20 Best Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

Are you looking for ways to personalize your bedroom? Also, do you want to experiment with your bedroom and define them with some latest colour combinations? If yes, then you have you have arrived at the right place. Choosing the right colour combinations balances the shades and helps you explore your creative side. So let’s explore the two colour combination for bedroom walls.

The 2-colour combo is the latest trend now. It is used nowadays to highlight and emphasize a total effect. It looks stylish and trendy if you couple the furnishing of your bedroom in coherence with the colour. But the risk of overdoing is always there as the vibrancy in the 2-colour combo may turn in glaring colour contrast that may or may not suit the vibe you want to create, especially for your bedroom. According to a famous interior designer “A splash of colour can make all the difference”.

2-Colour Combo For Your Bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you rest, usually at the end of the day or at the time when you are tired. Whether you are a single individual or have a family to share your bedroom, you have to enjoy peace, tranquility, and integrity there. As said by Paul Gauguin, “colour is a language”. A bedroom gets more integrity with suitable colours.

For that simple reason, colour therapy works well. The best ambient colour therapy is created by painting the walls with colours. Therefore, the selection of wall colours for bedrooms is a lifestyle issue. 

Best 2-Colour Combos for Your Bedroom Walls

Here we have created a list of the 20 best color combination for bedroom walls, as your ready colour guide to décor your bedroom and for radiating a positive vibe around.

01. Terracotta and Ivory Colour Combo

Terracotta and Ivory Colour Combo

Terracotta is an earthy colour that radiates a natural vibe in the place where it is used. If you combine it with ivory colour, both the colours, create an elegant balance with each other. It creates a rustic look and goes wonderfully well with wooden furniture and mono-coloured upholstery. Wassily Kandinsky, the famous art theorist, has aptly said that “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” So, choose your colour combination wisely; you can find a range of paints to influence your soul on ArchiPro.

02. Off White and Lavender: A Relaxing Colour Combo

Off white and Lavender Colour Combo

If you want two light colour combination for bedroom walls, offwhite and lavender is the one of the best choice. Both the colours create a winning match for the bedroom that translates into stability, peace, and balance. You can match white or soft coloured upholstery with this colour combo. Both the colours do not overpower each other, but instead create a soothing effect that is good for creating a sleeping ambiance.

This colour combo is undoubtedly a winner for relaxation. Hence, it suits your bedroom walls perfectly.

03. An Elegant Colour Combo with Cream and Brown 

Cream and Brown Colour Combo

Both cream and brown colours are elegant and happy colours that will calm and relax your mood. These colours are of a neutral shade and can create a total effect with almost all types of furniture. Whether you are using wooden furniture in your bedroom or you are opting for an assorted kind of furnishing, this two-colour combo is one of the best options for you.

04. Peach and White: A Warm and Cozy 2 – Colour Combo

Peach and White Colour Combo

Do you love pastel colour effects? If yes, peach and white combo is the best bedroom wall colour for you. The colour combo of peach and white adds warmth and coziness. Also, it creates an inviting look in your bedroom that is pleasant and comforting for your resting time. You can try it for a sophisticated, modern look all around. It is a good 2 color combinations for walls.

Both white and black accessories will go fine with this colour combo. At the same time, both opulent and minimalist looks will match perfectly with this colour combo. 

05. Pink and Grey: Add a Feminine Touch to Your Bedroom Walls

Pink and Grey  Colour Combo

If you love to add a touch of feminine charm to your bedroom walls, then pink and grey is a great colour combo for you to try for sure. One of the best advantages of pink and grey colour is the sunny effect of the room interior that makes the area bright and extra spacious. It is one of the feminine two colour combination for walls.

06. A Luxurious and Subtle 2 – Colour Combo of Burgundy and Beige

Burgundy and Beige Colour Combo

The burgundy and beige colour combo looks luxurious. The colour beige is a neutral shade, and it creates a subtle highlight when paired with burgundy colour, which brings that extra shine around. It is an excellent combo of neutral colour and deep, rich shade that is alluring and comforting at the same time. The colour combo creates beautiful transparency around. If you want a luxurious vibe, this colour combo for bedroom is a must to try.

07. Add a Modern and Eye Soothing Colour Combo with Burnt Orange and Off White

Burnt Orange and Off White Colour Combo

Burnt orange is a bright colour that may seem extra gorgeous for your bedroom. Couple it with an ivory colour so the brightness will come down to a few degrees and it will create a soft glow around. One of the best advantages of using bold orange colour is its versatile adaptability. With this orange and off-while colour combo, you can use light and dark-coloured furnishing and accessory for your bedroom. 

This colour combo is modern and eye-soothing. You can apply it to your bedroom walls. You will surely enjoy a vibrant and comforting ambiance in your bedroom. It is an amazing bedroom wall two colour combination.

08. White and Blue Colours Are the Winning Combo

White and Blue Colour Combo

The white and blue combo is a unique option for your bedroom walls. The colour combo is bright and will radiate a soothing atmosphere that is pleasant for a night’s sleep. One of the best advantages of the blue-white colour combo is the availability of various shades of blue and their adaptability on the bedroom walls for the beautiful dimension and depth they can add here.  

Yet another advantage of using blue and white colour on the bedroom walls is its aftereffect on the space. With these two bright colours on the wall, you can create an illusion of a bigger space in your bedroom. A blue and white combo is a pleasant colour choice for a smaller bedroom.

