Types of Refrigerators For The Home

In the modern world, it is impossible to imagine a home without a refrigerator. In specialized stores in Astana, such household appliances are presented in a wide range. Thanks to a huge selection, everyone will be able to choose a model of equipment by personal search criteria. And for the purchase to really please, you should find out in advance the important nuances of the choice from experts.

Varieties of Household Refrigerators

There are several types of refrigerator for home, namely:

1. Classical

Classic Refrigerator

Stationary vertical cabinet with freezer and refrigerator. This type is the most popular among consumers.

2. Embedded

Embedded Refrigerator

They can be either fully built-in or partially built-in. A built-in refrigerator solves the problem of the lack of square meters in the kitchen. In addition, such models are chosen when all the details in the interior must be harmoniously combined.

3. Wine

Wine Coolers

There are unusual models of refrigeration devices, for example, wine coolers. With their help, you can store wine at home in compliance with the desired temperature. Often these models are equipped with additional features. For example, temperature setting, carbon-type filters against the foreign smell, etc. Prices for a refrigerator in Almaty depend on the features of the model and the availability of additional options.

4. Mini Bar

Mini Bar

Model in the form of a small refrigerating chamber, in which, when opened, a shelf with drinks and food appears. Most often, mini-bars are installed in hotels or offices.

5. Without A Freezer Compartment

Refrigerator Without A Freezer Compartment

Models are usually installed where it is sufficient to use only a refrigerator.

6. Freezers


They go without a refrigerator, and are in demand among fans to stock up on vegetables or fruits for the winter.

7. Freezer Chest

Freezer Chest

With the help of the model, you can freeze a large number of products. The peculiarity of such a “chest” is its large dimensions, so you should think in advance about where you plan to place it.

8. Mini-Refrigerators


Small in size, value for compactness and functionality. These refrigerators are equipped with both a refrigerator and a freezer. It can be installed in rooms where it is important to save space, as well as in cottages, hotels, offices, etc.

Types of Refrigerators Based on Appearance

Refrigerators can be of the following types:

1. Side By Side

Side By Side Refrigerators

The freezer and refrigerator compartments are located next to each other. Opening the doors, you can see what is located in both compartments. The type of opening of such doors is the same as for French models.

2. Single-Chamber With One Compartment For Products

Single-Chamber With One Compartment For Products

Such mini-models can be equipped with a small freezer compartment in the form of a closed niche.

3. Two-chamber

Two-Chamber Refrigerators

Refrigerator with two chambers: freezer and refrigerator. The location of the cameras depends on the model. The freezer can be either top or bottom.

There are also multi-door and French Door refrigerators.

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