How to Improve Your Bedroom Space?


Thinking that you’ll have limited decorating options just because you have a small bedroom is a misconception. In reality, there are a lot of ways on how you can spice up and improve your bedroom space. If you’re clueless on how to do it, take note of the following tips:

Improve Your Bedroom Space

01. Always Start with Your Bed

Your bed is one of the most important furniture in your bedroom. The quality of your bed can significantly influence the amount of sleep you get every night. If you always wake up feeling sore and tired even after sleeping for hours, your mattress might be the culprit. For you to improve your bedroom space without compromising comfort, consider these tips:

  • Reduce the Size of Your Bed: If you’re the only person sleeping in your bedroom, there’s really no need to use a large bed. This will only take up valuable floor space, which you can actually use for other items or furniture in your bedroom. Assess how much space you really need in your bed and look for furniture that fits. Try investing in a personalized bed if your local home depot stores don’t have the size you want.
  • Prioritize Comfort: Having a bedroom will be useless if you’re not able to sleep comfortably in your bed. What’s the point of having a bedroom if you’re not actually getting any sleep? Do you expect to sleep in the living area every night? These are just some of the reasons why you should invest in a high-quality bed. The one you’ll use should be perfect for your preference – not too hard or too soft. Look for mattress sales before buying to save money, too.
  • Choose the Right Bedding: People would pay money to spend the night in a 5-star hotel because the linens used are of high-quality. Everything in your accommodation is soft, allowing you to sleep well for hours. You can finally recreate the same mood once you buy the right bedding. Just make sure that you purchase bedding that won’t cause you to overheat during warmer climes.

02. Think Like A Minimalist

More often than not, the things that are inside your bedroom right now are either expensive items or items that were given by your friends and family. You might have a vanity table or bench at the end of your bed, but none of these are actually being used. One of the easiest ways to improve space in your bedroom interior is to think like a minimalist. This means that you should let go of items that you don’t use no matter how expensive or sentimental these may be.

As a minimalist, your bedroom should only contain a bed, extra space near your bed for items that you’ll use before sleeping (water, night lamp, tissues, books, etc.) and another area to store all of your clothes and shoes. Having a dresser or desk might not be necessary for your bedroom.

03. Always Clear Your Nightstand

When you only have a few furniture in your bedroom, it can be very tempting to pile everything up on your nightstand. You’ll be placing pieces of jewelry, books, and even any electronic devices on your nightstand, thinking that this is your most convenient storage. If you continue this practice, you’ll be surprised how these small items pile up, and your jewelry is already tangled up with each other. In worse cases, you might be losing some of your prized possessions because of disorganization. To prevent this from happening, invest in a nightstand with drawers. A nightstand will not only improve the space in your bedroom, but it can also have a positive impact on the overall theme and ambiance of the room. However, having jewelry that collects dust on your nightstand is a waste of space. You could be using this piece of furniture for things you use daily. So, think about selling your unused pieces to a jewelry buyer and getting the most out of your precious metals.

Once you already bought a nightstand, make sure that you only place three items on top. You just need a night lamp, a box of tissues, and a container to hold all of your small jewelry.

04. Use the Space Under Your Bed

You might not know it, but the space underneath your bed can be utilized as your storage. Depending on the height of your bed, you can use this area to keep all of your shoes or off-season clothes. You can opt to place these items directly under your bed or buy several storage containers. Luggage, toys, and linens can also be placed under your bed. Just make sure that all of your items are regularly cleaned to avoid dust from piling up.

05. Maximize Storage in Your Walls

Storage is an important element in every bedroom. Regardless if you’re a student or employee, your bedroom should have sufficient storage space. If you currently have a small bedroom that has limited floor space, maximize storage by using your walls. You can install floating shelves to place all of your books or a wire wall to put all of your school supplies in one area.

If you’re looking for unique and functional ways to use your walls, check online for some inspiration. You’ll be surprised how several homeowners from around the globe have done storage and organization through their walls. Take the time to scout through several online sources (websites and images), so you’ll know what to do with your own bedroom.

06. Declutter as Often as Possible

Improving the space in your bedroom isn’t a one-time deal. It’s actually a long-term commitment that will require your time and effort. No matter what technique you’ll use in improving the space in your bedroom, if you’re not keeping it organized for the next weeks or months, all of your efforts will be useless. Remember that the smaller the bedroom is, the faster it can get messy.

Customization Counts:
When working in your bedroom, don’t forget to have fun. Let your creativity and personality shine in your bedroom. Since this is your private space, no one can tell what is right or wrong in your bedroom space!

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