What are Innerspring & Hybrid Mattresses Made Of?

We always hear the word “hybrid”, and it has infiltrated the numerous industries. We usually see it all the time in terms of vegetables, cars and financial products. This change has come across to the house hold items and mattresses are not an exception!

Hybrid Mattress

Before you can discuss about, what are the ‘hybrid mattresses’ made of, you first need to define what a hybrid mattress is? It turns out that, technically, all mattresses are hybrids to one degree or another. In most contexts, the word hybrid refers to anything that is made of two or more different materials. Under that definition, an old-fashioned box spring mattress qualifies as a hybrid because the springs are metal and the fabric surrounding them is cotton, wool, or polyester. When trying to review all the mattresses in the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and can be a big challenge to figure out which ones are worth considering!
When you’re talking about mattresses specifically though, the definition gets a bit trickier. According to the Mattress Nerd, a hybrid mattress consists of “old-school innerspring mattresses and specialty foam mattresses.” In other words, a hybrid will have coils, almost always individually wrapped so they can move independently of each other, with memory foam or latex layer on top of the coils.
Some hybrids have different layers of memory foam made from different materials, but the industry standard definition is the coil/foam combination.

What’s inside the Hybrid Mattress?

The springs are made from steel. Bronze is too soft and will eventually deform under your body weight. When steel swords were first invented, they cut through bronze swords and shields with devastating effects. The Bronze Age didn’t stand a chance against the Iron Age. The same principle holds true with the inner springs on your mattress.
Memory foam, invented in 1966 by NASA, is made by injecting gas into a polymer matrix while it’s soft, creating millions of tiny bubbles or cells that will deform to a certain point under pressure, then slowly return to its original shape when the pressure is removed.
It also has an unfortunate ability to retain heat. People sleeping on a pure memory foam mattress have reported being too hot, sweating, and feeling like they’re suffocating.

Fundamentally, a hybrid bed mattress includes the following:

  • Comfort Layer: A comfort layer is made from memory foam, latex, poly foam, or another type of foam.
  • Recovery Layer: Cooling materials (including gel or graphite copper materials that are low conductors of heat and help to slow down the body warmth transfer to the mattress), which may be part of the foam comfort layer called as recovery layer.
  • Steel Support Coil System: It consist of individually wrapped coils or pockets springs which move independently and reduce a motion transfer!
Hybrid Mattresses layers comfort layer Recovery Layer Support System Coil

Modern hybrid mattresses, like the ones at Mattress Battle, add a layer of fabric padding on top of the memory foam to create a multilayered mattress that combines the best of all possible worlds. Many of those hybrids actually have what is known as a “coil on coil” construction where a lower coil provides a base beneath a series of individually wrapped coils on top. The top coils are then integrated with the memory foam.

Ready to buy a hybrid mattress?

There are many popular brands when you plan to shop for a hybrid mattress. The Wink Bed, Brooklyn Bedding Titan and many more popular brands like Dream Cloud, Saatva, Casper Hybrid, Brooklyn Bedding Signature, Helix, Yinahla and many more. You can check their websites for detailed information, like find out more about online mattresses over at Yinahla.

Hybrid Mattress for your Bedroom 

The bedroom in your house is a multipurpose room for more than just sleeping. It is also used for dressing and undressing, resting, and storing clothes and personal items. Other uses include reading, writing, watching TV, exercising, listening to music, and taking care of babies. Anyone could increase the list still more.
Due to its size, the bed is the central item in the room. Not only are hybrid mattresses constructed differently than traditional innerspring mattresses, they tend to be bigger and flatter. They can be as much as three to four inches higher than “regular” mattresses, sometimes more.
That extra height makes the bed higher and more difficult to get into for people who are, “vertically challenged” shall we say. This has given rise to padded stools to aid people getting in and out of bed. The stools are small but they do take up room. When you’re buying a bed keep that extra requirement in mind. You might have to buy a bed frame that is closer to the ground.

Hybrid Mattress Reduces Back Pain  

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause back pain or worsen it. An ergonomic designed mattress encourages good sleeping posture, relaxes muscles and generally provides healthy and wholesome sleep.  Therefore, it is important to choose a mattress that fits your natural sleeping posture.
Believe it or not, It has been proven by many popular brands of Hybrid mattresses and got the positive reviews from their buyers that it significantly reduces their back pain!

The Bugs That Bug You 

There are a lot of bugs out there that annoy people but the two that strike terror into the heart of every homeowner are termites and bed bugs.
(a) Termites:
Termites are a wood destroying insect that literally eats your house for food. There are a number of prevention tips to keep your house free of termites but the number one strategy is a termite treatment by a professional pest control company. Because termites are subterranean, getting the chemicals into the ground necessitates a great deal of hard, manual labor. It’s best to leave that to the professionals.

(b) Bed Bugs:
While bed bugs are nasty, they don’t carry disease or prevent health problems as such. Getting rid of them though can cost several hundred dollars per room. In that case, you might be better off to do the work yourself. There are several helpful DIY books, written by professionals, that can walk you through the process one step at a time. Doing it yourself will save a lot of money.
Some people think you have to burn your mattress to get rid of bed bugs but that’s not true. Kill the bugs the right way and you’ll be able to keep your wonderful hybrid mattress.
After all, the Hybrid mattresses provide you the best of both the worlds. It not only provides excellent compliance with standards but also delivers high responsiveness. These mattresses also have the excellent breath ability and a good quality coil system that ensures durability.

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