Vitrified Floor Tiles: Properties You should Know Before Buying it!

The vitrified tiles have some unique features which make them very popular among the homeowners. They are easy to maintain compared to other types of tiles. When choosing vitrified tiles, naturally one gives priority to the colour, size and look. However, attention should also be paid to the technical properties like there durability and water-resistant, etc. Vitrified floor tiles also resist scratches and discolouration.

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Here we have tried to describe some of the different & important properties of vitrified floor tiles:  

01. Durability:

These tiles are non-porous as compared to other types of tiles and therefore more durable.

02. Porosity:

Vitrified floor tiles have very less water absorption property. Hence it has a very low porosity. Hence it will not make floor damp.

03. Water Resistance:

It has high resistance to water. Thus they are most suitable for wet places like bathroom, kitchen, etc.

04. Scratch Resistance:

Vitrified tiles have more resistance to scratches. Hence even when the tiles are scratched; the colour of the tiles will remain same. Only polished tiles may lose sheen over time due to scratching.

05. Brightness:

Polished tiles reflect much more brightness. Therefore polished tiles are often used for flooring and in kitchens.

06. Colour Permanence:

The effect of heat will not remove the colour of the tiles and also not cause them to fade.

07. Stain Resistance:

Vitrified floor tiles have more resistance to stains due to low porosity and easy to clean.

08. Slip Resistance:

They are slippery when wet. So it has a low slip resistance.

09. Frost Resistance:

It has a high frost resistance due to low water absorption. So it is most suitable for outdoor areas.

10. Hygiene:

Being moisture resistant, it prevents bacteria and fungi from growing.

11. Colour Permanence:

Vitrified tiles when direct exposed to sunlight, will neither change the colour of the tiles nor fade.

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Vitrified tiles thus play an important role in keeping your health good, though negligent use may endeavour safety.  Pleasing looks make you feel happy.

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