5 Tips for Redesigning Your Dream Apartment After Moving in

After you’ve bought your dream apartment, there are two more things you have to do: moving in and redecorating it your way. Although these sound so easy on paper, when you start planning, you soon come face to face with the layers of complexity that come with a relocation and a complete redoing of an apartment.

Luckily, both can be done relatively stress-free when you have the right attitude, help, and ideas. Of course, a relocation will seem like a breeze when you hire a moving company, as the experienced mover like Manhattan movers will take care of everything. However, you will have to do most of the redecoration steps alone. We put together a list of all the tips you might need to give you the boost and inspiration needed for redesigning your dream apartment.

Tips for Redesigning Your Dream Apartment

01. Living Room Decoration

Living Room Redesign

One of the most significant parts of an apartment has to be the living room. There are many questions you need to answer here. How do you want to use this room? What decoration elements do you need? How much do you want to spend? If you’re going to make your living room into a space for relaxation and a place where you can chill with friends, family, or just alone, there are a few items you should buy.

It’s no surprise that you need a stylish and comfy sofa. A great idea is to buy the largest, sturdiest sofa you can find that fits perfectly in the space you have. Also, don’t forget about a lovely coffee table. It can serve as an item that holds food and drinks during gatherings, parties, and also as a table you can efficiently work on. If you need a multifunctional coffee table, go with the one that has internal storage. Finally, a living room is not complete without a TV cabinet. Buy a narrowed-styled cabinet that also has a few drawers and shelves.

02. Redecorating Bedroom

Bedroom Redesign

What’s the most crucial room in your apartment? The answer is the bedroom, of course. It’s a place of total relaxation, and a sanctuary. You need to make it clutter-free and inviting. If you want to redecorate bedroom in the right way, keep away from entire bedroom sets. Instead, go for simple solutions, such as a stylish bed and two nightstands.

Finding a good bed is a child’s play. Finding a great mattress is more complicated. Sleeping should be the time when you can rest and revitalize yourself, so investing in the best mattress possible is a top priority. Also, buy a lovely headboard, too. It’s a perfect choice for a smaller bedroom. Apart from being practical, it gives your bedroom and bed that complete look. Finally, get your hands on some beautiful nightstands. When you don’t have a big bedroom, go with a small side table.

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03. Decorating Kitchen/Dining Room is Essential

Kitchen Redesign

There are three spaces where you spend most of your time in your apartment: the living room, bedroom, and finally, the kitchen. Decorating and designing it the right way is essential. There are a few items you simply can’t forget about here, such as a table, chairs, and a table runner.

Usually, apartments are not that big, so choosing a versatile, multifunctional table is a great choice, as you’ll use it often, and not just for eating and preparing food on it. When you have the table, choose comfortable and matching chairs for it. If you have a kitchen that serves as a dining room, a tall bar table or Kitchen Island gives it a better look while also making it more practical. Also, to add some style and colour to your table, buy a nice table runner. It gives the whole kitchen a more modern look.

04. Creatively Redesign Entryway

Entryway Redesign

Bigger apartments have those entryways that deserve a creative redesigning. The idea is to use the space the best way possible while also adding some function to the whole area. Of course, to make it look and feel perfect, there are some items you need to buy, such as a narrow table, bench, or cabinet, a mirror, and some wall hooks.

There needs to be an object that you can put your keys, phones, mail, bags, and other stuff on. So, you need a narrow item that is aesthetic and also doesn’t need a lot of space. A cabinet can work wonders here, especially those with extra storage, such as shelves or drawers. You also need a mirror that’s usually placed over your cabinet. Mirrors are not only practical because they help you take a final look at yourself before leaving home, but they also add vertical height to the whole setting. The final touch in the entryway is the wall hooks or a complete wall rack. They will keep your jackets and backpacks where you want them to be.

05. General Ideas to Redesign Apartment

Apart from focusing on all the major rooms in your apartment, there are certain ideas you can rely on and also some items you can add to every single area. You don’t need to spend a fortune on them, and they give you that little extra that every space deserves.

Use Curtains for Redesign Apartment

It’s a big mistake to forget about window treatments. Bare windows make every room seem lifeless and uninviting. You can go with simple curtains with a curtain rod or just some blinds. If you’re having problems choosing the right color, remember, you can’t make a mistake if you choose a neutral shade. Of course, lighting is crucial in every single room. Forget about dull light fixtures and go with the ones that can make all the difference even though they seem minimal. There are a lot of options here. An overhead light fixture is fantastic, pendant lights are super stylish, while wall sconces and table lamps are essential.

Use Pendant Light for Redesign Apartment
Use Table Lamp for Redesign Apartment

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Final Thought

Even if it feels like all of these will cost a lot of money, you can do everything on a budget with a little creativity. Yes, the bedroom and living room are those spaces that usually require a bit of an investment, but if you do your research, stick to the items we’ve discussed above, you will be fine, and your apartment will look amazing.

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