All You Need To Know About Different Types Of Bedrooms And Their Furniture!


Bedroom is primarily used for sleeping, resting, personal care, storing clothes, dressing/undressing. This means, it has to be a very private space away from the common rooms, which are meant for entertaining guests. There are different types of bedrooms severing a different set of occupants and they require different types of bedroom furniture pieces accordingly.

In spite of the above mentioned regular uses of Bedroom, they are also used for other minor activities like reading, studying, writing, working, watching TV, listening to music, caring for infants, telephoning, sewing, exercising etc. Hence, the bedroom area must be calm and peace. Bedroom can be categorised in to different types according to the different age group that may occupy the rooms and space necessity. They are:

  • Master Bedroom
  • Kids’ Bedroom
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Grandparents’ Bedroom
  • Teens’ Bedroom
  • Dorm Bedroom

Let us see the above different types of bedroom styles and the ways to make them attractive.

Different Types of Bedrooms

01. Master Bedroom

Master Bedrooms

Master bedroom is used by the owner of the family. Here, the room space is larger than other bedrooms. The master bedroom furniture pieces include the provision of extra seating space, reading space with desk, attached toilet and dressing and even a balcony sometimes.

02. Kids’ Bedroom

Kids’ bedroom is used by the kids of the family. Here provision of bunk beds or single cots, storage for toys, study area, games area and space for other creative activities is a must.

Kids’ Bedrooms

You can give a perfect place to your kids to sleep and stay with some well thought after kids’ bedroom furniture pieces and accessories. From fun and functional bedroom furniture, bookcase to shelving cute cosy beds, mattresses and bedding, you can create the dream room for your kids!

03. Guest Bedroom

Guest Bedrooms

Guest bedroom is used by the guests who arrive at home and stay for couple of days. This bedroom is mostly designed on ground floor of the house. The main quality of this bedroom is that it is flexible to use or change this room to use it for any other purpose at times. 

The furniture in this bedroom should be minimal. A double bed, wardrobe, bedside tables and an attached bathroom should suffice. It is better not to clutter different bedroom furniture here in this room.

04. Grandparents’ Bedroom

Grandparents’ Bedrooms

Grandparents’ bedroom is used by senior citizen of the family. It is always advisable to have an attached toilet in this room and also have it designed on the ground floor for ease in access to other rooms, due to the occupants’ age constrain and other health problems. This room too should not be cluttered with different types of bedroom furniture.

Sticking to basics is the best. Have simple and easy to use furniture in bedroom. Have a comfortable bed, beside table, wardrobes and leave more circulation space. This will help the elderly move round the space without bumping into any furniture in bedroom.

05. Teens’ Bedroom

Teens’ Bedrooms

Whether they are studying or gaming or simply chilling with their friends, we know how much time teenagers spent in their room. Hence, their room must have a slice of their personality.

An entertainment corner and a well-planned study area along with basic furnishing will turn this room into a space that the occupants would love to spend time in. A spacious closet space, dressers and a cozy seating arrangement will catch the eyes of any teenager. This is the place you can experiment with different bedroom furniture!

06. Dorm Bedroom

Dorm Bedroom

Though not used in a conventional home, Dorm bedrooms are usually compact living spaces given out for renting or sharing purposes. These spare spaces are mainly designed with the intention of renting out to students and Paying Guests.

Single dorm bedrooms are not common and hence most dorms have two or more people sharing the space. Hence, bunk beds are the highlights of such rooms. These types of rooms have basic types of bed furniture.

Basic Bedroom Furniture Names of Pieces

Designs for houses have undergone a sea change. The restriction for usage of a particular piece of furniture in a specific space is gradually fading out. That is why the mantle pieces and showcases are not confined to the living room alone. You can find them in bedrooms as well, just in case there are no space constraints. Here is the list of a few types of furniture for bedroom that complete the idea of a perfect bedroom.

Let’s move away from the basic bed and wardrobe and look beyond as our bedrooms have emerged as our go-to place for reasons more than one.

Basic Bedroom Furniture Names of Pieces
  1. Bed –There are several types of beds depending upon the number of people sharing them! It can be a single bed, Double bed, King size bed, Crib/trundle (for infants), Bunk bed, etc.
  2. Dressing Table or a furniture unit with mirror with ample and cleverly-designed space to keep commodities ranging from cosmetics to perfumes, styling equipment to accessories.
  3. Dresser or Chest of Drawers – for storage of appliances.
  4. Bedside Table – used for storage and provision of night lamps.
  5. Chairs – Simple couches to wing chairs can become an important part of the bedroom furnishing.
  6. Stools/ Ottomans/ benches – To add to the aesthetics of the bedroom apart from their traditional uses.
  7. Nesting Tables – Always ignored, nesting tables can be of great use.
  8. Console Table – Just in case the bedroom is spacious enough, having a console can play the magic. Not only can it be a much-needed ornamental piece, but it can also be used to store things and to showcase figurines and artifacts.
  9. Trunks – It is a great storage idea. This versatile piece of furniture can double up as a console or a centre table too.
  10. Compact Book Rack – Many love to read before going to bed. Having a compact book rack in the bedroom is a perfect idea for voracious readers.
  11. Compact Work Desk – Having a compact, collapsible work desk is the best way to spare the bed from the burden of laptop and stationery!
  12. Wardrobe Or Closet – it can be 2-shutter for single occupancy and 4 to 6 shutter for double occupancy bedroom and it is used for storage of clothes, accessories etc.

On the final note, while planning your home interior, it is always better to know the bedroom types, its usage and different types of bedroom furniture pieces required for family members of different age groups! Bedrooms deserve to be made tastefully because it is the only place we can be ourselves. This is the place we call it a day after a long tiresome day. Make this place the place you look forward to going back to every evening!

Thank you for reading!

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