6 Warning Signs That Tells you to “Call a Plumber” to Fix Your Piping System!

Your piping system plays a significant role in the value of your home and the comfort of the people living in it. Your home usually has drainage and water pipes that work by transporting water tanks to taps and then disposing water from your washbasins.

All of the pipes in your plumbing system work interdependently with each other, which means one damaged pipe can eventually affect other parts and make it difficult for the entire system to work properly. Leaving this problem unaddressed can result in inconvenience and expensive repairs around your home.

If you notice any of the signs listed below, you need a plumber and have your piping system fixed as soon as possible:

Signs you Need to Call a Plumber

01. Wet Spots on Your Ceiling, Floors, or Walls Near Plumbing Pipelines

Water is an essential resource in your home. It’ll be hard to be productive or stay comfortable inside your home if you don’t have any sufficient and constant supply of water. Also, a home without any supply of water can eventually become the breeding ground of bacteria and germs.

Wet Spot on Floor due to Leakage in Pipe

However, if you start to notice wet spots in different areas of your home, it is a sign of concern. Wet spots can increase risks of accidents and injuries, and even damage the structural soundness of your home.

If you notice any wet spots in your ceilings, floors, and walls, a leaking pipe is usually the culprit. Recurring wet spots can help with your slab leak detection and identify other types of leaking problems at home. This problem should be consulted to and fixed by professionals as leaks can become worse over time and cause damage to your home.

02. Low Water Pressure from Your Plumbing System

Having a sufficient supply of water isn’t enough for you to enjoy the fixtures in your home – the water in your fixtures should also have the right pressure. How can you take a shower with ease if you have low water pressure? Do you think you can use your toilet if it has low water pressure?

Slow Water Coming from Tap due to Low Water Pressure

A plumbing system with busted, leaking or loose pipes can eventually reduce the amount of pressure coming from your water network. Even if your water supply has strong water pressure, if your pipes are not functioning properly, the water supply that reaches your home will still have low pressure. This can result in inconvenience and a lot of stress.

Sure, there might still be water running from your faucets, but low water pressure can significantly damage your home’s plumbing, which is why this problem should always be fixed by experienced plumbers right away. The earlier you call a plumber, the easier it’ll be for them to fix this type of problem.

03. The Appearance of Rust on Your Open Plumbing Pipes

Regardless of how often you use your home’s plumbing, your pipes should never rust. The pipes in your home’s plumbing system are built to transport liquid from one location to another, which means that seeing any signs of rust should prompt you to call for experienced plumbers as soon as possible.

Rusty Pipe

Rusty pipes can also be an indication that your home’s plumbing system is outdated and should be replaced with newer models. Aside from causing damage in other parts of your home’s plumbing system, continuing to use rusty pipes can become hazardous to your health. This is especially true if your entire family is fond of drinking tap water.

04. Strange Noises Through Plumbing System 

On average, you need to spend at least $7,000 to install plumbing in your home. Newer plumbing fixtures for more spacious homes can mean that you’ll also have to pay more. However, it’ll be challenging for you to enjoy your investment if your pipes make strange noises every time you use it. How can you shower in peace if the pipes are making loud noises? How can you accomplish your tasks in the kitchen if your faucet creates noises that disturb everyone in the house?

Strange Noise from Pipes - Image

When you start hearing noises from your pipes, it’s best if you call experienced plumbers. Loud clunking noises from your pipes aren’t normal and can indicate that the water pressure around your home is not adjusted properly. In some cases, this problem can also mean that your pipes are blocked.

05. Dirty Water Coming Through Plumbing System

Water isn’t only important to the functionality of your home – it’s also necessary to maintain your own and your family’s health. Water is a critical requirement for the human body because all of your cells, organs, and tissues need water in order to function properly. This is why your home should be able to provide a clean source of water in order for the occupants to live with ease and maintain their health.

Dirty Water from Tap

So, when you start noticing dirty water coming out from your faucets, have your pipes repaired as soon as possible. Drinking contaminated water can cause serious health conditions such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, and even polio. Children and seniors who have weak immune systems are at high risk of developing such conditions.

06. Slow Drainage

As a homeowner, you should not only be concerned about the amount and quality of water that enters your property; but also with how it leaves your area. A home with slow drainage can cause delayed tasks and ankle-deep water in the shower.

Ankle-Deep Water in the Shower Area due to Slow Drainage

When you experience slow drainage at home, immediately call a plumber and inform them about your problem. Slow drainage can be caused by broken pipes or poor plumbing systems that can immediately be fixed with the right equipment.

Choose the Right Plumbing Contractors

With the number of plumbers operating in different parts of the world today, it’s important that you know who to choose. Remember that the efficacy of your piping system and the value of your home solely depend on their expertise.

Choose the Right Plumbing Contractor

When hiring plumbers to fix your piping system, make sure that you’re only working with licensed and insured contractors. These contractors should have a good track record and have earned positive responses from their previous clients. All of these can determine the quality of their services and how well your piping system will work after they rendered service.

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