Top 8 Tips to Prevent Pest Infestation at Your Home!


No one wants to share their home with pests. But unfortunately, these creepy creatures can infest literally anywhere. Whether you are living in an apartment, a huge duplex flat, or a bungalow, they can creep into your space and infest your home. However, pests also need suitable temperature, food, and water to thrive and reproduce, and your home may seem a perfect place for them to infest.

When you often see bugs in your kitchen and bathroom, there is a probability that they are infesting your home. There can be various entry points for insects in your home that you don’t know. No matter the type of pest, all of them share a common trait; they all are unhygienic and annoying. Therefore, we must take precautionary measures to prevent pest infestation.

Some common pests you may be spotting in your home include bedbugs, ants, mosquitos, termites, spiders, and cockroaches. These pests are more active, particularly in the monsoon season due to humid climate. So, you need to take preventive measures to stop pest from entering home.

Listed below are some of the most effective tips to prevent pest infestation at your home.

Pest Prevention Tips for Your Home

Tips to Prevent Pest Infestation at Home

01. Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning of Floor to Prevent Pest

Vacuum cleaning, sweeping, mopping, wiping, all of them are essential to keep your home clean and tidy. Remember that pests are attracted to the dirty and unhygienic environment, so keeping your home clean is one way to deter them. Make a habit of wiping off the sprinkled food particles as soon as you finish your meal. Leaving the food leftovers and dirt here and there will attract bugs and rodents. Cleaning your place on a regular basis is the best way to deter the pests from dwelling in your home.

02. Empty the Garbage Can Regularly

Empty Garbage Can to Prevent Pest

You must empty your garbage can on a daily basis. When it is full, you should empty it immediately. Garbage is a hotbed for bugs, cockroaches, etc. as it contains many organic and inorganic wastes. Food wastes and other stuff in your trashcan creates and unpleasant odour that attracts flies and other insects. When you let the waste rest in your home for days, the insects, especially ants, ultimately reside in your home for more delicacies. Ant infestation is hard to deal with. No matter how man ants you kill with a pesticide, they will appear again and again because you could not find where they have made their home in your house. Hiring an ant control service is the best solution to get rid of the ant infestation.

You can make organic compost from this waste which can be used further as a plant nutrient, forming a part of the healthy soil. You can read here on the Steps to Make Compost from Your Kitchen Waste!

03. Seal the Gaps and Cracks

Seal the Cracks to Prevent Pest

Another good way to prevent insects from entering your home is to seal all the entry points from where they can get into your space. Inspect your home carefully and look for the gaps and cracks in your walls, windows, and doors. If there are tiny holes, crevices, and cracks around the entry points of ducts and vents, seal them with caulk. Most of these pesky creatures are tiny, and they can easily enter your home from the small spaces. The cockroaches survive and grow within the sewerage lines. They are there. To prevent cockroach infestation, keep all your traps properly sealed and tight so that they are not able to enter the home.

04. Wash Your Dishes Every Day

Wash Dishes Everyday to Prevent Pest

Your kitchen is most likely to get infested by cockroaches, bugs, mosquitos, etc. That is because pests find the right temperature and easy access to the food there. When you often leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight, the food crumbs and food particles on the dishes attract bugs, cockroaches, etc. They creep over your unwashed dishes, eat the food leftovers, and reproduce in your kitchen, resulting in an infestation. Therefore, it is essential to wash your utensils before you go to bed every night.

05. Keep the Washing Game Strong

Beat Rug in Sunny Day to Prevent Pest

Your bed sheets, bed covers, mattress covers, rugs, cushion covers, carpets, all of them should be washed well periodically. Use lukewarm water and good detergent to wash them. The fleas and the bed bugs often find their habitats in your bedsheets, carpets, rugs, and clothes, so you must keep them clean. You should often beat your rugs and carpets under the sun on a sunny day. The sun heat also prevents the bed bugs from residing in your stuff.

To get more information on how to remove bug from your bedsheet, read our Simple Solutions for Solving your Bed Bug Problem in your bedroom.

06. Store the Food Properly

Store Food Properly to Prevent Pest

When you often leave the food items open in your house, their smell attracts bugs like ants and cockroaches. The cockroaches carry harmful diseases with them so they can easily pollute your foods. Thus, the food items should not be left open in your kitchen or anywhere else. They should be covered properly. Immediately discard the soft mushy fruits and vegetables and do not let them rot. Use the sealed jars and containers where you store the food. This way, you can prevent the cockroaches, bugs from approaching your kitchen or pantry.

07. Clean and Repair Gutters and Drains

Clean and Repair Drain to Prevent Pest

It is highly important to keep the gutters and drainage system of your home well maintained as the pests like cockroaches are entering through these systems. Inspect the exterior of your home to check if there are loose gutters or rotted boards. Loose boards, panels, and gutters are also the entry points for pests. Therefore, you must get your drains and gutters cleaned and repair any damage to prevent cockroach infestation enter your home.

08. Habit of Eating at One Place

Eating at Dining Table to Prevent Pest

Many people have a habit of eating at any and every corner of the house. You may enjoy this, but you at the same time are increasing your cleaning work as you are inviting pests everywhere in your house. So out of a pest-free home or an irresponsible joy, the choice is yours!

Final Thoughts

Prevention of pest infestation requires a lot of effort. But after reading the above tips, I hope that you have really got an idea about how to prevent this unwanted pest infestation in your home easily. Try these ideas and make your home germ free! Also, do share these tips with your neighbours/relatives and friends.

If you have any other thoughts in your mind on how to prevent the pest like cockroaches, bugs, mosquitoes, etc., do write it down in our comment box. It would be great to hear from you!

Additionally, if you’re in the market for a new home and you are looking to get ahead of your pest control efforts, consider an inspection prior to purchasing a home.

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