How to Create a Dressing Room?

Everyone has a dream to have a house that is lavish enough to contain the dressing room! After all, who wouldn’t want all of their clothes neatly hung-up & shoes beautifully stored away & getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier!

The dressing room is an extremely personal place & so to be perfect; it’s important to consider the personal lifestyle & everything you need to make sure that the room reflects your taste! The entire room is dedicated to personal attire – like the height of sophistication. This is, however, a reality for many homeowners.

However, with the change in lifestyle & culture, e.g. in Indian culture, the woman often used to wear a sari, which is uncomfortable to wear in the bathroom, though it requires a dressing room with more space to wear a sari!

There are many options for dressing room, like from walk-in dressing rooms to smaller rooms. The options in style & storage are dependent on the dressing area! Depending on the size of the dressing room, furniture such as a dressing room table can add elegance to space & mirrors are often a brilliant way to add light, creating a larger feel! Of course, every element of the interior should reflect the size of the room. Ideally, it will create a tidy & calming place to get changed & ready for the day!

Nowadays, there are many more storage tricks that allow you to organise the storage spaces! Follow these few basic rules to design the ideal dressing room for your bedroom. Let the gharpedia guide you to make your dressing area in bedroom even more stylish & well organised!

Important Points for Your Dressing Room:

Location for Your Dressing Area!

Dressing rooms ideally work best when located next to the bedroom or bathroom to form a suite! If you have space, a walk-through dressing room, leading from the bedroom into the bathroom, will give you a generous volume of open hanging space, & also it is a perfect flow functionally!

Size of Dressing Room!

Start by focusing on your needs & define precisely what your wardrobe room contains!
Do you need more cupboards or shelves?
Want to integrate your luggage & linen both?
Plan ahead & review all of your current storage.
If you are starting from scratch & can choose the size of your dressing room, you will need to allow at least minimum 4m2 of space (e.g. 5′-0″ x 8′-0′ / 1.6 x 2.4 meter / 1600 x 2400mm). Don’t forget about the attic & basement, where you can store clothes or accessories that you don’t need to have in use!

Make It Practical!

To make your dressing room work well, start by thinking about the most practical aspects of your room & what you want to accomplish in the space.

Will you be using your dressing room on your own or sharing it with your partner?
Will this also be a makeup room for personal grooming?
Is this space strictly for getting dressed?

 Courtesy – surreylife

Think about your clothing, what you have & what you want to show-off – you may have a large shoe collection or want to display your most treasured handbags!

Dressing Room Style!

Think about your style & how you want the room to feel like!
Do you want a space that is luxurious? or
Are you more attracted to a modern or minimal look!

There are lots of styles & ideas to consider depending upon your interior style! Incorporating aspects of the style of your surrounding rooms will help your space to flow & feel in harmony with the rest of your room!

Choose Your Colour Palette!

Think about who will use the space & go for a palette of rich & deep tones for a man’s changing room to create a more mature & sophisticated feel!

Courtesy – carletsrevenge

Lighter tones work well for women’s dressing room & will make the space feel bright, elegant & inviting for all women’s!

Lighting: An Important Asset!

The lighting you choose should be flexible enough to provide focus & atmosphere to your dressing area. Natural light is also equally important for a dressing room, but should be planned such that it doesn’t reflect glare to your mirrors!

Courtesy – lightcolordesign.blogspot

Hanging fixtures, such as chandeliers, instantly make a space feel special & luxurious. Adding task light around a vanity mirror will offer direct light for grooming & makeup application!

Consider Built-in Fittings!

Think whether you want stand alone furniture pieces or built-in fittings for your dressing room. The space & shape of the room will impact your decision here!

Courtesy – decorpad

Dressing Door Closing System :

In the dressing room, you can do without doors, but in a closet, choose either swing doors and sliding doors. For the first option, there must be minimum 900 mm (3′-0″) of free space in front of the shelves, otherwise, opt for the second alternative with the good quality rail!

Courtesy  – ofdesign

Layout & Dressing Room Furniture:

First, consider the main piece of dressing room furniture when you decide your layout! Your dressing room closet or say wardrobe is a prominent place to start. Think about where you want to position each piece & how it will fit into space! Make sure to leave enough space to get dressed comfortably after all your dressing room furniture is in place!

Dressing room furniture includes – Dressing room table, Occasional chair, Center lsland, Decorative Stool,  Wardrobe & drawers!

Courtesy – suncityvillas

Finally, think about what you want to see when you first walk into your wardrobe room & make sure nothing is detracting the notice away from your chosen focal point!

Dressing Room Accessories:

Choose the functional pieces to maintain a streamlined aesthetic along with accessories you require! For practical storage & to save space, add compartments which store your dressing room accessories!

Courtesy – stylisheve

(a) Mirror:

A full length mirror is essential, as you will use this every day to get dressed & apply your makeup! Mirrors also offer a great opportunity to add character & drama to your space! An oversized mirror add impact to your space & make it feel more brighter!

(b) Folding Screen: 

If you share your changing room with your partner, a folding screen is a stylish idea to give privacy without taking up additional space!

You can also add compartmentalised drawers, tie holders, belt holders, sliding hangers for the pants, etc many more. The list of dressing room accessories is long & in this case it is worthwhile to speak with an interior designer or an expert!

The Extras!

If you have the chance to design an entire room, consider carrying out some addition to dressing room furniture! The central island is thus ideal for storing dressing room accessories & toiletries & can also be very convenient for makeup & organizing jewellery. You can also install a place to put-up the shoes.

Courtesy – soycarmin

Full Height: Wardrobe Room!

Make the most of the height of your dressing room closet that reach as high as the ceiling! By doing this, you can organise your storage by placing objects & clothing that you need the least at the top! You can also install retractable bars to adjust your wardrobe height!

Courtesy  –  insideid

Consider Your Surface!

If you are opting for a high-gloss finish for your dressing room closet, then  you will need handles to prevent your finger marks!

Courtesy – archiexpo

Keep In Mind The 30% Rule:

It is essential to not find yourself without storage, your dressing area shouldn’t be filled more than 70%!
Lets sum-up, the dressing room should not become a storage space for everything & anything! As it will lose all of its appeals if it becomes the room to store everything in the house.
Be sure to keep it tidy to make the most of it!

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