Types of Architectural Drawings Prepared by an Architect


An architect have to prepared different architectural drawings according to the design stages. The stages are from first idea to the legal permission & final execution. Architects represents different types of architectural drawings at different stage.

‘Ashley Rose Marino’ says, (an author of the article – 7 Types of Architectural Plans for Your Next Design. Published on cadcrowd.com) There are many different kinds of plans you can choose to have a designer create for you. From floor plans to exterior elevations, each one tells a different story about the space.

Here is a list of drawings provided by an architect:

01. Concept Drawing

Concept Drawing

The concept drawing is prepared by an architect as per client’s brief for initial discussion. It indicates basic layout with approximate sizes of room, setbacks & circulation area. The client is free to give suggestion and can request for the change. The architect makes necessary changes to this type of architectural drawing as per client’s further suggestions and take approval from client. Only after the client’s approval, architects move to the next stage of architectural detail drawing.

02. Preliminary Drawings

Preliminary Drawing

After approval of concept drawing, the architect prepares preliminary drawings. The preliminary type of architectural drawing includes, plans, elevations, sometimes and sections with exact room sizes, wall thickness & opening positions. At this stage client gets an idea of how his building will look & can give his suggestions. The set of this type of architectural drawings will also include a furniture layout to give an ideas of how furniture will place in each room or space. This drawings will also give an idea of parking area, garden area, play area & other development of site. The architect may also give perspective or walkthrough (at extra cost) to give an idea of three dimensional view to the client.

03. Sanction Drawings

Sanction Drawings

The sanction drawings includes site layout, floor plans, elevations & section etc., in the required format and the scale as per authorities. Apart from these, owner’s details, site details with adjacent properties, survey numbers and the architect’s details with council of architecture registration (COA) number must be mentioned these types of architecture drawings. Here, get information about when you need to take permission & when not on,

04. Tender Drawings

Tender Drawing

Tender drawings give information about the project to contractor to understand the project completely. Bill of quantities and specification for tenders prepared from these architectural drawings. They are also informative for the consultant to prepare their final drawings. These drawings are with exact dimensions, wall thickness, column beam position and size, building height, levels, schedule of openings and specifications.

05. Working Drawings

Working Drawing

Working drawings are expansion of tender drawings which gives the detail technical information about the project. These types of architectural drawings are issued on construction site for the execution purpose with additional detail of cardinal direction, scale, issue date, job number, client name with revisions & key plan.

The set of working drawings include:

  • Site plan
  • Center line drawing, foundation plan
  • Detailed floor plans
  • Detailed elevations
  • Detailed sections
  • Staircase detail
  • Door & window detail
  • Other necessary details.

Know detail information about working drawing on

06. Consultant Drawings

Consultant Drawing

Consultant drawings are prepared by the consultants and approved by an architect. These drawing includes, plumbing drawings, H.V.A.C. layout, landscape layout & electrical layout.

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