Modular Kitchen Appliances: That’ll Make your Life *way* Easier

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If a kitchen is the heart of a home, modular kitchen appliances are the veins. Kitchen is the place where you must have cherished your childhood memories while baking your first cake or enjoy lots of family moments may be like sharing coffee with each other in the kitchen made by your dear ones.
Besides utility and personal discretion, modular kitchen appliances are the best blend of style and comfort. These gadgets will help you to give a sleek and spacious look of your kitchen. It has become a necessity these days where you want to use the optimum space in your kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances in Modular Kitchen

Extreme modular kitchens are born here….

One of the key elements of your kitchen is its appliances. These tools make cooking experience faster, easier, and efficient. Modern kitchen appliances play a vital role in the functionality of modular kitchen design. Using ordinary kitchen appliances may spoil the aesthetics of a modern kitchen as finishing of these appliances may not be in harmony of modern cabinets. Using modular kitchen appliances very often help you to overcome this situation with two-way benefits like aesthetics and utility.

A modular kitchen allows you to select the appliances that can be integrated with the kitchen interiors, hence, they mostly improve its aesthetics. Wide ranges of appliances are available nowadays which can transform your kitchen into an engaging and efficient work zone. Listed below are the some of the essential modular kitchen appliances that will add more value to your sleek and modern kitchen:

01. Modular chimney
02. Induction burners and stoves
03. Microwave Oven
04. Dishwasher
05. Refrigerator
06. Water Purifier
07. Blender
08. Non-stick barbeque grill
09. Air Fryer
10. Waste Crusher

Tips to Consider Before Buying Kitchen Appliances

Before choosing kitchen appliances for your modular kitchen, you should consider the following points:

  • Healthy Food Preparation: Nowadays, almost everyone is health-conscious. Reducing oil intake and following right diet and having well-cooked food is the first step toward giving a healthy lifestyle to you and your family. Check if you can cook healthy with your new cooking gadget.
  • Cleanliness Friendly: Appliances purchased should be easy to clean, low in maintenance, and able to use it efficiently.
  • Reduce Work Load: Go for a kitchen appliance that is helpful for reducing culinary intricacy, where you can, for instance, use timer, temperature control, etc, which will reduce your monitoring obligation while doing baking, slow cooking, etc..
  • Reliability and Durability of Equipment: Expensive kitchen appliances can be a lot cheaper over the years because appliance repairs in the U.S. are quite expensive. And it’s often better to invest more money in reliable brands than to repeatedly spend money on repairs.
  • User-Friendly: Choose wisely! Let’s assume that selected modern kitchen appliances have thousands of functions but if the user interface is unusually cluttered and you aren’t at your ease for operating it, don’t go for it. If your user experience is compromised, you should thick twice.

Some Must-Have Modular Kitchen Appliances

Modular Kitchen Appliances

Upgrade your kitchen with modular kitchens appliances….

Some kitchen appliances can make steep difference in your user experience in kitchen. Newer technologies help in making upgraded products more efficient and easy to use. We embrace new technologies to improve the designing of appliances and functionality. Now, we know what aspects are to be considered when choosing kitchen appliances. So, let us list down what kitchen appliances one may have in a modular kitchen:

01. Modular Chimney

An essential item from the list of  modular kitchen appliances is a modular kitchen chimney. They work as an exhaust placed just above the burner or stove. It helps in removing the hot air and smoke form kitchen, and provides proper ventilation in your kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Chimney

Make your kitchen smoke free with modular chimney.

It guarantees that the oily and greasy particles from the smoke and fumes do not stick to the kirchen walls, ceilings, or other places in the kitchen and it mostly absorbs the oil, hence can protect the wall and other places from the irritating gluey substance that makes kitchen walls and utensils messy and clumsy.

Thus, a kitchen chimney makes your kitchen smoke-free, and can eliminate the harsh, stinging food smell up to a great extent. Chimneys come in various range, and these applinaces are operated electronically being integrated with lighting fixtures, self-cleansing technologies, and wide range of design options as per kitchen design, budget, and needs of the user.

02. Induction Burners And Stoves

Induction Burners And Stoves

Add style to your kitchen with Induction burners and installed stoves.

Nowadays, chimney and induction stoves are available mostly in combo offers. The new range of burners and stoves have spark powered knobs that do not require to light the burner with matchsticks or lighter. These stoves are easy to clean, maintenance friendly and safer to use. Installed stoves help you to free the kitchen counter space. Sleek and smooth designs of ovens compliment your kitchen and altogether enhance your kitchen ambiance and range of functionality.

Induction heated stoves can also be incorporated in the island kitchen counter and breakfast counter top kitchens to keep the food warm till  that are served in plate.

03. Built-in Microwave Oven

A Modular kitchen is not complete without a microwave oven installed. A versatile and  an useful appliance it is which you can use  with a wide range of utilities like heating, baking, toasting, grilling, etc. They have smooth design options to combine these utilities near the hob for an easy and efficient cooking experience. It is easy to handle and has trendy designs. Oven baked favorites are preopared at microwave speed.

Built -in Microwave Oven

Design sophistication personified with microwave ovens.

It is easy to use (even children can use it under their parents’ guidance), helps in saving a lot of time, easy to warm your food (with the use of utensils exclusively made for microwave), easy to wipe & clean, less human interference required and it preserves nutrients and vitamins in the food.

04. Built-in Dishwasher

Built -in Dishwasher

Add a western style to your kitchen with built-in dishwashers.

