renting out your house
  • Determine market value

Tips for Getting Your Property Ready to Rent

01. Clearing Out Junk

If you have been living in a property for a long time, it is likely that you might have collected a lot of things over the years. Chances are there that you want to take most of these things with you, when you move to another property but there is probably that a lot of materials which you can leave behind. To make sure that your home is ready for renting, you should get in contact with a junk removal company like 1800 got junk (Canada), junk king (USA), 0800 Dumpme (New Zealand), etc. who can help. Then only you may be ready to decorate the property and make sure that, it is ready for your tenants.

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02. Meeting Regulations

To rent a property, you need to make sure that it meets the certain regulations made by the government. These regulations may differ depending on, where you live and so you need to make sure that you are looking – for the regulations and laws on being a landlord in your local area. Some of the things that you might need to consider includes having a fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector and making sure that the property is accessible. Once you have met the regulations, you can go ahead with the rental process.

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03. Furnished or Unfurnished

Are you going to advertise your property as one, that is furnished or unfurnished? With a furnished property, you can usually charge more for rent, but you are putting your own furniture at risk of getting damaged. If you have some spare able furniture, then only you should consider for renting your property out as a furnished one. Many people who are renting cannot afford to buy furniture and so a property of this kind will more likely to be snapped up quickly.

04. Deep Cleaning

Before your tenants move into the property, it is important that you give the place a deep clean, either by yourself or with the help of a professional. You will like the place to be as clean as possible and you will like it to stay that way. Take some photographs of the status of the property, before you rent it out. This way, when they leave the property, you can refer to these photographs, while giving back their deposit.

Deep Cleaning of House

If you are thinking about renting out your property to tenants, make sure the whole property well cleaned, check general stuff, test all appliances to make sure they work properly, check all valves, ceilings and skirting for marks and wear – touch up where necessary. Ensure all electric points are working and safe compliant, all locks are secure and working. If you are ensuring the above, you can earn more and your relation with tenants will last longer. The tenant has a right to be choosy so make sure you have a good product.

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