Urgent Plumbing Issues Which May Need a 24-Hour Plumber

Plumbing emergencies come both as a shock and surprise. If you discover a problem over the weekend or at night, it can be tempting to DIY. Although it’s alright to handle things on your own, there are some problems that may need professional attention.

Urgent Plumbing Issues

If you’re not a plumber, make sure to enlist the help of a 24-hour plumber for the following urgent plumbing issues:

01. Broken Pipe

Broken Pipe

Broken pipes are one of the most common plumbing issues that need immediate attention. Otherwise, this single problem can lead to a more serious one – water damage. When your pipes are broken, it may be releasing plenty of water, which can damage your property.

If you’re in USA or say in Atlanta, as soon as you discover a broken pipe, call services like Atlanta Emergency Plumber – 24 Hour Plumbing Company. Gharpedia too has listed many in our Near by Professional Sections. Instead of fixing this kind of problem on your own, contact a professional. While waiting for the emergency plumber, remove the excess water in the area to minimize the extent of water damage.

02. Clogged Drain

Clogged Drain

It’s common for many people to take their drains for granted especially when they’re working well. But once it overflows or starts to back up the sink, then they start seeking attention. When this happens to you in the middle of the night, don’t try to solve the problem on your own. It’s best to contact an emergency plumber to resolve the issue. Emergency plumbers can determine the cause of the clogged drain and provide a reliable long-term solution.

03. Gas Leaks

Gas Leak from Furnace

Many people aren’t aware that plumbers also work with gas furnace connections or copper pipes. If you don’t have a gas leak detector, work with a plumber to check the gas levels in your home. If you have a detector and it detects an unusually high level of gas, contact an emergency plumber right away.

04. Flooding

Flooded Home

Whether it’s due to a broken pipe or a recent typhoon, flooding requires an emergency plumber. Flooding can happen anywhere in your home. The moment you notice flooding, call an emergency plumber right away.

05. Sewer System Holdup

Sewer Blockage

This could be the worst plumbing problem that all homeowners dread. It’s a plumbing problem that’s messy, inconvenient, and most importantly, costly. If you’re experiencing drain clogs, bad sewage odors, puddles in the floor drain, or gurgling toilets, then you have a possible sewer system backup. When you observe these signs, then it’s best to solve your plumbing problems immediately. Waiting for longer may lead to more serious issues. Call an emergency plumber quickly.

06. Water Heater Failure

Water Heater Failure

If your shower is freezing or if it doesn’t produce hot water, then this is usually the sign of water heater malfunction. Sometimes, this problem is immediately resolved by fixing the breaker box for the heater. For gas operated heaters, ensure that the pilot light is turned on. But if turning on the switch won’t solve the problem, then it’s time to contact a 24-hour plumber. There’s a good chance that it may need repairs or replacement especially if you’ve been using it for many years already.

07. Dripping Water Heater

Dripping Water Heater

If your water heater is leaking, then you may be wasting money. Thus, ensure that you call a reliable emergency plumber as soon as you notice this problem. Leaks can damage your heater, too. The walls can corrode with these leaks, which may call for a costly replacement.

08. Clogged Sink

Clogged Sink

While this isn’t always plumbing emergency, if the clog has worsened such that water doesn’t drain, then you must get in touch with a 24-hour plumber. Trying to solve this problem yourself may result in bigger problems that may lead to the interruption of your day-to-day activities.

Before You Call

Not all plumbing issues require an emergency plumber. Thus, if you have a problem that’s not included in the given situations above, then it’s best to wait until plumbing services open in the morning. Here’s what you need to do before calling an emergency plumber or while waiting for one.

Turn off the Water:

Water Shut off Valve

Prevent more damage by shutting off the water. If it’s clear which fixture the water is coming from, turn off the water supply to that fixture. If you don’t know the source of the leak or if the specific fixture doesn’t have a shutoff valve, then you need to turn off the water at the mains. Ensure that everyone at home knows where the main shutoff valve is, where the fixture shutoff valves are, and where the water meter is found.

Determine the Urgency:

Before making a call, evaluate the urgency of the situation. For instance, if you find a leaky bathroom sink at night, turn off the water to that part of the house and use another bathroom until you can call a plumber in the morning.

Calling a 24-Hour Plumber

Calling a 24-Hour Plumber

If your plumbing issue can’t wait until office hours, call an emergency plumber. Try to determine the problem as accurately as you can and note what are functioning and what aren’t. If one toilet is overflowing, check if other fixtures at home are also affected. Prepare a list of questions before calling.

Contact Several Plumbers:

Obtain several quotes before finalizing your choice. Emergency plumbing can be expensive but it’s best to check out several options.

Provide Details of the Problem:

The more detailed you can describe the situation over the phone, the more accurate they can provide an estimate of the repair.

Request for an Estimate for the Service Call:

24-hour plumbers will charge a fee for just going to your home during off-hours regardless of how minor the repair is. Determine this minimum cost beforehand. Sometimes, such fees are absorbed in the job cost especially if the repair is extensive.

Request to be Given an Estimate of the Repair Cost:

While you may not be provided a quote over the phone, you may be given an idea of the cost of the problem you have. After describing your problem, ask for an estimate of the repair cost.

Speak to a Plumber:

Once you reach customer service, request to speak to an on-duty plumber to get a more accurate estimate.

Final Thoughts

Home plumbing problems happen gradually. The problem only becomes obvious once things get out of hand. Ignoring minor plumbing concerns leads to emergency plumbing problems that require the skills of a professional plumber. Well, there are few plumbing training courses which you can add to your personal interest. Otherwise, when you faced with the given problems above, call a 24-hour plumber to help you solve your issue.

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