Quick Tips to Jazz Up Your Walk-in Closet!


One might consider Walk-in closets as luxury additions to any residential space and that is exactly how they have been portrayed. This narrative need not essentially be true in all cases. It is indeed possible to have stunning walk-in closets in small bedrooms without breaking your entire life-savings. Especially if you are looking to make the best use of that extra square footage in your home, a walk-in closet can be a kick-ass addition. In fact, an effectively designed walk-in closet has the potential to transform a residential space completely and make it look extremely opulent.

Smart Tips for Walk-in Closet

If you are looking for giving your home a little makeover, do not skip this run-down of walk-in closet tips.

01. Position Your Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closets for residential space

After you have decided to get your home a walk-in closet, it is important to choose where to position it. Most people commonly associate walk-in closets with large floor space when in reality there are tons of ways to make room for walk-in closets. You can easily convert a regular closet into a walk-in one. To make this happen, you can cut the compartments out deeper to create enough space to stand in and can leave the compartment doors out. If you have a bit more square footage, you can position your compartments even deep into the wall to create more room for standing. Depending on the cross-sectional shape of your space, you can position your compartments effectively.

Walk-in closets for Vertical or narrow sectional area

For instance, if you are working with a vertical or narrow sectional area, introducing shelves on both sides of the closet in a way that they face each other can help you make effective use of the space.

Walk-in closets for square section

While working with more of a square section, adding compartments to all four sides can be great too.

02. Shelving And Racking

Shelving And Racking for Walk-in closets

The way you add shelves to the designated compartments in your walk-in closet must consider the factors like the sectional area, functions of the closet, and space effectivity. The prospective items that go into your closet serve as the primary factors to determine the type and size of the shelving you need. In most cases, people would be partial to having more vertical racking for hanging most clothing items along with shelves and drawers for keeping folded clothes. Moving the horizontal shelving on top of the vertical hanging area will allow you to make the most out of the space.

Adding small organizers in Walk-in closets

Adding small organizers can be an effective option if you have more clothing items that are generally folded and stored. You can have pull-out drawers at the bottom of your compartments for storing footwear.

03. Mirrors are a Must

Mirrors in walk-in closet

When you have a smaller walk-in closet, the most genius way to make it look bigger is to add mirrored doors for your compartments. Mirrors with multiple panels around the closet space can help you get views of yourself from different angles and can also improve the way light reflects inside the closet space. Besides, you can get a 360-degree view of your outfit without needing to move and flex. If you want to take your mirror game up a notch, you can add them to the ceiling as well. This will add a touch of luxury to your space and make it look sophisticated while complementing the lighting.

Besides walk in closets, mirrors serve as an excellent home décor in interiors as well. Want to know more? Here’s to know:

04. Take Advantage of the Space for Walk-in Closets

As we have talked about shelving and racking, it is essential to bring about the topic of taking advantage of the space for improving the aesthetics. You must make it a priority to leave out enough floor space for you to stand and move comfortably in your closet and if you have more left out space, then you can spoil yourself with an accessory or two.

Walk-in closet with small furry seat

Carpets, small furry seaters, and even wall paintings will transform your walk-in closet in a jiffy. Besides, these articles will not occupy any of the much-needed leg space inside your walk-in closet.

05. Jazz Up the Dressing Area

Walk-in closet with Dressing Area

The dressing area comprising the primary mirror of your closet is necessarily the epicentre you need to work-around. You can add multiple elements that can differentiate this area from the rest of your closet by adding heavy framing to the primary mirror or incorporating a darker shade on that part of the closet. Once you distinguish the focal point, it will be easier for you to anchor the look of the entire closet based on it. This way, the look of the space will look more pulled-together and organized.

Want a well organized dressing area? Here are some tips to guide you in making so:

06. Accessories

Accessories in walk-in closet

It is indeed important to have a physical or digital mood board for the aesthetic of your walk-in closet. The first step is to have a blueprint of how the structure is going to unfold and then look into colour options. You can fix a primary palette and then accessorize your closet with articles of colours that complement your primary palette. If you are an art-lover, go ahead and hang some paintings on the closet wall to lift the vibe. Carpeting is also a good option to play with the space and make it look stunning. Over-accessorizing might make space look smaller and hence must be avoided.

07. Play With the Lighting

Lighting in walk-in closet

Lighting is very pertinent in walk-in closet space and the colours of the lights must complement the basic palette of the space. For most cases, warm-toned lighting from a ceiling will work perfectly whereas; some would prefer lighting from the parallel walls. Lighting up the mirrors is a good option so that you can get a clearer view of yourself while trying on clothes and applying make-up.

If you are lucky enough to have a window in your walk-in closet, then letting the natural light flow slightly diagonal to your primary mirror is the best option. A chandelier can be a great addition to your walk-in closet. It is indeed quite pricey but will make the space look a lot sophisticated in no time. Regardless of the size, any chandelier will be of major value-addition to your walk-in closet.

Final Takeaway

On a final note, walk-in closets are a perfect addition in your homes to add luxury to your space. The afore-mentioned tips will be helpful in giving your home a little makeover with walk-in closets.

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