09. Almond Brown and Muted Green Colour Combo Looks Elegant

Almond Brown and Muted Green Colour Combo

The green and almond colour combo is a great colour option for your bedroom, no matter if it is a spacious one or a small room. Green is called a colour of tranquility and balance. When paired with almond brown, it creates a natural vibrancy that blends with a peaceful mind and a super-cool soothing effect around. 

The green and brown combo creates a natural feeling that is comforting and relaxing. The colour combo  is unique for releasing stress and anxiety.

10. Pastel Grey and Yellow: A Relaxing Colour Combo

Pastel Grey and Yellow Colour Combo

Have you ever thought of decorating your bedroom walls with yellow and pastel grey colour? Yellow is called the sunshine colour, and grey is all about sophistication. If you want to create an illusion of a high ceiling in your low ceiling home, you may try 2/3rd of the wall with grey and 1/3 rd of the top in yellow colour; it will create a fantastic effect. It creates an easy-going mood in the bedroom for you. That’s genuinely relaxing colour combination for bedroom walls and ceilings. 

11. Add a Contrast Effect with Light Green and Yellow Colour Combo

Light Green and Yellow Colour Combo

Light green and yellow combos offer a contrast effect. However, both colours provide a relaxing and refreshing vibe, which is just perfect for a bedroom. To match the ambiance, you can try different shades of these two colours, like lime green or lemon yellow etc. Remember to check the other bedroom accessories like side tables, study tables or coffee tables with this sunny colour combo. You will indeed feel refreshed in this vibrant-coloured room after a course of rest.

12. The Combo of Light Brown and Aqua Is Enriching Enough

Light Brown and Aqua Colour Combo

The bedroom wall color combination of light brown and aqua colour may seem to you a bit loud, but actually, it is not. Both the colours are balanced and offer a subtle effect when used in a colour combo. 

The plus point of this combination is the vibrancy between the shades and then what attracts here is the positive appeal of the combo effect on the room walls. However, altogether the result will be all soothing here. 

Here’s a video to sum up all the points mentioned above and below:

13. Add a Refreshing Ambiance with Grapefruit and Sage Colour Combo

Grapefruit and Sage Colour Combo

The colour sage is a greyish-green tint. It is a soft colour that can create a peaceful backdrop. When coupled with a grapefruit tone, it makes an extra layer of vibrancy altogether. The colour duo creates a refreshing ambiance, which is pleasant for creating a comfortable bedroom ambiance.  

14. Rose and White: A Pleasant 2 – Colour Combo

Rose and White Colour Combo

The rose and white colour combo makes a dusty effect that is impactful and pleasant for the eyes. It is a sober combo of colours that makes the room spacious and bright. A wide variety of rose colours are available; however, pinkish colour is the best option for all types of bedrooms, regardless of whether it is a master bedroom or a smaller one.

15. Lilac and Olive Colour Combo

Lilac and Olive Colour Combo

Lilac is a delicate colour, and it conveys a mode of serenity all around. Lilac and Olive colour combo look stylish, innovative, and contemporary, adding a dynamic vibe. It is a new-look combo that suits the walls of your bedroom, no matter you have a bigger room or a smaller one. 

16. The Blue and Sandstone Combo Looks Attractive

Blue and Sandstone Colour Combo

Want to set a relaxed and soft hue in your bedroom? You may try the blue and sandstone combo, which will create a beach-like ambiance. If you love aquatic beauty in your bedroom, the ocean’s sandstone border and blue beauty will look fantastic. Try it, and indeed you will create a beautiful look. 

17. Try the Blue and Green Colour Combo

Blue and Green Colour Combo

You have to make your bedroom comfortable and convenient for enjoying a good night’s sleep. If you wish to paint your bedroom with a bright combo, blue and green are ideal combinations you can trust and try.

If you want to paint your kids’ bedroom, this colour will positively impact their minds. However, you have to arrange the lighting in your blue-green walls with little planning so that the room looks bright, yet never too glaring.

18. Add a Welcoming Ambiance with Navy and Tan Colour

Navy and Tan Colour Combo

The combo of navy and tan creates a welcoming ambiance. It is a cozy colour option for a bedroom. You can always make a colour therapy of warmth and cozy togetherness. The colours complement each other and offer a total effect that comforts the eye and soothes the mind, suitable for enjoying a course of sound sleep.

19. Black And White: A Classic Colour Combo

Black And White: A Classic Colour Combo

It is a classy colour combo that you can always try to décorate your bedroom walls. The colour duo goes well with woody furniture and modern non-woody furnishing. It will create a traditional but aesthetic ambiance that is excellent in its total effect and outcome. 

A combination of black and white makes us forget about all the different colours. It is considered a classic combination that never goes out of fashion. They make an extraordinary pair and here’s to know why it is so:

20. Add an Inviting Vibe with Light Sapphire and Blonde Wood Combo

Light Sapphire and Blonde Wood Combo

Light sapphire and blonde wood are the two unusual colours that can be coupled to make your bedroom walls attractive, inviting, and enigmatically contrasting. You will get lots of different shades here, which you can choose according to your discretion. 

Here’s a video to sum up all the points mentioned above:

Summing Up:

There are many other shades, which you can try on your bedroom walls. Out of those options, we have presented a few colour combos that you may like to try, and you will get to enjoy a great look around. However, do not forget to sync the bedroom colour with the other parts of your home so that the room seems to be the part of your home. 

Do you have any other colour combinations in your mind? Don’t forget to share with us your ideas if we have missed that colour option here.  

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