Built-in Dishwashers are designed with innovative technology and these gadgets are capable to deliver greater performance. Use of dishwashers herald a western concept to be incorporated its entry into the Indian kitchens. Their ideal placement is near the sink for easy supply of water. It is easily installed in the lower set of modular cabinets. These are highly efficient and designed with the advantages of energy efficiency but price wise these appliances are more expensive than expected. Edged stainless steel interiors, flexible racks, and various spray units including numerous wash cycles are provided with the finest dishwashers. They also support the dry options and eco-friendly wash features.

05. Refrigerator


Reflect your elegance with modular kitchen refridgerators.

To get more efficient design and systematic storage for cooling, it is advisable to get an inbuilt refridgerator along with the modular kitchen. Sometimes the pantry shelves and racks are designed in such a way that it can function with the fridge unit. The placement of refridgerators must be in such a way that it works as easily accessible. It must be at the entrance of the kitchen so that it is easily approachable by all family members.

06. Water Purifier

Water Purifier

Clean kitchens for a green world

Water purifiers are usually placed near the dishwashers so that the wastewater from these may be used in dish- washing hence providing efficient and eco-friendly design option. In addition, they are generally combined with water dispensers to make a combined unit, hence it reduces the space demand in kitchen. The need to purify water has become an important notion. Additionally, the design of the purifier has to be aesthetic and stylish to reflect the smart style of the modular kitchen.

07. Electronic Blenders

Nowadays, electronic blenders are preferred over traditional techniques of blending spices and other ingredients by most of the home makers. A blender is a valuable appliance without which you are destined to face many troubles during making of smoothies, cream soups, gravy, and anything that needs to be blended.

Electronic Blenders

Replace the traditional techniques with the new electronic blender.

Its container is made of straped glass or stainless steel jar with a compact-fitting lid. To mix the content inside, it is firmly fixed on top of a small motor that spins a rotating blade inside the jar and runs  at different speeds.

08. Air Fryers

This is an ultra functional latest kitchen appliance that significantly reduces the oil content in your food and is completely user-friendly. The air fryer comes with an exclusive combination of high-speed air circulation, with top grill.


Be health-concious with airfryers, reducing the oil content of your food.

The combined mechanism makes the hot air circulating quickly over the ingredients in the basket. This heats up the ingredients in the basket from all sides at a time, making it a healthy, fast and easy method to prepare tasty food reducing oil content. It can prepare various food items such as potato fingers, chicken nuggets and many more deliciously fried dishes crispy on the outside, without actually drying the inside and most particularly, with the minimum use of oil.

09. Non-Stick Barbeque Grill

Non-Stick Barbeque Grill

Let your chicken set on fire with non-barbeque grill.

Finally one on this list is Barbeque Grill which is becoming famous and is mostly custom-made with island type modular kitchen or even in modular kitchen where there is provision of setting it on the breakfast counter.

This amazing new appliance makes sure that it absorbs the minimum oil while retaining the taste of the food you are cooking. Since it can be used dry or with just a bit of cooking spray, the food doesn’t come out with grease.

10. Waste Crusher

A waste crusher is an ideal way to maintain hygiene and cleanliness of the kitchen which is important to maintain family health.

Waste Crusher

Crusher can efficiently grind food waste into small particles that can be flushed down the kitchen drain into a drainage pipe. It works as a food waste disposer too. Kitchen waster crusher can be easily fitted under the sink in a discreet manner without affecting the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Above listed were the modular kitchen appliances which play an integral role in a modular kitchen. Now, take a quick look at the various advantages of modular kitchen appliances.

01. Space Saving: Modular kitchen appliances are integrated and built-in with the kitchen cabinets. This feature improves ergonomic space saving of the kitchen and creates a sleek look around. Space saving gadgets enhance beauty and utility of kitchen in a small apartment in many ways.

02. Neat Appearance: The kitchen interiors look tidy and classic because of them. They provide an elegant, modern, sleek and contemporary touch to your working spaces. The wiring and pipelines used for the appliances stay usually hidden which gives a decent and clean look to the kitchen area. The kitchen counter looks neat and organized with these new-age compact designed gadgets.

03. Convenient: Initially, people used to hire carpenters to design the kitchens at home. This was a time consuming practice involved with a lot of inconveniences. Thus modular kitchens save your time as they are manufactured ready made in factories for plug and play use. A modular kitchen can be easily fitted in your home within faster time frame.

04. Well-Organized Storage: The cabinets, shelves, and drawers of a modular kitchen provide a well organized storage. This makes the cooking areas smart, neat, and efficiently functional. The arrangement makes the space clutter-free, easy to clean and an all round performer.The modular kitchen appliances list includes many gadgets and the range starts with a cooking range oven and  generally ends up at a dishwasher and waste crusher. Meticulous arrangement of your modular pantry looks great and works purposeful with the modular kitchen appliances.

A smart kitchen being the heavy duty focal point for many activities in your house deserves special attention. It is the place which gives the power of weaving magic through your hands, a power that guides everything you serve for your dearly family members and friends. It gives you the power to cook great dishes, and knitting stories of great moments, heartful and yummy!

White themed Modular Kitchen

Design a simple, sleek kitchen with smart systems.

While buying a modular kitchen, list down the appliances you need in the kitchen for smooth and proper functioning according to your budget. Just don’t assume that if it looks good in showroom, it will look good in your kitchen too. Be wise and smart while choosing the modular kitchen appliances to make your kitchen a real smart one exactly like you.

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