Various Types of Kitchen Sinks for Your House

The kitchen is the busiest room in any house. Among all the fixtures, the kitchen sink is a most important element of your kitchen. The kitchen sink is an essential element for every person. It is the place where prior activities for food preparation, the washing up is done, etc. Kitchen sink should be such that it is functional and reflective of your kitchen’s style.
While most of us are know about what is the function sink and the popularity of single bowl sinks, not many know that there are other kitchen sink types as well, each of which performs particular functions and fulfil specific purposes for the cooking space. Different types of kitchen sinks have its benefits, but the style you choose will greatly depend on the size, installation and how you will use it.
The kitchen sinks are classified based on

(A) No. of Bowl
(B) Installation
(C) Material
(D) Shape

(A) Types of Kitchen Sinks Based on No. of  Bowl:

1. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

As the name suggests, single bowl kitchen sink has a single sink fitted with the countertop. It is the most common types of kitchen sinks found in Indian kitchens. It is a great choice for kitchens that are small and compact as it is easy to clean. Single bowl kitchen sink adds a slick look to your kitchen.

2. Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Double bowl kitchen sink has two bowls, which allow the users to get some extra space and flexibility. Double bowl kitchen sink come in many style and configuration – two equally-sized bowls of the same depth, two equal bowls of different depths, unequal size bowls, etc. This is also a great choice when there are two cooks in the kitchen.

3. Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink

Triple bowl kitchen has three bowls, two larger bowls on the sides and one smaller bowl in the centre for the garbage disposal.  Triple bowls kitchen sink provides a lot of versatility and space in the kitchen so that two or even three people can work around the sink.

4. Kitchen Sink with Drainboard

It is most commonly found in Indian kitchens since it allows space to dry utensils as well as to drain vegetables. Since it comes with a drainboard in varied shapes and sizes, it often tends to occupy more space on the countertop.


(B) Types of Kitchen Sinks based on Installation:

1. Top Mount Kitchen Sinks

Top mount kitchen sinks simply fit into a cutout in the countertop on top of a base cabinet. These types of kitchen sinks are easier to install and are relatively cheap.  However, top mount kitchen sinks don’t have the sleek appearance of under mount kitchen sinks. It will collect dirt.

2. Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Under mount kitchen sinks are installed below the countertop, so the sink effectively hangs under the counter. Since the lip or rim of the sink does not sit on top of the counter, it creates accurate flow from countertop into the sink. The under mount kitchen sinks are great for your home and also easy to clean because there is no corner where normally dirt gets accumulated.

3. Integrated Kitchen Sinks

Integrated kitchen sinks are made from the same material as the countertop, such as stone, solid surface or quartz. An integrated kitchen sink is perfect for a modern kitchen since it has a clean and elegant design.

(C) Types of Kitchen Sinks based on Materials:

1. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

It is the most popular types of kitchen sinks used in the Indian kitchen. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are very easy to clean, affordable, and sturdy. It will not scratch easily and will fit in well with most countertop surfaces. Stainless steel kitchen sinks come in all sizes and shapes.

2. Granite Kitchen Sinks

Granite kitchen sinks are easy to maintain and can tolerate the high temperature. They are also very easy to clean and durable. They are stain resistant and scratch resistant. They are available in single or double bowls and do not lose its shine soon.

3. Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks

Cast Iron kitchen sinks are made of cast iron on which there is a layers of porcelain enamel over the iron. Cast iron kitchen sinks are very easy to clean and their smooth, glossy finish helps hide water spots and streaks.

4. Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

Fireclay kitchen sinks are similar to cast iron sinks; however, they are more durable. They are made by shaping ceramic clay into a sink and drying it at a high temperature. Once it is dry, it is coated with enamel and cooked in a kiln. Fireclay kitchen sinks are more expensive than other types of kitchen sinks, but it provides excellent visual aesthetic.

5. Composite Kitchen Sinks

Composite kitchen sinks are formed of mixed materials, usually quartz or granite particles that are combined with acrylic or polyester resins to form a hard surface. Some composite kitchen sinks have a smooth surface while others have a slightly rougher texture. They are stain, scratch and chip resistant.

6. Concrete Kitchen Sink

Concrete kitchen sinks are stylish, often custom made and heavy. Pre-cast concrete sinks are also available. Because it is concrete, the good thing is it has unlimited customisation and unique style options which allows for a seamless design. It is heavy and does require sufficient base cabinet support.

(D) Types of Kitchen Sinks based on Shape:

1. Rectangular and Square Kitchen Sink

You can easily soak or wash a big pan or prepare large quantities of food if the size of the bowl is large.

2. Circular Kitchen Sink

Easy to clean than one with square edges. It can be easily installed in small spaces.

3. Corner Kitchen Sink

It is placed in the corner of the kitchen. Corner kitchen sink is most suitable for “L” or “U” shaped kitchens. It is made of granite, stainless steel and porcelain. This sink looks fabulous and gives a finished look to your kitchen.

Choosing an appropriate size of the kitchen sink for kitchen countertops is the first and the most important decision for anyone designing a kitchen. It is available in the variety of sizes. The kitchen sinks are 800 to 1300mm in length and 300mm to 600mm in width. The depth of bowl is generally between 115 to 250mm. The cost of the kitchen sink depends on the type of material and size of the sink.
There are many different materials and styles of kitchen sinks available today that can create the perfect addition to your kitchen design. Take the time to explore the different options available to help you find the best one for your home.

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