Types of Sliding Doors for the Home!

Types of Sliding Doors

Modern homes have sliding doors in different functions. We can have them installed for the exterior as well as interior usage. One of the main advantages of sliding doors is that they can be customized in many ways. Also, these can be crafted out of wood or metal. Indeed, sliding doors can re-configure any given space. Here we explore the different types of sliding doors which can be of swinging or folding designs as well.

Different Types of Sliding Doors for the Home

Sliding doors for homes can be of different types such as a pocket, accordion, bypass, and barn doors. Here we take a look at each type and its functionalities.

01. Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors

These are a type of sliding door that is built with a single panel and there are no hinges. The panel of the door disappears into a cavity or a pocket built into the wall. The door panel is put on rollers that glide on an overhead track. The sliding door of this type is ideal for small spaces where there is not room enough for singing daw. Examples of pocket doors are found in small bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets and home offices.

02. Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Patio doors are typical of sliding doors. They comprise of two panels where one stays in place while the other slides over to aside. These are also known as French doors. They are usually glazed patio doors with a hinge on opposite sides and meet midway. They help create a large entryway when both panels are open. Not every type of French door is suitable for exterior usage. Patio doors which are lateral sliding are usually rectangular in shape and made of glass. They are usually used to separate indoor space from outdoor one. For instance, if you are using them indoors you could use sliding patio doors to separate the living room from the dining room. More information about sliding door here.

03. Bypass Doors

Bypass Doors

These usually have fixed and adjacent panels. That means they have tracks above and under the panels. Such sliding doors move in a single direction when opened. This type of sliding door is commonly used but requires more space. Bypass doors are found in wardrobes or closets.

Bypass doors are made of glass or wood. In certain cases, they can have another function such as providing a full-length mirror. For such reasons, they are suitable as closet or wardrobe doors. They can also be used for separating small office spaces in homes.

04. Barn Doors

Barn Doors

These are popular as interior sliding doors which have benefits as well as have a distinct rustic charm. They can create a focal point for your home wherever you place them. They give your room rustic charm which can be a nice pleasing contrast to the overall modern look of your home. Those look great in any position, either open or closed. They also help to save space since they do not swing open.

05. Accordion or Folding Doors

Accordion or Folding Doors

Panoramic folding doors are great additions to living rooms or bedrooms. They can open up to present a unique outdoor-indoor living experience. When closed, such folding doors can have unique appearances which add to the room decor. At the same time, they open up in a folded manner and have the functionality of a sliding door. You can select the number of panels you want on such folding doors. They also help control airflow in your home.

How to Choose Your Sliding Door?

Aluminium Framed Sliding Doors
Frameless Sliding Doors

Evident from above, there are different types of sliding doors that you can choose which can alter the appearance in your living space as well as offer different functionalities. There are different types of designs when it comes to sliding doors as well. For instance, you could choose frameless sliding glass door or ones made from aluminum. No matter which type you take upkeep in mind the following:

  • Get expert opinion, whether you wish to replace an existing door or create a partition in your home in different spaces.
  • Ensure that qualities such as weather assistance and security are met when choosing the material and design of the sliding door.
  • Nowadays, you have a choice of colours as well as appearance which can impact your home’s interior and exterior décor.


Check online catalogs to have a visual understanding of the different types of sliding doors available, their functionality, and their appeal. That will help make your choices easier. You can also get the necessary information about sliding door experts in your area.

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