Create a Boho Chic Garden Area With These Simple Tips


Boho chic styles are all the rage in fashion, weddings, and interior design. Much of the appeal of this movement is its connection to the wilder side of nature. With recent studies showing that time spent in natural settings boosts physical and mental health, lovers of beautiful home interiors and exteriors are looking to tap into these benefits while keeping the chic factor high. In this article we give simple bohemian garden ideas, which will transform your backyard in to a Boho delight.

The Boho Chic décor style is a contemporary approach to decorating one’s house or garden in the bohemian style. Natural textures and earthy colours, eclectic accents, and a mix of different patterns are common trends, as is incorporating different cultural influences.

A backyard bohemian garden exudes exotic patterns, natural materials, and relaxed seating, and is defined as a perfectly imperfect mixture of styles that takes inspiration from all over the world.

If you wish to create an outdoor setting in which your whole family is likely to want to gather, share a meal or a cup of coffee, or take part in activities such as meditation our outdoor yoga, then following ideas may inspire you to create a backyard bohemian garden.

Boho Chic Garden Ideas/Bohemian Garden Ideas for Your Home Garden

Transform your garden in to a Boho garden by using these Bohemian garden ideas.

01. Choosing Wild Looking Plants and Flowers

Choosing Wild Looking Plants and Flowers

Boho chic gardens are anything but ‘carefully manicured’. They are varied and wonderfully wild and carefree and the plants they contain often have a ‘happy’ air to them. Just a few species to consider are spider plants (which reached their peak of popularity in the 1960s and 1970s), succulents of all shapes and colors, pampas grass plants (like the Andes silver, gold band, silver comet, and purple pampas varieties), ferns, bamboo, and stunning bird of paradise. If you live in a hot area with dry soil, consider lavender, which bears a beautiful relaxing fragrance that will make it a joy to be outside.

02. Making the Most of Ancient Trees

Making the Most of Ancient Trees

If you have an old tree in your yard, make the most of its appeal by placing something beneath its welcoming shade—think a dog house for your pooch, an outdoor pouffe or beanbag for someone who enjoys reading, or old antique pieces of furniture such as a vintage sofa or chair. Tree maintenance is key if you have any old species in your garden. According to, correct pruning is vital because it stimulates new growth by enhancing your tree’s access to sunlight and air. Your maintenance professionals will also eliminate weak areas, to prevent existing damage from worsening.

03. Creating an Outdoor Resting Spot

Creating an Outdoor Resting Spot

Creating a seating spot that is comfy and provides shelter for home dwellers is important, especially when the days are a little too sunny, or when there are rain showers. You can design a simple pergola in reclaimed wood or other sustainable materials, keeping the structure simple (a wooden-beamed roof over two opposing set of poles is ideal as it keeps the space completely open). Now you have a covered space, you can fill it with touches such as a reclaimed wood coffee table, comfortable teak sofas, a hanging hammock seat, and cushions covered in 1960s- and 1970s-inspired patterns like paisley and flowers. If you want to, you can add wooden deck flooring, covering empty spots with jovial plants and flowers. Stone flooring also works well, as does grass. Create a Boho garden ambience by using natural elements and vintage furniture.

Summing up, the boho chic style is comfortable and visually appealing all at once. This trend is taking over fashion and interiors, owing to the great appreciation that many people have for nature in this post-COVID world. To incorporate it into your garden, choose wild-looking plants, care for your old trees, and create a resting space that everyone will love to spend time in. Use the above Bohemian garden ideas and create your own Boho chic garden.

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