Various Types of Natural Wood Veneers for House Interior

There have been a lot of improvisations in the furniture industry which has given rise to various sets of furniture discoveries. The ones that you install in your house says a lot about your choice, your interests which ultimately reflect in your personality.  Nowadays, furniture has become a style statement rather than just being an in-house display.

Woodwork at Your Place

The furniture in your house has gone through years of innovation and research works to reach its current stage. You must be wise enough to choose the appropriate setup for your home for achieving the current stage where you have a plethora of variants to choose from. One of the essential things comes in the form of natural wood veneer. It has been one of the best things to complement your house decoration.

Wood Veneer – A Brief

The veneers are smooth, neat, and easily affordable, which make it one of the best ways to opt for flooring. The modern veneers came to be used around the 16-17th century when the word ‘Veneer,’ originating from the French and German words ‘Furnier‘ and ‘Fournier‘ respectively became popular. Today, we have a varieties of wood veneers to choose from for modern woodworks. Therefore, there is a need for a proper understanding of natural woodworks and natural wood veneer for people to get to know the quality and look that veneers can provide to your house.

Wood veneers are a part of wooden flooring where thin sheets of wood are used to make a beautiful layering over your floor. Wood veneers have continuously been something to better the look of a place. It’s not that veneer is something new to humanity. The evidence of the earliest use of wood veneering can be traced back to thousands of years ago during the Egyptian civilizations. It’s a fact that the Egyptians were one of the most modern ancient cultures of all time. They used wood veneer to decorate their in-house setup. There are various types of natural wood veneers are available which are obtained from natural wood such as oak, ash, beech, cherry, etc.
Let’s have a look at the various types of natural wood veneers that are used in the in-house 

Types of Natural Wood Veneers

01. Ash Veneer

  • Ash veneer comes in light toned colour and a light glow.
Ash Veneer
  • Ash wood is mainly a hardwood which is being used in various furniture
  • Originating in North America, Ash wood is now used worldwide for the manufacture of sports materials such as hockey sticks, bats, and other such stuff.
  • There is usually an apprehension to the manufacturers regarding bacteria which can affect this type of wood.
  • However, ash veneer comes with more extended durability and helps increase the beauty of your place. This type of natural wood veneer doesn’t only give you a charming look but also helps maintain cleanliness.

02. Oak Veneer

  • Oak veneer is one of the hardest pieces of natural wood veneer available in the furniture industry. Oak has a robust texture and extremely long durability which makes it one of the best choices for durable furniture types. Oak veneer which is made out of oak wood makes no difference in the quality whatsoever.
Oak Veneer
  • You would have no complaints with its quality and durability and would see a result in your home decor, which would provide long lasting looks.
  • Oak comes mainly in two types, white and red oak. Therefore, when sliced into veneers, give a stunning look to the setting of your house.
  • Since the oak tree is repellent to wear and tear, it’s the ideal choice for drawing rooms and other external uses which see many people passing by.

03. Beech Veneer 

  • Again, beech’s texture and quality are on the harder and heavier side.
Beech Veneer
  • Beech veneer has a lot of instinct intact and can give the warmth that you require at your homes.
  • Beech flooring done in your bedroom can make your room feel warm during cold nights. Usually, when you wake up in the winter nights and are going for the washroom, your feet feel frozen due to the cold surface.
  • The beech veneer under your feet would make you feel warm in the cold nights, and you would feel comfortable with it. Therefore, this type of natural wood veneer is an ideal choice for your bedroom.

04. Maple Veneer

  • The highest quality of maple is its resistance to moisture and moisture-grown wood infections that tamper the quality of your woodwork.
Maple Veneer
  • Its hard texture and durability make it an ideal choice for flooring in your homes.
  • Maple has around 128 wooden species overall, and it gives you a great variety to choose from.
  • The colour of this type of wood is usually pail, and the maple veneer can be polished to provide it with a brand-new look that suits your home.
  • Maple veneer flooring is one of the most durable and also enhances the look of your ambience.

05. Teak Veneer 

  • A tropical hardwood with varieties of heart wood and sapwood is the most popular and sought-after ones.
Teak Veneer
  • The colour of the teak veneer is usually pale brownish.
  • The teak wood is extensively used for the manufacture of boat and boat materials due to its high durability and moisture resistant nature.
  • Teak veneer flooring also proves to be one of the best in the business and helps you get the best of looks at your home.
  • You can always go for teak wood as your first choice irrespective of whether you are looking for quality or look.

06. Cherry Veneer 

  • The light pinkish-brown texture of cherry wood with straight grains makes it one of the best choices for indoor flooring.
Cherry Veneer
  • Cherry veneer is highly popular and is used all over the world.
  • This kind of natural wood veneer decay resistant capability is the stand out feature which makes it a class apart.
  • Whether you need looks or quality, cherry wood offers both.
  • Cherry veneer is mainly used for the manufacture of veneers and indoor flooring only.

Natural wood veneers not only help you in making your flooring neat but also make you feel luxurious from within your soul. With all the variants in terms of wood type, designs, and textures, you can opt for the best-suited wood veneers for your ambience. Choose a fine veneering today and witness and enjoy the change.
Go for it today!

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