10 Top Trends in Kitchen Wall Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles can beautify a kitchen with a wide range of stylish designs, colours, and textures. Using modern kitchen wall tiles, you can elevate your kitchen’s appearance with attractive backsplashes, creating eye-catching focal points. Appropriate tiles on the wall and countertop add to the interior design of the house, while floor tiles can add to the safety.

Countertop tiles’ heat resistance and stain-free nature ensure lasting beauty and hygiene in the kitchen. Additionally, when used in a uniform design or to create patterns, they can enhance natural light, adding brightness to the kitchen space.

The right porcelain (glazed vitrified) and ceramic tile designs build a visually appealing kitchen while offering practicality and long-lasting elegance.

Top Trends for Kitchen Wall Tiles

Here are ten trendy ideas for you to consider for your kitchen backsplash:

01. Digitally Coordinated Options

Digitally Coordinated Kitchen Wall Tiles

Digitally coordinated tile options give you endless colours, designs and patterns. If you are feeling blocked for ideas or simply running out of time, coordinated kitchen wall tiles can give you relief.

02. Floral Arts

Floral Pattern Digital Coordinated Kitchen Tiles

Bring natural colours to your kitchen for a mild admiration of flowers and floral pattern digital coordinated tiles. The glossy tiles keep your backsplash clean and shiny, while the matching matte finish floor tiles enhance safety along with the aesthetics.

03. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Designed Kitchen Wall Tiles

Geometric designs add a unique and modern perspective to your home interior. In the kitchen, they symbolise the urban setting we are so comfortable living in and put up a bright face about it.

Plus geometric pattern tiles can offer multiple patterns within the same portfolio to accommodate the entire kitchen wall.

04. Mosaic Series

Mosaic Wall Tile Design for Kitchens

Mosaic designs have been a popular wall tile design for kitchens, bathrooms, and swimming pools. But with H&R Johnson’s mosaic portfolio for kitchen walls, you can have something entirely out of this world.

05. Digital Kitchen Art

Digital Kitchen Art Wall Tiles

Who would not want to see food in the kitchen? And these tiles never disappoint. However, I must warn you if you hate disappointments on an empty stomach, some of this high-definition digital food art could appear just too real when you are hungry.

06. Moroccan Art

Moroccan Tile Patterns

If you are a fan of oriental art forms and classical designs Moroccan tile patterns can be a divine match for your kitchen. Use the black and white design or a colourful Moroccan craft, these tiles can surely make any space a happening Casablanca.

07. Terrazzo

Terrazzo Patterns for  Kitchen Wall Tile

Terrazzo patterns have been the favourite designs of the 80s and 90s. Bring them back in a new way with glossy ceramic tiles with terrazzo patterns. The matching floor tiles add to the elegance of your kitchen, and you will surely want to extend the floor tile design into your living room.

08. Premium Vitrified Wall Tiles

Premium Vitrified Kitchen Wall Tiles

This section is for you if you want your kitchen walls to look different, elegant and luxurious. That means two things – larger tiles and higher budgets. These are glazed vitrified kitchen wall tiles that give you exclusive and unconventional design options to finish your kitchen.

09. Glamorous Popup Colours

Glamorous Popup Colours for Kitchen Wall Tiles

Put your kitchen backsplash design into a different orbit with these flashy and bold vitrified tiles. The randomised patterns of the tiles add to the artistic appeal of the tiles.

10. Exotic Patterns

Exotic Patterns for Kitchen Wall Tiles

Exotic patterns may seem close to natural stones. However, to a knowledgeable eye, the difference would be easily visible. Despite the seemingly natural appearance Exotic patterns carry an element of artistic colour infusion, lighting up the imagination and charm of something unique.

11. Natural Stones

Natural Stones for Kitchen Wall Tiles

If you are a fan of marble these designs are for you. However, natural stones or materials are not limited to just marble, you can go for wood formats as well. However, wooden design tiles also feature a wood-like grainy surface finish.

While the wooden tiles do not absorb liquids, the grainy surface might need extra work to keep them clean.

Other Popular Patterns

No matter how much progress you have in design and how much fancy stuff is floating around, the simplest things are hard to beat. Plain colours and heritage kitchen wall tiles in India are a few such ever-green designs.

01. Plain Colours

Plain Colours for Kitchen Wall Tiles

It’s not easy to maintain a childlike curiosity, or playfulness in mind and body. However, in the kitchen, it’s a different story with these solid colour glossy tiles. These rectified tiles fit perfectly well with each other and can appear as a solid-coloured wall with matching grout.

02. Heritage Tiles

Heritage Tiles for Kitchen Wall Tiles

If there is one tile design that can never go out of the trend, it has to be the heritage tiles. The small 10x30cm and 10x10cm tiles really give you the edge in custom designing your kitchen backsplash appearance.

Selecting the Best Kitchen Backsplash Tiles in India

Although you may find it easier to decide the quality of tiles than the design, you can have help with both. Given the kitchen wall tiles price in India, you can budget for the appropriate tiles. Remember you don’t need very strong glazed vitrified tiles on the kitchen wall unless you have the budget. However, do look for a design that you can spend about 10-15 years with.

The best way to go about selecting your kitchen wall tiles is to explore online first, check with tile experts at brands like H&R Johnson, and then visit the experience centre or dealership.

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